Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Me is so damn lazy to do anything! Wtf =\

Been in a moodless state on and off, something is definitely wrong somewhere, just cant put my finger on it yet and its annoyin the hell out of me. Wtf wtf wtfasdasdqwdsa ._.

And no, i dont blame it on pms, coz already pass ok? Sheesh, so dam irritable lately. Really wonder what the hell is wrong with me >_>"

Bla. Forget it. Im tired i suppose ._.

On another note, home has been do we say this? Not peaceful? Lol.. Ok la, more like cold war between mum and sis. And u know about what? The dog.

Yup, u heard me right, or rather read me right lol. Patch (ze dog) has gotten abit more agressive lately and we dont really know why. And sis being the one who brought it back and mum who has to babysit him the whole day are at each other's on who's fault that is. Lol *shrugs*

I figure he is spoiled by mum, thats why the 'attitude' problem, though mum says its coz sis plays with him too roughly. I dono la, bigger possibility is he is a spoilt brat lol coz mum gives in too much with him. Sigh. *shrugs again* I guess even Patch has been sensing the coldness in the house and has been rather subdued these few days after the big outburst 2 days back.

Lol. Drama, drama, attitudes ._.

And also im finding that the days are movin extremely fast, till i cant really remember wat i did throughout the day and by the time i realise that, its over and time to sleep o_o; Tmd, will Time slow down abit ar?

Had a lot of stuff to post about ytd, but suddenly not feeling up to it. Dont really feel like talking regardless of how bothered i am with it. Bahs.

Anyway, got my 10th collection in Bn this morning, thanks to babe :D Though i was kinda drowsy and i actually had to sit up straight so that i didnt do silly stuff during attempt lol. Surprisingly got it done quite fast :) So yea, thanks babe ;)

My Ava cute right? LOL! Im such a fashion freak no matter wat game i play, my ava must keep changing looks de. Man, me and my fickleness lol :x

Ok la, gonna go revise abit of JP and back to work i suppose. Though i kinda got nothing much to do coz i finished most of it dy. Hmmm..

Have a great Wednesday guys! Ciaoz!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Bro!!

Yeah, its kinda belated..but still one day nia lor..and besides it wasnt on purpose de..i ter-forget save a post for ytd ._. bite me lar! Bleh..



As much as u irritate me and say im obsessed and psycho when i ask u to do things, but hey, u also same hor, if not even worse..LOL! =p So i hope ur wishes keep coming true and u keep fatt fatt choyyy arrrr!!!! Then can buy me new car..LMAO :X

So wat was up during the weekends? Nothing much? As usual la lol. Worked half day on Saturday coz bosses going off to Shanghai d for one week T_T So ima gonna be in the office alone most of the times. Hopefully everything goes well and smoothly lor :D Abo i dieeeeee!! *pouts*

After work, stayed at home and become bedridden lol..for most part of the day too :x Well, i did say i wanted to rest le ma after an exhausting week lol. And it was ok la, not enuf still i must say ._. Time like tick tocks by even faster when ur doing nothing >_>

Didnt go anywhere at nite for bro's bday too, just stayed at home and had a family meal which now consists of steamed veggies lolz. Well, its been like that for almost a week d. Healthy living la katakan hahas.. wat to do, we sinned too much with yummy food. So far so good leh, no withdrawal or symptoms of denial yet. LOL! Lets see who will be the 1st to break :p Till now all still bery semangat leh.. Good good! rofl:X

Sunday mornings were spent in nihongo no benkyou o shimasu as usual, and classes gettin more n more difficult by the week...hmmmm.. i feel an out of body experience dy now when im in class.. Maybe im doing too many things at once..And i still was thinking of photography lessons. LOL! Ima on a suicide mission :x

Nvm la, i will make it! Mag mag gambarimashyou ne!

Oh ya, got piccys of bro's cake, but nt we buy de coz apparently office colleagues bought secret recipe de cake for him, so he asked us not to dy. But my ... pic .. is .. D: Blah. Shall take it out when im kut lat again lol..Now my pc is like left idling most of the times and i only use it to play Cafe world, Slots and my scratch offs (yes, i still play =p) AND AND AND....the cake not bery nice :x We even gave half away to sis de friend lool..Banana de..nt really our fav and the bananas abit hmm..dono how to say ._.

Thats about it, i think. Oh and im meeting up with old colleagues from my ex ex ex job this coming weekends...wah, i just realised i changed quite a number dy lol. :X Wat can i say, i live vicariously (not to my mum's approval) and i get bored easily =p

Doinks to all of you. Buaizzz!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday baby!!

