Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alert! Run time error!

Im feeling so fucked up at work, right now! This very moment. I could almost screamed my lungs out and it still wont show hw fked up i feel =.=

I hate deadlines. Especially with so many of them at one time. Hate!

Yes, im being bitter and angry, bite me. I have every right to at this particular FML moment! Im so bombarded with work then my brain stopped me from doing anything more and come in here to rant my anger away lest i shd suddenly self combust while attempting to FINISH all my work >.>

Whats worse, i come in to find my chatbox spammed with junk again! Argh!

Thats it, ima bitter woman today, nuf' said. =\


Isaac Tan said...

don't worry, the fml moment will be over soon.

for now....

TGIF !!!!! lol

magmag said...

Lol...TGIF would work if i didnt have to work on Saturday ~_~

Isaac Tan said...

Aww. Nvm TGIF also. U have fun at work ya. I'll be at linton uni nilai tomoro