Thursday, October 28, 2010


Me want the weekends nao, nao, nao, nao!

Me wanna no, rest at home T^T~ And the fact tht im not working on Saturday, makes me wan it even more! Naoooo!! :X

Im sorry lol, feeling very tired again and i think i twisted my ankle again coz it hurts like mad :(( Bery sked to see the sensei am hoping it gets better soon! D:

Gonna go lie down and watch spooky anime liao, and get scared shit-less ._.


P.s. Me bery bo song with you! Yes you! My pumpkin pie....hmph!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ive been contemplating the whole nite on whether i should continue on my saved drafts - thus present the illusion that i havent been posting or just lump it all together and start with a new post. OCD tells me, i shd stick with the old dates, coz then ill be posting things tat happen on the actual days... however, brain is not so obliging and well fingers are protesting,

So, i decided with the latter :x

Easier also la hor, not only do i not stress myself with trying to recall what actually happen for the past week, but i also get to make tis post super long so u all will read it twice! Win win situation? :s Ok la, enuf of unnecessary crap (which btw, helps lengthen this post :p) and lets do some flashback on the past week.. :)

Sadly, my life being the rather boring one at that, has not much updates *sry for disappointing everyone * so, i shall attempt to read back at my saved drafts to try and recall what it was that was goin thru my mind at the time... (another lame attempt to lengthen this post....rather successful tho :p)

Lets see...

Wednesday was not so cool, not only was i extremely busy at work and basically crazed the entire day, came home, and had to leave str8 for JP class. Reached home at 10, to find mum in one of her "moods", so i was not only tired and hungry but also in the middle of an incomprehensible cold war ._. In the end, made ramen for dinner and well, im happy dy :) Eating ramen always brings back memories of living alone in KL lolz, kinda fond memories at times, despite the living by myself thingy ;)

Thursday was uneventful, as was Friday, even tho i shd have been rejoicing that it was already the end of the week. Sadly, i had to work full day on Saturday ._. but not having classes on Sunday morning, for the 1st time in months and not havin to wake up at an ungodly hr when everyone is sleeping happily brought me some joy :p Even if i was slightly irritated abt some work stuff, which to cut the story of that short, i just really dislike being in the middle of any debates/arguments/etc etc etc... i watch, its ok, but never, i mean NEVER pull me in ._. Blahhhhhhh..!

It suddenly hit me too that my bosses, as in the husband n wife, are still not on talking terms...since, well, since i said it the 1st time which was a cpl of weeks ago? O_O;;


Anyway, that was Saturday for you, and saying that it was uneventful would be an friggin understatement >_>

Woke up late on Sunday, only to find mum had gone to New Lane and gotten the famous fish head/fish with bee hoon for breakfast. Now im not really a fan of fish, but this one is an exception! Becoz u have to be there before 11am or they will be like completely out of fish dy.. Yes, damn good business ok? Totally yummy esp eaten with cili padi! Omgoshh x.x

Sorry pic not bery clear, was in a hurry to dig in :x LOL!

Slept somemore after that, with tv and vid intervals in between, cz wanted to get new dvd player for my finally ok? Really bth the one that im using which mum got from her china friend de...durable la but still in the end was really dying a slow slowww and painful death and bringing me with it ._.

Heng i nvr ppk and did go in the end....

"Pink is my favourite color!" - Steven Tyler, Aerosmith.. LOL :X

Isnt it cute tho? It looks big here but its actually half the size of the normal kawaiiii :x and PINK! even the bladi remote control! X___X

Okok, im gettin unnecessarily hyped over a dvd player.....but purdee ahhhh!!! :s Got a few new animes to watch as well...and ima happy chica for the day and a little cushion to comfort my oh so lovely Monday brusss.. Even if ima a little broke....the only thing ive yet to my new Kb ...bleh~

So, shall i continue on to Monday, even tho it was ridiculously tiring just like every other Monday? Weeeeee~!! Then again , better not x.x

Went to thru my mail ytd, coz its like overflowing dy :s and got notified of my impending practicals in November.. Mamacita! I need to start on my lesson plan dy.. i wonder how ima gonna get thru alive teaching my classmates, even if its only for 1/2hr ._.

