Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Im slowly turning myself into someone ppl will loathe..

Dont know why im doing it..cant seem to stop doing it..

Im so confused and hurt...

With myself..with everyone..

Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Blueeess..

Weekends came and left :( so fast sia...

Sat was spent mostly in bed and in cc..

Went out on Sunday with ah zhen and edwin to finally get my mattress! and some other furniture lol..so went back to ikea :) my stupid watch was actually fast by 1 hr and when they called me i tot i was late! so rushed like crazy, later only when i was shoppin that i found out i was actually faster -.-"

Had lunch at Sakae sushi..yum yum..long time nvr eat sushi liao :P and then went to get my mattress and gt a low coffee table for my lappy so don have to sit on the floor d heh..

They went back to my place to help me fix the table..manatau gt no screwdriver zzz..so lazed ard awhile (all of us were pretty much yawning the entire time lol) and went for dinner :)

That was pretty much my weekend..seemed fast bt no worries, tomoro one more day and off again for 2 days..work one more day and back to Penang..abit scared to actually sighz..don wanna say d..

Oh well..time to go home..btw bloggin in office again ahaha...don wan to be stuck in the cramped lrt doink..like a bunch of kelian sardines ok?


Sunday, September 28, 2008


Long awaited saturday finally came and gone..

And i had my much longed for rest :)

Left uber early from work ytd...5pm sharp nia poof d =x...ok la, ive been spending too much time after office the whole week d and really feeling tired and sleepy..anyway alot of offices are on hols d..so yeah..that was that..

Woke up at abt 9plus...think the nite b4 fell asleep watching dvd and it was quite early lo..anyway was woken up by an sms ~.~ lolz..u knw who u are ok? Ur like my alarm nia..i no need put liao =x

But no worries, it was cool..had a lot of sleep d and wanted to do some stuff anyway xD..went out to cc at abt 10.30 and spent my morning there..heh..played some audi, did some research and b4 i knew it, almost 2 plus liao..so bought lunch and some other household stuff and went home..

Had lunch with some more csi lolzz..did laundry, cleaned my room & the entire apt and finally hung my blinds <3...my rooms looks more cozy now..juz need a clothes rack and a nicer mattress haha..hopefully tomoro can get..eh wait..today..i mean later lolz x.x

Came down to cc again at 10 and now im hungry d..nvr have dinner yet..my eating time so screwed...shd i juz go to bed and forget abt dinner? Later only eat breakfast haha=x

Anyway next week will be a relaxing workin week..alot of ppl on leave and am nt working on wed and thurs then fri after work going home to penang <3...wan to eat my mums cooking yay!

Shd be heading home now..almost 1am d..

Take care peeps <3s~

Friday, September 26, 2008


Its been an eventful 2 weeks working here in KL..erm not really filled with events but i am busy,occupied,tired and seemingly not having enuf time to do pretty much anything else other than going to work..Lucky my call rates are up, from 80 calls per day in the 1st 2 days to abt 200+ calls now :)

Still going back at 8plus coz i stay back at the office to do some research (its free ma, or else have to pay for cc T_T) CC is for games only :P

Still home alone at my new place and cant wait for the weekends to really start making it more cozy lol..actually took some photos of how sad it looks like now but couldnt transfer them to my lappy zzz...will post when i find out how ba..also waiting for my much anticipated rest..gonna sleep! Been sleeping for ard 5 hrs per day nia..and really tired..so yeah yay its friday d..and oh yeah im bloggin at work :P

Ytd was my most happenin day i should say, met up with frens from pg and we went for steamboat..sad to say penang one still the best..but then i dont mind coz we had a crazy time xD

Then went ikea to look for my bed, gt caught up in the craziness of the gang (6 of us) and ended up only gettin blinds ~.~ but still its ok..needed that the most lol..coz i tend to forget that i dont have curtains and after coming out of the bath accidently walk to window there..well u knw wat i mean >.>

Oh well, gotta go get my coffee and rest before i start calling again..

Ciao peeps <3~

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It is what it is....

..and what is it actually?

Who knows? And who really cares?

Sorry for my meaningless ramblings..juz very very tired and wishing its a weekend so that i can finally have my long awaited rest =) Took the bus back home today coz wanted to test it out..now i have to walk quite far to another lrt station from my office and taking the monorail to it juz seems weird..bad idea lolz..left office ard 6.30 and reached home ard 8.30 zzzzz...bladi hell they made so many stops..but i fell asleep most of the way haha =x

Need to do more research..waiting for the weekend so that i can sit whole day and do it..now i come home..bath, eat and by the time i come down to the cc its almost 9.30d...and i have to wake up at 6.30..hmmmm...and not only researchin for work but for my assignments as well @_@ But thank god i found a place so thats one headache less for me..

