Thursday, October 7, 2010


Aiya! I just had something to blog about when i was on the way back home from Jp class.. but forgot about the time and well...nvm la, its my Thursday post then :p

Note: This is just a rant coz im just really tired (and also tired of repeating how tired i am ._.)

Ive just calculated, well i calculated while driving back from Jp class lol, and also becoz i was somewhat irritated with sis. Anyway, i realised that i havent had a weekend off for the past month now.. If its not work, then its classes and exams which went on from morning to late afternoons.. safe to say, September was the worst month ever x.x

Now im not complaining coz i have to do so much and not have any time to rest, i took it upon myself to do all this and well, my family saying they will support me. Hmmm, all ive really seen is they gettin on my back on how its only for awhile then itll be over when i tell them im tired...

Im not asking for sympathy bt more of a little understanding. Work can be hectic and i try to study as much as i can at nite, and it is bladi damn tiring ok? =/ Anyway, the reason i finally broke was coz, after Jap class, sis asked me to drive her to the clinic. Now, you would say, whats wrong with that? There's nothing wrong with it, if i hadnt just had and extremely long day and goin to class right after work and the fact that she had the whole day to go, and me specifically asking her to go in the afternoon. Sighs.

A little consideration wouldnt kill, would it?

Oh wells, let it be ba :) im just glad that its the last module dy and one more exam and ill get my teacher's dip lol... :x

Anyway, back to happier stuff or rather less irritable stuff :p

Audi Season 3 - Guitar Mode :) I know... my face looks like kiam tiao pa here :x Will take nice one next time la..the arrows keep coming down so fast pian D:

Kinda cute really, as in me trying to get all the keys =.= and its only easy mode. Once babe put on the hard mode, all i really did was sit there and stare while the arrows came a rainin down on me and i end up pressing buttons which werent really used T^T

DJMAX2! That was the name of the game i used to fumble around with :((

Have a few things planned for this weekend, as in missions for moi lol.. we shall see how many missions i complete or will all of them be abandoned =\

1. Get a new keyboard,
2. Get a new blogger background
3. Get some rest since there wont be classes
4. Get a life LOL! Jk.. :x

Those who are pfft'ing to my missions, I WILL PROVE UR PFFT'ING WRONG! D:

Off liao la, bye..!

P.s. Sorry la, this post came out 3days after it was started x.x I tried to finish it but i kept running into my bed :x

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