In case ur thinking, "If u cant teach ur classmates, how u gonna teach others?" - Ur wrong leh, i find easier to teach ppl i dont know, or rather ppl i know genuinely wanna learn and not trying to make my life (however short that is) a living hell. Monkeybananafruitbasket lahhh >_>

Ermm, should i stop here? Are u gettin tired of reading? :p Actually im tired dy, so i shall continue my "adventures"! another time...LOL :x


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


If u noticed, i havent been blogging for almost a week now lol.. Actually i have alot of unposted entries which are just sitting in my drafts section ._.

Why didn't i post them, u ask? Coz ima emoing lolz..

I tried finishing them everyday, but i dont like what i wrote, as in, it seem too robotic and fake >_> U might say, hey blogs are suppose to be spontaneous and fun and cute like me right? LOL! :x

In summary? Im not in that happy happy place of mine to blog ._. and i dont think anyone really noticed that i havent been posting also.... :(

Lol, ima emotional, what u expect?!

And to think i have quite a number of pics to post too, hmmph!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I finished work early ytd! And when i mean early, meaning 15mins after im suppose to clock off....but still early! And then i thought to myself, "There's your chance to get ur kb.... :D",


I know im so lousya wtf, i was sitting in the car arguing with myself on whether i should go or not, then before i realised it, i was already at home :(( I suck....big time! Boos me D: I have a serious problem with procrastination...lool :x Well, unless its life and death matter...hmmm, i think D:

Anyways, went home, nua-ed ard all over house, in front of tv, in front of pc, at in such a nua-ing mood. Audied alone for abit, then was reminded of the kb that i did NOT get...and logged off ;wild , then opened my blogger acc with the conviction that i was gonna type something tonite! And well, for those who already came in today, will know that i didnt :S

So while my bosses are entertaining guests downstairs, im snaking upstairs with a whole load of paperwork in front of me >_> I wan friday to come soon :(( im so ridiculously tired still x.x

Oh ya, heard that someone will be coming back to dear old penang end of the week, wonder if ill get my long overdue souvenier dy, hmmmm.. *hints* Lolz.. Everything is always overdue with u le, but better late than nvr? :)

Bah, better get back to work.. Tootles~! Q_Q

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday D:

3 days nvr work nia, no need so much work to do kuaaaaa?? Kua zhang leh really ._. Non stop like omgwtfbbqsaucechicken!! Seriously la, i was like non stop for the entire friggin 10hrs, except for the time i went home for lunch and that was already almost 2pm >___>!

Call here, call there, quotations, po's, do's, invoices...bla bla bla, etc etc etc.... Like a bladi headless chicken nia, run here, run there ._. Really so kua zhang leh! Blahhh..

Before i knew it, it was already 7.30pm. No wonder im having migraines now, so tired :((

And i tot i wanted to leave early to go get my kb! Not my fault ar really! I really just dont have the time...pang sai also no time ar wtf >_> Thankfully, this only happens on Mondays and Tuesdays, the rest of the days are quite ok de lol.. Hmmm, maybe i should have taken Monday off instead :x

Also mum's been gettin on my back on how much im staring at the phone..lolz. aiya, whats new la, i sit in front on pc, she will say, sit in front of tv, also say, then she ask me shd sleep more :O Which i do, i think :s Just coincidentally that i happen to tap on my phone at 5am in the morning and she HAS to go to the toilet every single time and see me.. -.-

Anyway, been in and out of sleep mode since i came back, really having a bad headache again, sigh. Didnt really sleep well last nite, coz was having bad dreams...yes again.. i tend to have them when i go to bed after a bad day, i really really reallyyyy dont like being angry when i go to bed..

Gotta get some rest dy.. baibaizz~!! :)

P.S. suddenly cravin for Manhattan Fish Market's seafood platter again... monkeybananafruitbasket! :x

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tsuruya's :)

Well as promised, here are the piccys of ze dinner .. :)

My fav! Chawanmushi~ :DD

Then there was eel....unagi set that my brother chose :p

Sis chose the Giant Squid which her friend treated her for her birthday... not bad :D

Then there was crab...soft shell crabby~ :D

Sorry this came in late, but was abit down in the evening... :) Didnt really work up an appetite too, not sure if was coz i was still full, or something else..