Need a nicer bed..need some DIY tables..my stuff is all over the room now, abit bth d..im quite a perfectionist ok? :P

Almost cried myself to sleep last nite...maybe it is my fault..is ignorance really bliss? it is only if u will nvr find out..but if u do..imagine the pain of finding out...

I would nvr think to accuse or to not trust anything if only i was told..bt then u were right to ask "so what?" i understand that now, so i shall not ask anymore..

Monday, September 22, 2008


..ive moved into a place i can call my temporary home..after a whole day of searching with my mum on Sat (THANKS MUM<3!) and alot of walking..lots n lots n lots of it...finally found a place which i move in immediately :)

It's actually on the same block of condos which i was supposed to rent until tat guy decided not to rent out -.-" Dont let me see him in the lift ar..hai me and mum walk the entire day..dam tiring..and the cool thing abt my new housemates are they have actually gone back to their hometown for the hols so im left all alone in the house and they're not even charging me for the 2 week stay..cool rite :)

Well at least i have a roof over my head for now, until i find my own place..wait till job stables ba..lucky they have cc's here so i can do my research for work and don have to wake up more early to go to the office and do..

Moved in from YWCA ytd, and mum and me went mattress shopping, rain like omg can? I love u mum! Muacks!! and dropped her off at the bus station back to penang :( well anyway will be going back on the 3rd for the weekend..pity couldnt take Hari Raya hols one shot..sad sad..then i would have 5 days str8 and can go back home..

Its ok though, im gonna jyjy here and then can go back during the long xmas break and enjoy xDD..

Room still very empty..will get some stuff soon as i have free transport :P...need a nicer bed..mine too short d..

Oh well, back to more researching then...wanna sleep earlier tonite..


Saturday, September 20, 2008

How my 1st week went...

it was cool..i mean it was ok la..work seemed to end very fast..probably coz i was busy most of the time..bt not as busy as i would like it to be..i needed to do research on companies to call and without net service that really sucked..so have been going early to work for the past week so i could actually get some research done..by 7am im already there @_@..

Well at least im doing better..and i found a place to stay..well at least i tot i did..the bladi guy called the nite b4 last and said kenot rent to me d..zzzz.wth really..sigh..pek chek..

So, mum's coming down from kl today and will go pick her up later at bus station lolz..Hope i get everythin done today though..wish me luck! i really don wanna worry abt a place to stay d..i juz wanna concentrate on work...

Currently stayin at YWCA and well its pretty decent la..juz that its still nt home and well...i dono la..headache..

At least im nt workin the weekends which is cool and i finish work at 5 on fridays which is even cooler :)

Okays, gonna audi awhile then off house hunting again for me..erk.

Cyas =D

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1st day of work... :)

Pitch, pitch and more pitch! lolz..

That was how my 1st day went..started in the morning lookin at my sales pitch and listening to how everyone did it..1st pitch was to my team member..2nd was to my Sales Manager..erk..well overall..they said my pitch was good juz that i din apply urgency to it..meaning i wasnt aggresive enuf..hmm..need to harden up abit :P

Then went to meet the producer of the event i was selling..she explained wat the training was all about and all the important facts abt it..one thing was sure..my knowledge abt the everything and anything is definitely goin up =D come on..ask me abt MRO Spares optimisation...i can explain wats its all abt:P

After lunch, pitched a few more managers on the floor and gt improving remarks..one even said i had a voice ppl will listen to LOL! so i asked "is that a good thing?" kakakaka =x

Overall i did good for my 1st day..tomoro im expected to pitch real client d erk, sked abit..hopefully i do well..they have kpi's which we are suppose to meet..and we have to make alot of calls..i mean alot! well itll improve my english thats for sure heh..

Need to do more research as well..need to find leads every day..and since im new these leads will be given to me 1st ^^ wat la..later will do myself liao :(

House hunting didnt go so well..didnt find one that was decent enuf..some of the rooms were like omg? parquet coming out and don get me started on the walls..oh well..wish me lotsa n lotsa luck..need to get some tomoro..today was dam tiring and my feet oh my...i walked so much i couldnt feel them anymore...and it rained zzz..
so u could imagine my frustration and geramness...bla..

Ok la..need to sleep..need to focused when i pitch tomoro..i wan to ring the bell on the wall =x (meaning once u get a deal, u really ring the bell on the floor..1 ring for 1 delegate) so..im gonna jyjy xD

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Finally back in KL...came back to a rainy KL more like it..The minute i stepped down from the bus it was drizzling d ~.~

To think that i came back to KL without any place to stay, im quite amazed with myself..its either im very brave or am doing this out of pure stupidity zzz.. i'd like to think of the former but at this point im really thinking..stupidity.. bla.

Wont u wanna knw whr im staying at the moment? lolz..i left some of my luggage and my laptop with a fren of mine coz i was goin back for more stuff and didnt want to be carrying more bags when i came back in..so whr am i? i have no idea..