Whooop!! Its finally hereeee...!!! why do we get so idiotically excited over the weekends? Coz we dont have to work thats why!! Lol..ok, dont mind my overly idiocy ._. Im just in need of sleep time, which is coincidently what i have been doing these past few days. Falling asleep,with the phone in my hand >_>

Now now, u might say im being extremely addicted. So dont! I have my mum doing that everyday, so no need to remind me somemore ok? Though i must stress, im not really that addicted (pls dont mind the "i fell asleep with phone in hand" line) :x

Thing is, its always the same sentence being used, when i was "addicted" to the pc, or when i was "addicted" to audi...bla bla bla.. Tell me somethin i dont know can? Boring leh :p

Now i realised my blog has been lacking photos, unlike last time. Reason being? I have no things to take pics off. Simple as that ._. Though i would love too, like they say, a picture says a thousand words...or simply put, i don't have to type so much crap to keep u entertained :x

Fret not my fellow earthlings, i shall post some pics of sinful foods on saturday... bro's birthday ;) So look at it and weep ppl! Yummy :p

Oh ya, let me sidetrack abit from telling u about my oh so eventful life and tell u guys a convo i heard between mum and sis the other day..

Mum was asking sis about shop in Queensbay Mall and how to get there..

Sis: Seriously, u just take the lift down, its just at the lower ground area nia.
Mum: But which one is the lower ground?
Sis: The one below ground floor ._.
Mum: I know la, but any other level after lower ground bo?
Sis: Got.
Mum: See! What level?
Sis: Hell =.=

LOL! I almost choked on my coffee when i heard this. Seriously sis, i und ur feeling totally...ahahahaha :X For those who think this is not funny, LAUGH ALSO! Wan kena smack ar? Im entertaining your otherwise mundane life ok? Sheesh!

Eh wait, sidetrack again... my phone has no screen protector :x I knw totally random, just was looking at it and realised bro told me dont need de coz its scratch proof. Now tell me, is he bs-ing me again? ._.

Ok, back on track.. hmmm...erm....being on track ish not bery fun >_>

Anyway, looking for new games to play on my phone, but the batt life really a kill joy awhile nia, then the toopid "20% battery left" msg pops up dy. So much for gaming on the go. Gaming while attached to the power point more like it ._.

Oh wells, time to oink and get some rest. But lately, been having weird dreams again which at times makes no friggin sense at all. Worse part is i can remember them even after i wake up. Really buggin me man, sheesh.

Till tomoro! Ja matane! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Exhausted x.x

And its only Thursday..T^T

With work and studyin and mentally exhausted and drained. Guess the past week has been murder @_@;;

But that being said, am looking forward to the coming weekends, hoping to get some rest, i hope. And also with slight apprehension for the coming week coz bosses will be goin off to Shanghai for the week leavin me Office Alone *smacks cheeks ala Mcaulay Culkin* Lol.. :X

Part of me is happy to be finally be able to slack slightly :XX the other part is petrified! What if ppl come in and i dont know to serve them?? Tmd im skedddddd... Rofl. Yaya, as if i give a damn. Just do the "im kinda new here so forgive if im wrong" look and im scott free! Believe it or not, i almost 99.99% get away with it. Hey, im not happy being the dumb ass ok? I would rather be helpful D:

Anyway, i can foresee that for the coming week, i will most prolly be doin data entry (zzzzzz...boring) of past customers and looking into their filing system (zzzzzz again) But im still happy working here ba, considering my almost not busy days and yet i have so much to do days here.. Get me? Blahs if u dont.... :p

Jp class was horridly excrutiatingly painful ytd. Sensei's tryin to get us to converse more hence answer and qn sessions by us. Funny thing is, i think he expects more from my grp of 4 ppl than the rest of the class ._. As in the difficulty in qns asked. Good thing? Should be, but not when ur in the limelight. Double blas.

Need to practice more dy and get more smooth when talking. Not like some cacat-ed (no offense) person. Wth._.

Oh wells, back to work. My spammed cbox has stopped fr the time being after reporting that i was being spammed >_> Hopefully it stays nice and pretty like this for awhile D:

And APAC, please leave a msg when u drop by..dont be a stranger ;)

Back to work!! :3

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ode to Humanity!

or rather to the lack of it =.=

Reason for me saying is coz just a cpl of days back, i witnessed human selfishness and heartless-ness up close and personal. Not that i havent seen it before, but this time it was just words come to mind.

Cause of my sudden outburst is my about 2 hses down de neighhbour.This is the story and im sure u'll be able to imagine how i felt being me. If not, then pretend that u do can?