Oh wells, Tsuruya was relatively ok, and kinda cheap too. Tho the lunch sets have more variety to choose from then the dinner ones. Luckily we could opt to get the lunch even tho it was already 7pm :p One of the other waiters came to us and said, "Oh , thats the lunch sets, now its dinner already so no more" So we were like, err ok, *but we already ordered....the lunch sets? :O* then we all just stared at him with mouths wide open and went... "ohh, ok..." Lol.. epic dumb blonde moment ._.

Anyway, finished kinda fast and got full really fast too :S wonder it was coz of all the rice x.x The temakis are too die for tho, had salmon temaki! Yummy :D

Conclusion? I still prefer Tao's. Lolz.. Tho it is slightly more expensive but really worth it, esp with the all you can eat sashimis! So we decided, we're gonna go again soon, prolly end of the month.. LOL! :x My treat :p

Came home and jeng jeng jeng~ My belated birthday cake ~

Yummy choco cheese cake from where else, Secret Recipe lor... :P Sinful!! Bleh~

Initially wanted to get my new kb de since i was at e-gate but by the time dinner was done, darn shop already closed ._. Lousya.. So went back home, had cake and went into audi to vent and whack on my old kb lol... it was a good release for me..somehow :) Think i played for almost 3hrs...i think o.o Well, thats my remedy for forgetting sad stuff, that and retail therapy of coz...but i still refuse to buy acash! :x

Ahhh, cant believe my 3days are over :( Monday blues again...sad sad T_T

Must go cry into pillow liao.... *pouts!* Byeesss!

P.s. Cant believe my post-birthday days are just gonna as horrid as last years, i dont think i can do this again... I dont wanna feel so beat up again, please? :(

Random thoughts

Happiness is just like a butterfly, the harder u try to catch it, the further it flies away..

But what about seizing the day n nvr letting any chance slip away? Or grabbing the opportunities when they come? Tsk tsk... so contridicting right? Lolz :)

Ive been thinking of my priorities in life and somethings have been left draggin on for the longest time. Guess its time to finally let go of the past and holding on to the pain that was before. I should learn to be stronger and independent as before, when i never needed anyone's approval for things. I wonder what happened to that me.. when did i become so insecure? Hmmm..

Its kinda true what a friend told me ytd, sometimes we give out too much of our power to others that we forget to keep some for ourselves..

Sorry to be sounding so chim on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, but hey, its times like this that makes us think right? :D

Ive realised sometimes ive given in too much or given out too much that what i have to say is nvr really heard, and my sometimes seemingly uncaring about the things ard me exterior have made ppl think i really cant be bothered hence make decisions for me. At home, at work, and everywhere else. Ive somehow made myself unimportant :)

Oh wells, enuf of the heavy stuff, just had a fun 30mins whacking ard in audi and laughing my ass off over lame stuff... and cant wait for my JP belated birthday dinner tonite! :DD

Think i need just that, to be happy in the moment for the things that really matter and the ppl who really care and nothing else ;)

In the end, think of who are the ppl who will be there for till the end for the right reasons, the ppl u can call ur real companions..

Im constantly hurt over how im pushed aside for ppl who....i dont know :) I dont like it, and will nvr like it, to be deemed less worth than them. Lolzz. I laugh at myself for being angry cz i really shdnt degrade myself to their level ;)

I will always be here but only for the ppl who want me ard, this is my promise.

Anyways! Wait for my later post ya, this time i will take many many piccys! :p

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hitori? :)

Sugitaru wa nao oyobazaru ga gotoshi :)

So how was my day at home on a Friday? Sleep galore la what else! :p Ok la, i did do other things other than just sleeping, i...erm...watched dvd and erm..OK LA, i didnt really do much! Q_Q

And im proud to say, i didnt regret it one bit! :x The sleeping i mean... coz i felt so happy after that hahahahaha :X but then again, this would mean that i will having nothing to post about....yet again D: So what should i crap about today? Hmmmm....