I basically have no roof over my head and roaming KL aimlessly ._.


Anyway..time to move on..its getting really cold here and late..

Nitess peep <3

Nah blog..:P

Well ima back in Penang..arrived late last nite and guess wat? Im goin back later today..i start work tomoro @_@..as u can tell, i passed the exam :D..to tell the truth, ive nvr crapped so much in an exam before lolz..and when they told me i passed i was shocked haha..actually the trainin was delayed coz they couldnt finish everythin on thurs..so did it on fri..

Was suppose to come back on fri but mum ask me to stay on and get a place to rent..went to alot places but some i didnt like the place or location was abit inconvenient..omg the rushing here and there x.x

Frankly i think ive gone to alot of places in KL..ahhh the walking lolz..to think ill be working tomoro and still don have a place to stay..hmmm this is not good..i am WORRIED! and i still need to finish packing..omg omg omg x.x so stressed..

My humble abode for the whole of last week..cool huh? livin out in a hotel lolxx..

And bought this back for family...JCo'c donuts..bought at the Pavilion :D

Ok..need to stop bloggin..coz 1. i need to pack and 2. gettin pissed with dc'ing zzzz

P/s Thanks ah zhen for roaming kl with me ytd muack muack :P stil need u to help me kuk hahahaha..=x

Will be awhile till i blog again..still need to find a place to stay and get net connection..

Take care peeps <33s~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2nd day..3rd day...

Ytd was a fun day for me :) Woke up slightly late and yet arrived 1 1/2hrs early for training lolzz..so sat at Coffee Bean and had their breakfast set..and used their free WiFi :P

Trainin was more complex for these 2 days coz it covered wat we are suppose to be doing..and to imagine i will have to take the test tomoro..couldnt finish in time today..wonder if ill pass though..lolzz..

Anyway will heading back to Pg whether i get it or not..if i do, then i need more clothes..if not? Sleep in Pg..lolz..not giving high hopes but will juz do my best and hope for the best :)

Well was out of training early ytd..abt 4pm? so went to Damansara to meet up wif some old old old frens of mine :) back in the old music days lolz..my lrt ride was ermm, eye opening..heh..

They had a practice session for chamber music and it brought back so many memories..i missed those day :( They said i didnt change much, still de same..and i said "What u mean by that huh huh??" hahaha, said i looked exactly the same..still so young wahahahaha=x

Then went for tong sui at SS2..yummy..been craving for it for months d..Reach back at the hotel at 1+ and fell asleep immediately after my bath..

So tired now..feel like sleepin bt still need to do some last minute reading up for exam tomoro..thought wanted to go buy bus ticket..bt its late d..and more importantly? Im lazy=x

Tomoro is gonna be a hell of a day...wish me luck guys :)

Muacks <333~

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

1st Day of Training...

Woke up extra early..coz scared of wat the situation to my office would be..or rather din sleep the nite b4 TT...was waking up like every 1/2 hr dono why also :( Maybe coz i was sleeping alone...don like sleeping alone in a hotel room..so ended up playin movie after movie juz for the noise and company..sad huh? lolz

Well, my fears came true..reached monorail at b4 8am(suppose to reach at 9.30 and its only 2 stops away) only to hear the announcement that monorails were down and there was gonna be a delay o.o!! stood there for 40 mins wif my lappy..ahhh heavy..and started panicking..take taxi? no taxis at the time..at least no empty ones..walk? i seriously considered that -.-...then saw the trains movin again..ran up to stn and saw walao even more packed..wth..long story short..reached there but was still 15 mins early...phew..wat a way to start the morning..

Trainin went on quite smoothly and it was quite good..did a lot of presentations but there were only 4 of us selected..2 for conference events (incl. me) and 2 for summits events..Was treated lunch by the company ;) and finished relatively early ard 4+.. they said tomoro and the day after are the impt ones as they will have a test at the end of training..so wish me luck guys..

Went BB to look at phones :P...loved the e66...tot it would not look like a girl phone but the white was actually quite cool lor...hehe..will get it if i get the job =)

Bought some breads, din knw wat else to eat..and went back to the hotel..din want to caught in the after work crowds..

Fell asleep o.O after bathing until almost 10 lol..now kenot sleep again zzzz

Havent been goin out..coz of the area is quite secluded n dangerous at nite..but my fren did come pick me up for supper lolz..my "girl" fren..haha..he wanted to gossip with me and actually drove all the way juz to pick me up...lmao..

Oh well..time to watch more movies and try to sleep earlier..hard to do since i juz had 2 cans of coffee...swt..

Nites <333

P/s: i wonder if anyone reads this anymore...hmmmm

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sleepless in KL....

Well..im finally here lolz...reach this afternoon ard 2+ and by the time i reached my hotel it was almost ard 3.30 d...this is goin to be my home for the next few days till my training is over on thurs..

