Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Au revoir Tuesday~

And i feel as tired as i did the day b4 >_> plus getting moodier by the day *sigh*... and its not helpin now that im feelin extremely irritated with somethin, and no, im not having my monthly auntie visits, tho i wished i could blame it on that being the reason im so easily pissed ._.

Luckily before i exploded, a few new acquaintances, which i nvr thought would bother so much as to make me feel better, actually did :)

Maybe i have to resign to fate on this is how its going to be from now on, well actually its been going on for awhile now. Maybe i shd stop hoping that it will ever be like it used to. And no matter what or how i try to restore it, i cant make it go back in time. Things have changed, some more than others. Guess it was something waiting to happen..prolly i didnt prep myself well enuf :)

I kept thinkin if things had really changed so much, the more i thought back, the more i felt it has. I would nvr would have been ignored as much, or be a nuisance to reply that i guess my chat windows are just closed the minute i start talking. Lolz, oh wells its coz im no longer the reason ur online, and im sorry :)

I dono wat im sayin lah, i just feel lonely suddenly coz the one person i could always rely on, well, i cant seem to now :)

Anyway, just saw last week that Digi came out with a damn cheap package for Iphone 4, and mine is not even 2months old yet ._. *curses* I hope the phone is not stable yet for everyone else who gets it :x I know im being evil but i DONT care! Lol...D:

Oh ya! Tried out the guitar mode for Audi Season 3 ytd, even got the blue guitar LOL. Dens ma so wth buy lo...and i refuse to top up acash! I REFUSEEE :x Well the mode itself confused the hell out of me, my fingers were all over the place...it kinda reminds me of that...game...crap. I forgot the game i used to play on my PSP which looks similar to this! What was it? What? What ar?? Babe do u remember? Ahhh!! D:

I suddenly miss my Psp lol :x I gotta play back and complete my Patapon :p

Well just turned Lvl 200 in Bn lolz :x - random info btw coz i suddenly lost my trail of thought and didnt know hw to continue this post ._.

Oh oh! I need a new kb, and i mean really! Im gonna get one dy! When i can find the time :x There's no pc shop near my work place lar...aiyo D:

Ok la, time for lunch. Need to go out coz the net connection here is seriously sucky!

Buaizzz! :D

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