Guess u all will have to wait till Sunday when i take my family to dinner and take piccys of oishii sushi, sashimi, california rolls....yummy :p Cant really remember the name of the place tho, all i know is thats its nearby Tao's. So shall see if its as worth as eating there or not :)

Vegan week goin ok lol, one thing tho is that we tend to get hungry more x.x so what else can i do but to drink loads n loads of water and well....sleep? Lol. Mum was complaining that ive been in my room and on my phone, tapping my phone, or by the pc for the past 48hrs ._. As if i have anywhere else to go... its not like i can jio my friends out for food or wad...unless they're vegan too >_>

AND its not always that i get to just lie ard and not have to worry abt classes or exams or work.. give me a break man :(

Guess thats about it for the past 2 days.. told ja i did absolutely nothing! But u all still wanna read, so ma post lor... :p

Also note that for this post, my fonts have gotten slightly cuckoo and i feel its gonna come out small... but then im gonna be too lazy to actually changed coz its taken me 2 days to actually finish it x.x Its just been sitting here on my desktop, minimize, maximize, minimize, maximise....and typing one sentence each time till TADA! I have a...well almost a full post :x

Slightly not in the mood at the moment, so till Sunday ba! Ja mata ne! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday! me!!! :) Lalalalala....~

If your thinking im happy about turning older, im sorry but unfortunately, you cant be more wrong -.- Even so, the hype of the whole world, well at least in my small little world, of ppl wishing me happy birthday is soon goin to be over and after today all i will be left with is....that turning one yr older thingy =.=

But if ur thinking that i dont like to be reminded by wishing me Happy Birthday, *beeep* ur wrong again. I get really pissed if ppl dont remember prolly coz i always do. Especially the ones that really matter! U know who u are doinkers! Im sensitive i know, but i like it! :x

And also feeling kinda sad coz i have so many things that i wanna do with my life still and not really coming close to it also...*sigh* am i setting myself back and not goin all out to get what i want? I dont know leh.. i feel i have, but then again maybe i havent lol.

Sorry for the conflicting signs from me in this post (there will be more as the post grows longer:x) Im in a very bluesy and contradicting mood today lol :S

But but but! Im off on Friday! Yayss! Which means i have 3 whole days of rotting at home! Yay...? :x No no, ima gona take this time to reflect on how ima gonna make this year better and more productive :S Ima running out of time dy!! Lol...sense of foreboding on this 'blessed day' ._. Kinda like the feeling of armageddon acomin' LOL! >_>

Hmmm.. i just read back on my post, and it feels like me spouting a whole bunch o' crap...oh wells, carrying on... :x

For this year, im hoping to get to own my 1st place, something which has been on my mind since i started working here coz i wanna dont laugh.. i wanna dress it up! LOL :x as in doing the ID for it... got tonnes of ideas frm working in this line and well, i cant wait to start :DD

So there, my wish or rather my target for this year~ Gambarimashyou me!!!

P.s. Ima still looking for a vegan birthday cake T_T...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Day 2 - and bosses still not talking to each other...hmm.. i wonder if this is their normal practice, but i had the 'privilege' of being the middle man and passing messages between the 2 of them ._. This me no likey dy!

Btw, did i tell u that my bosses are Mac fanatics? Lol.. Not only do all of them use iPhone, but all our pc's are actually Apple Macs from the 1st gen to the latest they just got last week coz the last one mb died and to get it repaired cost abt 3k? x.x

Anyway, couldnt help but drool at it still :p Damn beautiful little things leh, makes me also want one kukunehnehbasket ._.

Chio right! I wan also lo, wtfiak ._.

