Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I finished work early ytd! And when i mean early, meaning 15mins after im suppose to clock off....but still early! And then i thought to myself, "There's your chance to get ur kb.... :D",


I know im so lousya wtf, i was sitting in the car arguing with myself on whether i should go or not, then before i realised it, i was already at home :(( I suck....big time! Boos me D: I have a serious problem with procrastination...lool :x Well, unless its life and death matter...hmmm, i think D:

Anyways, went home, nua-ed ard all over house, in front of tv, in front of pc, at home....im in such a nua-ing mood. Audied alone for abit, then was reminded of the kb that i did NOT get...and logged off ;wild , then opened my blogger acc with the conviction that i was gonna type something tonite! And well, for those who already came in today, will know that i didnt :S

So while my bosses are entertaining guests downstairs, im snaking upstairs with a whole load of paperwork in front of me >_> I wan friday to come soon :(( im so ridiculously tired still x.x

Oh ya, heard that someone will be coming back to dear old penang end of the week, wonder if ill get my long overdue souvenier dy, hmmmm.. *hints* Lolz.. Everything is always overdue with u le, but better late than nvr? :)

Bah, better get back to work.. Tootles~! Q_Q

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