Thursday, October 11, 2007

HOLIDAYS!! WOOOOTZZ!!! the title implies..yes i am officially on leave le...well now i am...wanna know why? It because i had to work until abt 5am last nite to finish up my work before i could be OFFICIALLY on leave =.="

Dam tired...tot it would never one point..i really felt like childish and stupid as tat may sound..if oni u were in my shoes, you would totally get wat i am talking abt..never in my entire working life has a job got me so depressed and work up at the same time..most of the times we are juz doing double if not triple work.. and it keeps on coming and coming and coming...wah seh neverending k?

Oh well tats is the past..and at the moment im enjoyin my hard earned rest..hope it doesnt go too fast...Havent been doing much actually..watching dvd'd (CSI :P:P) and well if im reallyyyyy into jus feels weird that everyone else is working and im not..seriously? i dont think ive ever taken leave from work before..honest to God..i never really have...unless its an emergency and cant be helped or if im really really really sick..i mean the type tat u cant get out of bed from..lolzz..if not ill still be working...zhu rite? tats wat everyone says...yea yea..

Ooo..ok juz spotted my sis's magazine..Oct copy some more..Slurp! Well keep it short and sweet tis time around...since i have a few free days to blog :P

Lotsa lotsa luv and hugsss..muacks!

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