In case ur wondering, yes, that is my office lol.. and its original lighting :p Actually i adjusted it brighter dy lol, abo even darker.. romantic right? hahahaha :D

Anyway, plan to treat family to Jp dinner for my birthday..but will have to be postponed to after the vegetarian week is done lol. Yea, im vegetarian on my birthday lor.. i wonder if there are any vegetarian cakes out there :S

Still havent had the chance to ask about my leave T_T just too dam busy and alot of walk in customers. Apparently alot of those super condo owners just got their oc and rushing to move in and prepare everything before CNY.. that and the fact that my bosses are still not talking makes me kinda apprehensive to ask D:

Jia you jia you me!

In case ur wondering about my new kb....well i dont have it yet! Wanted to get on Sunday de, but but....hmph mai explain dy, later kena shoot also de D: Hopefully i..can..get if...i.. get... leave?

Blek! .___.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mon-dai blues?

And here we are back at the beginning yet again, what a vicious cycle where it feels like the weekends only last 2 secs and the weekdays feel like 9982312763213 years .__.

I woke up this morning, looked at the clock in my room. It was 7.ooam and well thats sort of my normal time my first waking up session. Did what i normally do at this hour, tapped on my phone. Attk, attk, attk, do mission, send flowers..Lol :x

A sudden horrific revelation hit me, it was friggin MONDAY! I knw im being dramatic again, but i literally screamed, in my head that is, at the thought that i would have to wake up for work T^T

I gotta get me my leave at the end of the week. I gotta, gotta, gotta before i lose my flippin mind ._.

Anyway, sort of went into a minor depression state after talking to a friend lol.. im sensitive la, i know, but what to do, thats just me. Got me anyhow thinkin again of why things have turned out as such. Some of its is my fault, but im not solely to blame for it.. the feeling of just letting all this go came to me again, tho it did hit me that me leaving might not matter as much as it did before. Saddening eh? Sigh lol..

Gotta get to work soon lol, snaked abit downstairs coz work environment today is abit quiet lol.. as in bosses are not talking or rather havent been talking to each other since i came in fr work x.x No comment ba, since both are talking to me nicely :p

Ok la, laters all! :)

P.s. What is really troubling you my dear? I wish you could just tell me like u used to..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kill me nao!

Just had the worst Saturday ever, which forced me to make this resolution..

I shall never ever have boys. Ever. As my children. Ever! :x

Or maybe it was those kids which made me cringe ._. I spent half part of the day getting the migraines which i had so hard gotten rid of the nite before by sleeping veryyy early. They were screaming and shouting and running around! Omgomgomg the friggin horror! Worse part is, the parents didnt even care wtfish? Brats like... *swears swears swears* nobody's business!

The youngest girl was ok, bt the 2 oldest boys, omg, i swore i could almost shoot my head off x.x They were screaming not only in normal volume but i swear it went into ultrasonic ok? I think only dolphins would be able to understand them and prolly die from it too ._____________.

Gahhhhh!! *shoots myself in the head over n over n over again..*

Ok la, maybe i made it abit too overdramatic, tho i swear im really not coz even my lady boss, who has children bth them ok? I will have boys , but they will nvr turn out like those little horrors else i will disown them for sure >_>

Safe to say, it has been a long and tiring day, even without those little *&^%$%^ making it even more tiring... but!

I change my layout!! :D Ive completed one of my missions! Yay! :x

Still looks abit weird to me, coz ima not used to this one yet, but tell me what u guys think it too white now? And i didnt quite like the fact that it didnt have a border frame...i have a thing for borders :x

Found this one ytd actually but was too lazy to change, and i really really couldnt find anything else that i liked. There were some nice ones but i hate having to click ard for different pages.. very mafan ._.

Notice now there's a comment section for each post too? :D and i managed to tweak my chat box :DDD! Me is very proud of meself now :p

But still, comments please, coz i might change if i do chance upon a nice one :) for now, i need to go lie down coz my back is killing me and im starting to doze off x.x

Hope there arent any typos coz ima lazy to check dy :x


Friday, October 8, 2010


Normally on a Friday post, i will usually say "Happy Friday!".. well im not gonna this week! Ima breaking out from my normal procedure and be different this week so im not considered a bore and too routine T^T .. *shall do that next week :x*