Im nt rich k? alot of ppl have been sayin that i am >.>..its a budget hotel nia, but i must say im quite impressed lor..i mean for abt 60 bucks per nite it has quite nice and comfy rooms..and i took double room coz it was much cheaper than single o.O...bigger bed weeeee..=x..but alot of mirrors la..hmmm

Well..checked in, hung my working clothes and im lucky there's wifi here xDD so played on my laptop..watched some movies n rested..dead tired..slept almost 4 last nite and woke at 8 zzz..i need to get my ram upgraded..really..waited like *&^## long to get it started zzzz...

Finally gt my butt out of bed to find food..uber hungry TT..but there was only subway downstairs so decided to go to Bkt Bintang to find food,walk aimlessly ard, bought some bread and went home..duh..

Some frens which were in KL and heard tat i was here..called to scold say i nvr tell them im here :'( ..bleh..coz i dono how long ill be here k?

Now sitting here..dono wat to do d...i actually installed audi in my lappy but i think i will go crazy waiting for it start -.-

Maybe shall watch a movie then lolz...then can sleep earlier wake up early for my 1st day xD...


Sunday, September 7, 2008


Havent been bloggin like normal..why?

~ constant rain, rain, rain, rain...
~ nothing to blog abt
~ tired of bloggin, shd i juz close it?


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Found it! x.x

Been looking high n low for the Audi's wedding rings..and finally found the whole line..yay!! heh..hmmm =x

Wat wat? Come i share my findings :P...and also tis way i can always refer here when i need it...lmao! But then at the rate we're playin babe..hmmm..u knw la hor..lolz..

Couple Level: Number of Hearts

Levels 1-5 ~ Lavender
Level 1 :0
Level 2 :20
Level 3 :60
Level 4 :120
Level 5 :240

Levels 6-10 ~ Daisy
Level 6 :300 (Love Party - Opera 106bpm)
Level 7 :440
Level 8 :600
Level 9 :780
Level 10:980

Levels 11-15 ~ Saffron
Level 11:1100 (Love Party - Sad Samba 120bpm)
Level 12:1320
Level 13:1560
Level 14:1820
Level 15:2100

Levels 16-20 ~ Cuphea
Level 16:2400 (Love Party - Get Out 120bpm)
Level 17:2720
Level 18:3060
Level 19:3420
Level 20:3800

Levels 21-25 ~ Aster
Level 21:4200 (Love Party - Por Una Cabeza 120bpm)
Level 22:4620
Level 23:5060
Level 24:5520
Level 25:6000

Levels 26-30 ~ Freesia
Level 26:6500 (Love Party)
Level 27:7020
Level 28:7560
Level 29:8120
Level 30:8700

Levels 31-35 ~ Asphodelus
Level 31:9300 (Love Party)
Level 32:9920
Level 33:10560
Level 34:11220
Level 35:11900

Levels 36-40 ~ Caladium
Level 36:12600 (Love Party)
Level 37:13320
Level 38:14060
Level 39:14820
Level 40:15600

Levels 41-45 ~ Rosemary
Level 41:16400 (Love Party)
Level 42:17220
Level 43:18060
Level 44:18920
Level 45:19800

Levels 46-50 ~ Rosemary
Level 46:20700 (Love Party)
Level 47:21620
Level 48:22560
Level 49:23520
Level 50:24500

Ima back xD

Home Sweet Home <333...

Reached home ard 1am last nite, which was quite fast considering it rained the entire journey and we didnt really leave KL until abt 8.30..the bus driver must be from F1 @_@...but reached home safe n sound heh..checked mail n stuff and fell asleep at 3+...yawn...

Went to KL for an interview actually, with quite a big company in corporate events..something which i was looking for quite some time d..imagine how happy i was when they called me xD..actually they called me a few times :P.. went for the interview, and had the 1st n 2nd interview on the spot..wah 1 1/2hrs of talking..tired x.x..but excited lolz..after the interview left for Bkt Bintang, forgot all abt lunch d..it was almost 5 liao..bought some stuff and left for home..it looked promising and i hoped for the best..

They called me this morning!!! yayness..goin for their training next week (i think, still alot of things to do) but nothin is confirmed yet..they will only hire at the end of the training..so wish me luck guys!

Got these at KL..its a couple keychains which have magnets and they can stick to each other de :P...dono wat im gonna do wif them yet..so keep them together for now haha...also got this..

Nop, its not real de la..haha..had it sprayed on to see if it will look nice..i wanna go do liao...since its been so long since i did the one on my leg :)

And another biggie^^, after like sooooo longggggg, our cpl rings has finally changed :P (awww i knw u like the gold babe <33) but this one matches my blue e1 rite? hehe..

Lets get the green heart rings k babe? xDD..hmm..juz let me s***w at ppl from streamyx first =x