Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Me is so damn lazy to do anything! Wtf =\

Been in a moodless state on and off, something is definitely wrong somewhere, just cant put my finger on it yet and its annoyin the hell out of me. Wtf wtf wtfasdasdqwdsa ._.

And no, i dont blame it on pms, coz already pass ok? Sheesh, so dam irritable lately. Really wonder what the hell is wrong with me >_>"

Bla. Forget it. Im tired i suppose ._.

On another note, home has been do we say this? Not peaceful? Lol.. Ok la, more like cold war between mum and sis. And u know about what? The dog.

Yup, u heard me right, or rather read me right lol. Patch (ze dog) has gotten abit more agressive lately and we dont really know why. And sis being the one who brought it back and mum who has to babysit him the whole day are at each other's on who's fault that is. Lol *shrugs*

I figure he is spoiled by mum, thats why the 'attitude' problem, though mum says its coz sis plays with him too roughly. I dono la, bigger possibility is he is a spoilt brat lol coz mum gives in too much with him. Sigh. *shrugs again* I guess even Patch has been sensing the coldness in the house and has been rather subdued these few days after the big outburst 2 days back.

Lol. Drama, drama, attitudes ._.

And also im finding that the days are movin extremely fast, till i cant really remember wat i did throughout the day and by the time i realise that, its over and time to sleep o_o; Tmd, will Time slow down abit ar?

Had a lot of stuff to post about ytd, but suddenly not feeling up to it. Dont really feel like talking regardless of how bothered i am with it. Bahs.

Anyway, got my 10th collection in Bn this morning, thanks to babe :D Though i was kinda drowsy and i actually had to sit up straight so that i didnt do silly stuff during attempt lol. Surprisingly got it done quite fast :) So yea, thanks babe ;)

My Ava cute right? LOL! Im such a fashion freak no matter wat game i play, my ava must keep changing looks de. Man, me and my fickleness lol :x

Ok la, gonna go revise abit of JP and back to work i suppose. Though i kinda got nothing much to do coz i finished most of it dy. Hmmm..

Have a great Wednesday guys! Ciaoz!

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