Anyways, modem died on us ytd.. after only being in usage for abt less than 4months? So much for that lol.. guess what we really need is those industrial type modems which needs whole room then only can :x So had to take out the one b4 this which we had to use for 3yrs plus and guess what? Worked perfect! :) Lol.. Guess that will have to do till we actually get a new one, which date is relatively unknown. It could be,

1. This one dies on us *touch wood touch woood!!*
2. Bro gets annoyed with this one, coz it doesnt really work well with wireless connections and despite me trying to reason with him abt the better connection using cable, he still refuses ._.
3. I suddenly get very rajin and buy a new one.. LOL! Highly improbable, but hey miracles might happen :x

Notice how i like to number my thoughts now? It makes it much more organised and i dont forget what i wanna say as much.. LOL!! ._.

And also, Friday is not bery happy day for me, coz ima still working full day on Saturday Q_Q so bery de saddening....which means i only have Sunday afternoon to rest coz i still need to wake up early for JP class tomoro...which reminds me...i havent done my task of thinking of one jp sentence to say yet.. DAMN! Shall think on the way to class tomoro.. i tend to get the best sentences when im in a frenzy :x Dont ask >_>*

Thinking of taking next Friday off since Thurs im on leave for my special day :p and well ima not working on Saturday... shall i? shall i? shall i? Woah, 4 days off wor! :DD

Shall try and ask the boss first *fingers crossed* !

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Aiya! I just had something to blog about when i was on the way back home from Jp class.. but forgot about the time and well...nvm la, its my Thursday post then :p

Note: This is just a rant coz im just really tired (and also tired of repeating how tired i am ._.)

Ive just calculated, well i calculated while driving back from Jp class lol, and also becoz i was somewhat irritated with sis. Anyway, i realised that i havent had a weekend off for the past month now.. If its not work, then its classes and exams which went on from morning to late afternoons.. safe to say, September was the worst month ever x.x

Now im not complaining coz i have to do so much and not have any time to rest, i took it upon myself to do all this and well, my family saying they will support me. Hmmm, all ive really seen is they gettin on my back on how its only for awhile then itll be over when i tell them im tired...

Im not asking for sympathy bt more of a little understanding. Work can be hectic and i try to study as much as i can at nite, and it is bladi damn tiring ok? =/ Anyway, the reason i finally broke was coz, after Jap class, sis asked me to drive her to the clinic. Now, you would say, whats wrong with that? There's nothing wrong with it, if i hadnt just had and extremely long day and goin to class right after work and the fact that she had the whole day to go, and me specifically asking her to go in the afternoon. Sighs.

A little consideration wouldnt kill, would it?

Oh wells, let it be ba :) im just glad that its the last module dy and one more exam and ill get my teacher's dip lol... :x

Anyway, back to happier stuff or rather less irritable stuff :p

Audi Season 3 - Guitar Mode :) I know... my face looks like kiam tiao pa here :x Will take nice one next time la..the arrows keep coming down so fast pian D:

Kinda cute really, as in me trying to get all the keys =.= and its only easy mode. Once babe put on the hard mode, all i really did was sit there and stare while the arrows came a rainin down on me and i end up pressing buttons which werent really used T^T

DJMAX2! That was the name of the game i used to fumble around with :((

Have a few things planned for this weekend, as in missions for moi lol.. we shall see how many missions i complete or will all of them be abandoned =\

1. Get a new keyboard,
2. Get a new blogger background
3. Get some rest since there wont be classes
4. Get a life LOL! Jk.. :x

Those who are pfft'ing to my missions, I WILL PROVE UR PFFT'ING WRONG! D:

Off liao la, bye..!

P.s. Sorry la, this post came out 3days after it was started x.x I tried to finish it but i kept running into my bed :x

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I super super bored today!

Phone and fax lines are down, so no calls can come nor can i make any calls out lol.. hence the extreme peace and quiet. Bad part abt this is :

1. Im falling asleep but also having slight tummy ache. I blame McD's for this.. I realised i cant really consume McD's anymore cz ill feel uncomfortable everytime..hmmm..

2. The iTunes that my office plays are getting too clear for comfort. As in i can hear the songs, REALLY hear the songs over n over n over n over again ._.

