Friday, October 30, 2009

"People walk into our lives everyday, but its the ones that stay and leave a mark are the ones that count"

Would u help me understand which friends in ur life that u have lost because of me? Do u want me to name them all out for u? Think back and remember who those ppl really meant to u when u first befriended them.

True friends, ppl who really care, would nvr ever leave some1 no matter what they did. Whenever they needed someone to listen, that person would always give their all to be ur listening ear. Tell me, did those ppl really care? Or did u really care if they left? How important were they to u?

I have nvr ever left some1 i truly cared and dumped them aside for some new friend. They do not hold importance in my heart yet. New excitement in meeting new aquaintances, or old ones who left do not hold anything to me. Its the ones that nvr left that matters.

Numbness over what has become. But it as much ur choices as it is mine. I do not wish to talk anymore or send long msgs which will be deleted. For the 1st time since ive known u, i truly wish to give up and let u go.
Another 2 weeks of my life has passed..Oct leaving soon, Nov jz ard the corner. So what have i done these past cpl of weeks? Hmmm..recaps..

After my bday was Sir pat's bday and sue's big day..Made my 1st vid for her with the sisters :) It was tough considering i procrastinated till the very last day to do it..and i had absolutely no idea how x.x Spent the 2 days watching tutorials on Youtube (thank god fr the ppl who invented it :3), and finally was able to come out with a decent looking vid. Nothing pro, bt hey it was my 1st time and im quite proud of it :p In the end, was even to upload and play it Youtube without much problems..yay me :D

Cool right?? And yes, it was me singing :x Blah~ Had to do it after everyone left home coz i donwan any "why's" frm them =.=

Next project will be an audi vid :) But that will need more looking into and i wanna make it nicer tis time :D

Wat else? Hmmmm.. oh ya, got my panda soft toy frm Ren! So sweet of him, though i only know him frm FFS bt he's frm penang too and he's really one sportin guy :) and he send it out to me, even though i think we've known each other fr less than a month. Cute boy :D

Other than that nothing much, am still pretty free at work, well i consider not running ard the ENTIRE day a free jz waiting fr all the projects to be approved then ill be one dead girl. Well at least it will get me off my unhappiness recently~

Ive made some decisions that i nvr thought i would, bt i think ill be sticking to them this time. Ive had enuf of shit in life to take anymore from ppl i think will care. U wanted me to leave u alone so u can enjoy ur time, no u didnt put it that way, bt u meant it like tat. After all the yrs we've known each other, uve finally thrown me aside coz u wanted fun and uve finally honest with me :) U said i made u sad, guess after 3yrs of sticking with u, i nvr brought anything else. Ppl who leave u are more impt than ppl who have always stuck by u, no matter wat u did. I hope u understand ur decision tonight, coz i finally see u and for the 1st time i really dislike everything uve become.

Nothing else much to say, coz my heart is so hardened, and my sadness is overpouring inside recalling how u treated and the words u used on me tonite. Goodbye and take care, coz i hope uve made the right decision for when u turn ard to look fr me, ive walked the other way...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exclusive Post!!!!

Well, it was suppose to be exclusive and posted on my birthday...then laziness got the best of me and well one thing lead to another, so here i am explaining myself =.=

Anywayyy~ another year has time really flies nowadays. I remember last year at this time i was in KL, celebrating my bday alone :( Home alone with a bowl of noodles.. Pros and cons of coming back to penang, i still enjoy my time away frm family, made me appreciate them more and well, birthdays are really not a biggie fr me @_@

But then tis year's bday was really a great one fr me :) Partly coz of all the ppl i met in FFS which it even better :D Plus old friends with new = wonderful :D Alot of surprises and i felt loved, after a long long time ;)

Lotsa love to my lovely panda sisters who made it such a tear jerking day fr me..lotsa hugs and kisses guys~! To all my friends who remembered, love ya all ;)

Anyway its monday again~ sigh..even with deepavali hols on sat, time whooshed on by just like tat :( Days have been pretty slow, except fr some office conflicts at work, i juz sit by and watch..entertainment yet again lol.. Have a feeling will be quite busy soon, i think @_@ but until then shall enjoy my peace and quiet and my time on FB lolz..

Been feeling down this 2 days, alot of frustration and pent up anger. The main reason is, i donwan to be treated like hw i was b4 to another so called 'friend'. How she would only look me up when she had problems in r/s and when she didnt i was jz dumped aside. Is that being fair? Im so tired of making my point, i feel like giving up and telling everyone to jz fk off. I f u cant appreciate me when im ard, dont complain when im not.

Anyway time fr bed, another day, another week.. have a great one guys :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wah! Total neglect on my blog!! Wat an abused little blog!! So unloved!! :p

Okok, ive not been blogging, like i said i would..i broke my promise, bite me :D Life is still as mundane as the day i stopped blogging therefore the need to not i making sense? So what have i been up to? Lets backtrack to my last post...

Raya hols came and went, went to work with a heavy heart, bt went nonetheless..busy 2 days, partly coz there was a pre award tender addendum to submit, so ya, alot of running ard x.x Submitted everything in order tis time! So proud of meself *wide grins* Then it was the weekends and another week again...

The week went on quietly though~quiet, quiet,quiet...Its been pretty quiet since wat do i do now...nono i dont lepak ard not doing anything ok? I do work and at times it can get busy, bt its slowed down since the last 2 months..thank god though, at least im able to clear on all my backlog and when it gets busy again, i shall be prepared!!

So Sept left and October's here...*gasp* Its that time of month again...the dreaded day x.x Bla..Its still pretty slow ( like i said..mundane =.=) with still enuf work to keep me busy, busy , busy..I can expect turbulent winds to hit soon...very soon :x

What else have i been up to other than work? Nothin much really, pretty much been lurking ard in FFS and msn :D Havent bein audi'in as much coz 1. i still havent figured out hw to change my dam resolution of my pc 2. Lazy-ness 3. My bl is normally inactive =.=

Anyway, managed to get babe resetted and maxed at 2B :) and gt up to 4B myself :DD...pretty much nthg else to do in ffs haha..except find friends and lame ard :x Seriously though, i dont knw wat i do in fb, i roam ard aimlessly and b4 u knw it, its 2am and ur dead tired =.=

Hmm..guess thats that i said (please refer to the above), and im pretty much beat fr now..luckily its saturday already...though i tell myself to sleep more, ill prolly end up in front of the pc staring at the screen >_> I shd start finding animes to watch again :p

Oh well, another day, another blog, another chapter of my sad sad life..

Nites peepos, have a good night rest, sweet dreams and have a great weekend ahead (mine will mostly be in bed or in front of pc :x)