Monday, January 17, 2011

Farewell Weekend, Hola Monday~

Yes yes, im updating despite that i didnt have much of a weekend anyway =.= Saturday was spent at work, and yes it was a FULL day which ended at abt 7plus x.x Went home and did wat i normally during the weekdays, logged in Steps and afk-ed while i bathed and have my dinner (and yes in that order lol...kinda sad i knw >.>)

Am seriously wondering why im such an afker there when i almost nvr did it in Audi lols, played alot in audi but yea, nvr afk-ed longer than my gameplay time ever in my whole audi life ~_~

Anywayyyy, slept late, as in wee early morning late kind, went to Jp class in the morning *dies in class coz sensei kept picking on me to answer >.> i wonder if its coz he saw me dozing off zzzz*

Came home, played a few rds after lunch and concussed the entire afternoon lmao :x Must admit, kinda enjoyed it :p with the cloudy/drizzling afternoon...lublub! Woke up and ended up couldnt sleep till early morning again ..fml. Think i had abt 2hrs sleep last nite and am currently hearing voices in my head =/ It sounds like my pc fan on its dying day @________@;;

And so there we have it, my sad excuse of a weekend which left me more tired than my normal weekdays, Oh God, CNY come soon and rescue me from all this.... CNY songs are just killing me at work ~_~

On a much happier note, i finally got my vid in Steps recorded!! Thank to Jon ♥ Ur the sweetest lol :D And also for doin 8K Sweet Mode with me, love the moves lor ~!

Pretty right?

Lol, ok la, back to work if i wanna finish on time today, my head really feels like its gonna explode at any time.. dam those migraines :(


Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy TGIF?

Hmmm, well this would have made me very happy normally, the "jump out of my pants/skirt" kind of happy? Sadly, it would only apply to the weekends that i DONT have to work ~_~

In the case of this weekend... i do. Dam it.

Too many orders to work on and all rushing to move in fr CNY which coincidentally just so happens to be at the very beginning of the month. It has its pro n cons, biggest pro would be, CNY is coming soon!! My week long holiday of slacking like an arse at home.. yes, that IS my plan. No way ima go out coz its gonna be so friggin hot >.>

But before my enjoyment begins, ill hv to suffer the weeks away 1st, abt 2 weeks, plus minus lol :S that is if im still alive by then.. (its funny hw i hv a lot of deathly moment due to then its becoz i really really doooo D:)

My table is currently swamped with neverending stuff which always comes in and rarely gets out.. i mean they are done, but nvr done? If u got the idea, good -applause-, if u dont, then sorry, woe is me today :x

PLUS the fact that despite having so much to do, im still nodding off at my desk even after 3 cups of coffee for the day, im still having trouble staying awake. I swear ima die of caffeine overdose sooner than expected at this rate...Geezzz.. but then again I blame the late nights....solely on me :s I know i shd sleep earlier, bt my earlier always ends up after 3...sometimes 4...rofl :x

I will sleep early tonite....! I will....? *pouts*

Gimme my bed or keel me! D:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alert! Run time error!

Im feeling so fucked up at work, right now! This very moment. I could almost screamed my lungs out and it still wont show hw fked up i feel =.=

I hate deadlines. Especially with so many of them at one time. Hate!

Yes, im being bitter and angry, bite me. I have every right to at this particular FML moment! Im so bombarded with work then my brain stopped me from doing anything more and come in here to rant my anger away lest i shd suddenly self combust while attempting to FINISH all my work >.>

Whats worse, i come in to find my chatbox spammed with junk again! Argh!

Thats it, ima bitter woman today, nuf' said. =\

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hiee!! :x

Happy New Year Peeps!?!?

Lol, i know im abit too late to wish...well like abt 10days late but hey, better late than never they say right? I actually had an earlier post with the exact same beginning and well, it kinda died after the 3rd sentence lol :x So pray hard that this post actually gets posted ya? ;)

So, whats with the lack of updates and well seemingly disappearing act from me? I dunno D: Been getting kinda lazy and slacking in alot of areas of my life lol ~_~ Also Steps has been taking up more of my time lately, even if i dont play, i just log in for fks lmao... yes, i am a boring person, bite me. Esp now that i just had a "baby" in there LOL! Yes, u heard me right, i actually am a "mom" in Steps lol... Too cute :D took some pics too, but am currently bloggin from work, so dont have them with me harhar :p

And seriously, been having less than 5hrs sleep each day, wow, feels like a real mom eh? Lolzors >.>

So what else have i been up to? Not much sadly, tho i feel ive changed alot in terms of my perspective of relationships and life itself. Im more nonchalant and slightly more playful lol....yes, meaning i tend to flirt a little more than i used to. But hey, thats the fun part right? Not knowing what happens and just having fun? Lol...i sound so fun-deprived eh? ._.

In summary? Im having the time of my life :) minus the commitments that is...:p

But im not closed up to maybe's k? Right now, im just enjoyin the attn im getting and who knows maybe one of it might make me wanna go further? Im not closed to the chances of tht happening nor am i hoping or expecting that it will :) No expectations, less disappointment?

New Years Resolution - lose some friggin weight tmd... Not for anyone but myself lol, ive been putting it off for too long nw sheesh ~_~ Its not that i dont love myself now, hell i love myself to bits kay, just wouldnt kill to look the part too :p

Also! mum's been recently hinting that i shd go over to the UK's lol...imagine, life without the family...tempting isnt it? Very much i must say, tho i try not to act overly enthu abt it.. lmao :x But yeah, i see that happening soon in my life, prolly b4 the middle of the year, kinda gives me something to look forward to, and a GOAL! Heee XDD (dam u moo for making me randomly hee nowadays =.=)

Lets see...what else..? Oh yea, work has been EXHAUSTING lately, ever since December and now into January, its been kinda non stop work frm the time i step in till almost 7plus everyday *mutters* Workload has been crazy, what with the deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines to meet -dies- The only thing thats keeping me sane for now is the CNY hols which im hoping will come soon else i shd kill myself 1st lol... cries for help? Hmmmm, maybe D:

Guess thats about it for now, cant really think much, tho i know i shd have plenty to update about...hmmm...kinda need to go back to work before im discovered to be snaking for abit and loose my bonus T_T And lotsa pics! Which im too lazy to get to when i finally reach home :s

AND, my banner is still missing, due to my laziness to scour the 4 corners of the earth for it :x *sighs*

Ciaoz yo~!