3. Im so bored that im afraid i might not have anything to blog about tonight, so here is my post for today :x

4. This the end of my post.... >____>

Maybe i shall go search eBay for cute stuff to splurge on :x

Did i also mention im sleepy? Oh ya..i did.. arghhhhh :xczsdasawedcsadaf

To make matters worse i cant even BN in the office to entertain me temporarily... i can BN but not normally and very slow.. but today its really getting on my nerves.. especially the "Cannot Connect To Server" that keeps popping up... *shouts n pulls hair!*

Buaizz! ._.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Au revoir Tuesday~

And i feel as tired as i did the day b4 >_> plus getting moodier by the day *sigh*... and its not helpin now that im feelin extremely irritated with somethin, and no, im not having my monthly auntie visits, tho i wished i could blame it on that being the reason im so easily pissed ._.

Luckily before i exploded, a few new acquaintances, which i nvr thought would bother so much as to make me feel better, actually did :)

Maybe i have to resign to fate on this is how its going to be from now on, well actually its been going on for awhile now. Maybe i shd stop hoping that it will ever be like it used to. And no matter what or how i try to restore it, i cant make it go back in time. Things have changed, some more than others. Guess it was something waiting to happen..prolly i didnt prep myself well enuf :)

I kept thinkin if things had really changed so much, the more i thought back, the more i felt it has. I would nvr would have been ignored as much, or be a nuisance to reply that i guess my chat windows are just closed the minute i start talking. Lolz, oh wells its coz im no longer the reason ur online, and im sorry :)

I dono wat im sayin lah, i just feel lonely suddenly coz the one person i could always rely on, well, i cant seem to now :)

Anyway, just saw last week that Digi came out with a damn cheap package for Iphone 4, and mine is not even 2months old yet ._. *curses* I hope the phone is not stable yet for everyone else who gets it :x I know im being evil but i DONT care! Lol...D:

Oh ya! Tried out the guitar mode for Audi Season 3 ytd, even got the blue guitar LOL. Dens ma so wth buy lo...and i refuse to top up acash! I REFUSEEE :x Well the mode itself confused the hell out of me, my fingers were all over the kinda reminds me of I forgot the game i used to play on my PSP which looks similar to this! What was it? What? What ar?? Babe do u remember? Ahhh!! D:

I suddenly miss my Psp lol :x I gotta play back and complete my Patapon :p

Well just turned Lvl 200 in Bn lolz :x - random info btw coz i suddenly lost my trail of thought and didnt know hw to continue this post ._.

Oh oh! I need a new kb, and i mean really! Im gonna get one dy! When i can find the time :x There's no pc shop near my work place lar...aiyo D:

Ok la, time for lunch. Need to go out coz the net connection here is seriously sucky!

Buaizzz! :D

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ding dong!

Welcome back me!

So, Monday is officially over.. that was Lol. Not really for me coz half the time i was actually sleep walking x.x Really tired lor.. felt like i could faint at any time :(

And what else, Monday being the usually busy day of the week. Orders to follow up, new orders to make, schedule to prepare, bla bla bla etc etc lol.. One good thing would be, it makes the day end that much faster :D

Played abit of audi with babe, who's btw pc is bery pro d :p And also just found out, season 3 is coming out tomoro! Guess the guitar thingy will be out too lol...already dled the patch so we shall see :)

So, basically this weekend was not really a weekend for me.. Had back to back classes till about 6 on both days and started roughly abt 9? Dam exhausting x.x But thank god i survived.. and it being a tough module, i had no qualms on staying on.. I mean Grammar was nvr really my strong point. I can speak and write fine, but ask me to explain why i should use these words instead of the other? Killing me would be easier :S

Anyway, need to read up more i guess and be more familiar with all my grammar, and phonology lol.. yeah, dam technical can? A word a day - Lexicon. Guess what that means? Yes? No? Lol.. basically it means a dictionary LOL! Yea, i know :x

At the end of the lessons, we were so changed in the way we spoke, that we somehow sounded British.. hahaha :x