Well, these ppl had this white dog and everyday they would walk the dog, play with it and u knw, do the normal owner pet thingy. Then suddenly one day they got a new dog and decided they didnt want the old dog anymore and so locked it out of the gate. Yes, just like that. It was like telling it, we dont want u anymore, we loved u ytd, but no more today. Sick right?

Anyway, dogs being dogs, it stood by the gate, still being ever protective of the ppl he used to call owners, guarding it gates and the hse relently every single day, even whn it rained, it just stood there, drenched with no shelter. Now me being an animal lover, and my family of coz, felt angered by this cowardly act. How could ppl be so unforgivingly cruel? But we forget, ppl are nasty beings, they can kill each other, so what is this? Lol..

We tried our best to get ppl to take it in, and we would hv too, but it refused to leave its ex owner. So, wat could we do but to watch out for it, coz there were lotsa stray dogs ard which were much more meaner.

Weeks turned into months and the previously clean white dog, was nw grey. Family was still looking fr ppl to take him in bt time was really running out. Thankfully there were still a few good souls who fed it every day. I wished one of them could hv taken him.

Our nightmare turned reality when one day i reached home and saw it standing in front of my house with a bruised eye and badly bitten jaw :( My heart sank and we could do nothing more but to try n feed it, but it disappeared again in the middle of the nite.

The next day, i went back hm fr lunch and saw it tied with dam short rope outside of the ex owners house. And abt 15mins later, SPCA came and took it. We all know wat this in this condition will most prolly be euthanised. And it was the owner who called it in wtffff! If they had called it in when they first dumped him, he could hv been easily adopted, bt in his current state, no way that was gonna happen..

I remember vividly the look on its face as it was dragged into the van..i wonder if it knows wat will happen... heart sunk even more..

That same nite, i saw that family walkin into their home and laughing, i felt disgusted that they did not feel one string of remorse or sadness over what happened to the dog who despite being deserted never once deserted them.

I pray that Karma is awake to see this and teach these people the meaning of compassion.

Somehow, my pain is not so significant anymore and ive learned that no one can be trusted to love n care for you. Only i can do that :)

P.s. I know ur in a better place now, free from the pain n suffering :)

Monday, August 16, 2010



I guess ive been missin in action again huh? :p And even after blocking my blog, im still getting spammed >_> Anyone gt any ideas? Bery bery annoyin can?

So, after poofing for more than a week, wat has happened in my always beautiful world? Nothin much but extreme tiredness ._. I actually plan to blog at work de lo, coz i dont really have much to do, bt i always end up not being able to for some reason. It seems like i hv alot of work n seem pretty busy, but i dont see it leh...O_O

Guess the time just really whooshes by at work now...hmmm..

Anyway, like i said, its been a pretty busy week. Jp classes are back on after a short our jp results back and i must say i did quite well considering i didnt hv time to finish it ._. Now we're in Elementary 2 and learning Katakana writings...Man, i havent even really memorised the 1st one lo. Wth.. and to top it off, the class is larger than before due to additional students from another class. Well, we'll see how long that :x Some ppl just no determination de...tsk tsk :D

Other than that, was having my exams for one of my teaching dip modules, and write dao hand wan break. Goes to show how much ive been holding a pen ._. the next one is gonna be even worse, due next month. That one have to write 3 freakin essays and one of them is ard 750 words. FML.

So, had classes throughout the weekend. Thank god its only once a month that i need to sacrifice my rest days, and luckily it didnt drag on till to late, prolly coz, this module just needs a lot of reading up. I was really almost fallin asleep in class coz the lecturer was TTT-ing most of the time. (TTT- Teacher Talk Time..Lolz).

Other than that, nothing much has happened. Well, they've been some happenings, just not worth reminiscing about i suppose. What has happened, has past. Though it still hurts when i suddenly recall it, but it will heal ba. And whether or not u meant it or not, is kinda unimportant dy nw :)

One thing is for sure, i really really really need a break considering i nvr did stopped working from old one to new one. Maybe go down kl and look up some old friends :D That could a good plan lolz. Also making plans to go UK sometime before Dec or maybe early Jan? Hopes so :)

Well, thats about it. Still hooked on BN for the mean time, aiming for lvl 100 :p Heard that audi is having x2 exp and x2 dens...shd i also chiong exp now ? :x

Anyways, thank goodness ill be having my much needed rest time. Plan to stay at home and rot..unless mum gets ideas ._. Oh ya...its my bro's birthday! Hmmm...

