Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday! me!!! :) Lalalalala....~

If your thinking im happy about turning older, im sorry but unfortunately, you cant be more wrong -.- Even so, the hype of the whole world, well at least in my small little world, of ppl wishing me happy birthday is soon goin to be over and after today all i will be left with is....that turning one yr older thingy =.=

But if ur thinking that i dont like to be reminded by wishing me Happy Birthday, *beeep* ur wrong again. I get really pissed if ppl dont remember prolly coz i always do. Especially the ones that really matter! U know who u are doinkers! Im sensitive i know, but i like it! :x

And also feeling kinda sad coz i have so many things that i wanna do with my life still and not really coming close to it also...*sigh* am i setting myself back and not goin all out to get what i want? I dont know leh.. i feel i have, but then again maybe i havent lol.

Sorry for the conflicting signs from me in this post (there will be more as the post grows longer:x) Im in a very bluesy and contradicting mood today lol :S

But but but! Im off on Friday! Yayss! Which means i have 3 whole days of rotting at home! Yay...? :x No no, ima gona take this time to reflect on how ima gonna make this year better and more productive :S Ima running out of time dy!! Lol...sense of foreboding on this 'blessed day' ._. Kinda like the feeling of armageddon acomin' LOL! >_>

Hmmm.. i just read back on my post, and it feels like me spouting a whole bunch o' crap...oh wells, carrying on... :x

For this year, im hoping to get to own my 1st place, something which has been on my mind since i started working here coz i wanna dont laugh.. i wanna dress it up! LOL :x as in doing the ID for it... got tonnes of ideas frm working in this line and well, i cant wait to start :DD

So there, my wish or rather my target for this year~ Gambarimashyou me!!!

P.s. Ima still looking for a vegan birthday cake T_T...

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