Enuf about the classes, tho its my last one dy.. :D kinda worried abt the exams, hopefully ill be able to pass x.x

Came home and fell asleep after dinner, then woke up and decided to watch a new anime sis just got. Tho the cover looked harmless and shd have been comical, it was far from that...very farr... i mean the beginning was quite ok la, funny at times, bt it became scarier with each episode ._. Its sort of like a compilation of short Jp ghost stories. Tmd dam scary...or maybe coz i was watching the it alone at 3am in the morning... >_>

I couldnt fall asleep till 4! T^T

Ok la, time to retire to my lovely bed and continue watching the scary cartoon :x Im really actually very tired x.x why cant i sleep earlier de.. Baka!

P.s. I tot i could stay happy, until i saw the one thing that made me not again :( Why the need to do it now?


Happy Moon-day blues x.x

As u can see, i decided to change back to the original layout coz i was used to the white :S

So until im able to find one which is somewhat similar to this one, i shall change :p Till then, u guys are stuck with the grumpy toast :D

Im kinda pooped coz of the extremely long day at class today, actually fell asleep after i got home and am goin to bed again lolx..

Was abit pissed at some hypocrites earlier but fk them ._.

Shall post more tomoro if ima not too busy...i hope D:

Nighty nite!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mahalo peeps! :)

First of all.. happy belated fly-day! Although its already almost at the end of doyoubi desu ga :(

Let me share with you on what a completely tiring start of a weekend i just had. For one, i just came back from class abt an hr ago....and i started the day at 9 bladi friggin am with exams x.x Summary of exam today? Dam nehnehkukufruitbasket! Hard lo... :( Tho i dont doubt i will pass, im still nt happy with the results of how i did. Sadded T_T

Then had lunch at gurney plaza with a friend and went back to class till abt 6pm...tsukareta deshyo! And see i so kut lat, even tho so tired still come in and blog.. guai or not?! Lub me dip dip or not?? Lol :x mentally exhausted and physically dead so must forgive the insanity that is me for now x.x

Tho i think, this post will take some time to complete coz im having....the in bed :s Cant blame me, this morning was heavenly to sleep in with all the lovely rain T_T

3hrs later....

Lol, i actually fell asleep when i saw how tempting and cozy my bed was looking earlier :s Anyway here i am again to continue lolz :p

So, like i said had exams and classes the whole day today. Bad enuf exams were really sucky, this last module that im having is one of the toughest ones. Alot on grammar testing, and i thought my grammar was good :( I mean, its ok la but i nvr did know abt the rules of sentence creating or the tenses and clauses bla bla bla.. extremely technical x.x

Plus point, im gonna be so good in grammar soon....hmm, i make it sound like so cool and un-nerdish :x Blah, dont care, im so gonna rox in grammar.. oh wait let me rephrase, im so gonna be wonderful in grammar! LOL :x

Another plus point is that this is the LAST module :DD So after this, one more exam next month with my practicum assessment and ima bona fide teacher! Lol...thats if i pass D: Man , i pity my future students :S Anyone wanna be my guinea pig? :p

And finally ill be able to enjoy Saturday morning like it was meant to be enjoyed! Damn the rain that keeps ruining my morning everyday for the past week :(

Work on the other hand is getting pretty hectic, hopefully i can survive till the next hols.. which is due in about less than 2 weeks :D Lol...not looking forward to that day actually...but hey, once a year, nevermind la :D

Me will be attempting to change my blogskin after this, something which ive been planning to do for awhile now and i actually did do it on Thursday.. changed for about 5mins and realised there was alot of other crap i needed to add into it and immediately changed back..lmao :s

So, if u see, please let me know what u think! I actually already know what im changing it to, something rather similar in terms of concept but not really identical lol. Just see for urself ba, thats if i did it after this and not be coaxed to jump into bed again :x Kinda like it, except for a little detail which im hopin ill be able to oversee.. tell me if u spot it :p

Ok la, better do it now coz i feel a slight laziness comin about dy :x Have a wonderful Sunday all!

P.s. Say it like you mean it and not cause you have too or I'd rather you dont say it at all :)