Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I super super bored today!

Phone and fax lines are down, so no calls can come nor can i make any calls out lol.. hence the extreme peace and quiet. Bad part abt this is :

1. Im falling asleep but also having slight tummy ache. I blame McD's for this.. I realised i cant really consume McD's anymore cz ill feel uncomfortable everytime..hmmm..

2. The iTunes that my office plays are getting too clear for comfort. As in i can hear the songs, REALLY hear the songs over n over n over n over again ._.

3. Im so bored that im afraid i might not have anything to blog about tonight, so here is my post for today :x

4. This the end of my post.... >____>

Maybe i shall go search eBay for cute stuff to splurge on :x

Did i also mention im sleepy? Oh ya..i did.. arghhhhh :xczsdasawedcsadaf

To make matters worse i cant even BN in the office to entertain me temporarily... i can BN but not normally and very slow.. but today its really getting on my nerves.. especially the "Cannot Connect To Server" that keeps popping up... *shouts n pulls hair!*

Buaizz! ._.

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