Guess thats about it...and i really really really really need to get rid of the spam in my chat box. Extremely annoyin to the max and somehow blogger template seems to look weird and i cant justify my paragraphs dy. Zzzzz...

Till my next post then! Tootles! :D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tadaima! :)

Ima back!!!! :D

Lol..well after a just 4 days of mia'ing nia la...not bad lor ok? I still come in everyday to check and apparently my chatbox has been invaded by dono who o.o... hence ive decided to once again close my blog to open invites only. Sucks, but wat to do...i dont like messy stuff esp from ppl i dont even know =.=

Also, been busy with new work :) and i dont really have my own pc yet coz they're actually closing their year end accs, so shall only get new assets next month. Oh wells, till then lor ;) So not only have i been away from my blog, ive not even fb'ed these few days. Plus home net seems kinda unstable...or maybe its fb coz i seem to have trouble loggin in my games ._. So i just shut down pc and go watch tv :p

Plus the fact that ive been somewhat addicted to BN. I only have one person to blame for that :x LOL! My sleeping hours have been become kinda screwy due to the notifications that come in during my sleep and i battle sometimes half asleep ._. No, im not that addicted, just dont know how to off the bladi notification >_>"

So, how has work been?

Erm,its been ok i suppose. Nice to work actually and the bosses are nice :) so no complaints there lol. Well so far la. But then i guess for them to also give special leave for birthday is a plus point. LOL! I knw right? Its so cute :p

Still in the dumbass mode where u have to learn everything from scratch about how they do things. One good point is, i start work at 9.30 and the office is like less than 10mins away frm home..hehehehe! Extra sleep ish good :p
Anyway, theyve been readying me for when they go off for a trade fair sometime at the end of the month. So yea, not to say not busy but also not overly busy. Get it? Lol..
Thats that, my rather sort update coz ive seemingly fallen into the trap of the iphone. And its constantly by my side for now lolz. My mum said to sis the other day, "She got an iphone, i lost a daughter" H-a-h-a mum...ur so amusing ._.
I promise i shall update more! Problem is, i dont really have my own pc at work :(
I also dont wan ppl say , "No update also" Blehs... u guys know who u are.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Blues? :S


Accidently lost track of time and its already Monday morning x.x and lost my Sunday post....*sobs*

Blames babe for making me once again preoccupied with a new game lolx D: Ok ok, its not entirely your fault that i have certain ocd's which urge me to be better at a game and get myself so immersed in it that i lose all sense of time and space n the people around me ._.

So ima freak, bite me >_>"

Mum was like, u better dont be playin with it at work tomoro ar...she kidding ar? Im not that addicted till cant put down the phone de...sheesh what is she thinking? Goodness i feel so insul-....hmmm, ima abit worried i will be somehow dy *pouts*

Ahhh blablablablabla...I wont! I shall control my urges! D: I just hope Monday goes well and im not left staring wide eyed with nothing to do as we normally would first day on the job...golly, i hope i dont fall asleep! *gulps*

So wish me luck guys at new place tomoro kay! :D

Sunday was basically spent at home...mainly in bed..well not the entire day la, i went out in the early afternoon to gurney to get my guess iphone case :D Didnt think it would be so nice but it was and im happy with it hehe ;)

And then i came home and slacked on ze bed...hey, ive been out for the past 2days lor..need to rest de lor.. D: And didnt have Jp class today coz we're moving on to 2nd level which only starts in another 2weeks lol :) So hell yea, it was well deserved rest okie! :x

So twas' my lazy sunday afternoon, napped, woke up, played bn, watched dvd, napped? :x Wanted to get new dvd's at midlands earlier but sadly not much new shows were on sale ._. sadded.

Oh wells, now for ze piccy's of moi new toy! :D

Ze phone... :D

Ze case... :p

Nice right? nice right? Say nice please? :p I dont care..i say its nice ;) Funny thing is, i didnt expect to get it so soon and so easily.. Mum followed me to the shop and after all the explanation she was like, ok, up to u.. *dont ask me why my mum needs to follow me, its just wat she does and i being the good daughter obliges :x* Anyway, ya, my mum approving it means alot coz that means she wont bug me whenever she sees me using it..Lol..Wat a twisted life i lead ...~

So that was that, my dream phone finally by my side and i can tick off another thing off my wishlist :D *does the happy danceee* :p

Ok la, enuf of happy-ing and time to get to bed~! Happy Monday blues all and have a great week ahead ne! :D

P.s. Sis was asking me why i dont do a collage and put the pics in all together...but that would mean the pics are much smaller and im in a show-off-sy kind of mood..LOL! Bla. Nites!