Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tadaima~~ :)

Its officially Sunday and im stil a bery bery happy girl.. why? Coz i wont be having Monday blues this week! Hahaha :D But still, i might running a few errands, JPJ, EPF office, banks, bla bla yadda yadda. Hopefully bosses dont call me up and irritate me hence spoiling my day ._. believe me, i will not be answering their calls, inconsiderate asses >_>!

Maybe i shd take Tues off too ... :p

Anyway, what have i been up to in my absence frm my ever so loved grumpy piece of bread? Well, on Friday, i suddenly had a conviction, or a resolution to get to lvl 61 on audi. LOL! Yes yes, i really dont have much else to do with my life at the moment :p Just little bursts of excitement of finding something i suddenly seem intent on doing. Hence, i found ppl to tag with, which is much faster as compared to me taggin with jz 3accs plus mine.

So far, have levelled 2ce, and am now at 59. Kinda slow though, coz of the lic taking time for both me and the other person - which coincidentally always lvls more than me coz of the lvl. I seriously doubt i will reach 61 by the end of Monday, but id like to be as close as possible to it :(

Well basically Saturday was spent doing mostly that after a hard day at work. Clients to see coz bosses werent ard, orders to make and rushed of my monday leave and to the banks for countless chqs for suppliers =.= Went home and sat in front of both idiot boxes, and eyeing both, one doing 5 moves and the other watching shows. Its old movies weekend, from Jumanji, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lake House, 4 Wedding, a Funeral (loves Hugh Grant in this one - simply yummy :p) to some old cantonese movie and others which i just cant remember anymore ._.

So far, ive tagged with 2players frm lvl 44 to 51 lolz, and one of them even mega'ed thanking me for helping out last nite rofl :x Im not kidding ok? Really! Lol...

So, that was my long but felt like a very short weekend. Thank goodness i still Monday :)

Have a great Monday guys and a better- i hope, week ahead! :D

Friday, May 28, 2010

♥ F I NA L L Y ♥ R O S E M A R Y ♥

Our new rings!! Finally :D Nice right? :p

Passed on the 1st try - 7hearts sync... Pro right?? :x was a nice song to perf la :p
Cancan rox! We rox babe! :D

New rings yay~ :D After 3days of waiting fr doinkhead! ._.

Heh.. nw for the next ring~!! :p

Played awhile after lp and i was seriously blurry at some point. Went to bath and tagged awhile after that but couldnt help but fall asleep on kb ._. I mean i was seriously yawning ok? T_T Lousy me.... *sobs*

Oh ya, after i posted my last post ytd, boss came up to me and told me he was gonna teach how to handle customers. Coz earlier, there was this client who was complaining abt some stuff that HE nvr did. I just nvr say that to his face nia =.= I was on the verge of saying, "oh how? by not answering their phone or by telling them im outstation and too busy to call them back?" Lol.. sarcasm intended to the max. I mean, save it la, u dont the balls to talk to ur client the way u ask us to talk to them man... sheesh. I have totally no respect for this shorty =.= Guess he could see it in my face too when i was uninterested in what he had to 'teach'. Bla.

But, its a holiday tomoro! So im not gonna waste my time being pissed at them. Though i still hv to work on a saturday =.= BUT im taking leave on Monday! Yay! :D Tag die me can? Lol.. though i most prolly wont reach the rank tat i want, bt im gonna try ba :)

Oh wells, expect more late posts frm me till after Monday :p

Ciaoz peeps and have a great weekend! TGIF to those who are working today ! :D

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Thursday all!! :DD the best part of it being Thursday this week is that my TGIF is a holiday!! Omg its a double TGIF... like audi's x2 experience!! :x

This shows ive been taggin way too much..or ive been hangin out with psycho taggers too much *hint hint* :p Please dont kill me whoever u are x.x See im so good not to smexpose chiu~! Lolol :x

Anyway, it shd be time to head home dy, since its already past my bed, eh, i mean work time :S But was thinking to share some of my happiness in being able to leave work and not come in tomoro.. yayness to d max! ^^

My day sucked as usual. Dumb boss really irritating me and its soon reaching my exploding point.. =.= Still waiting for the interview time with the company which called me ytd, hopefully i can get it and i definitely knw the pay is wayyy much better than here:puppyeyes:

Was also prepped for a meeting with a client, coz bosses wont be in town next week and need to write it all down b4 i forget after holiday-ing at home :x My memory isnt what was b4 ;_;

And and gonna settle another cc! Woots, which mean more extra moolah..again! Slurps :D

Oh ya, Jp class was empty last nite, which had its pros and cons. Eh no wait, it meant we got ask qns more frequently ._. And i dono why the sensei keeps asking me dam long qns >_>

Dakkara, soshite, demo, sorekara....ahhhh...shiranai! x.x

Me and sis also left home slightly early to have dinner b4 class and i was actually doing my homework in the coffee shop ._. and i was asking my sis, if the sensei would see us here. Manatau, he really did! He ask a jp qn to my sis asking her if she had dinner already and my sis was abt to say no, when he said, "Dont say no ar, i saw u at the coffee shop just now" LOL. Epic phail.

I wonder if he saw me doing homework though o.o! Shhh..:x

Gosh almost 6, i wanna cabut d, but ppl keep passing me more n more sh..i mean work to do =.= I better cabut before it caves in on me:tsk:

Lataz guys! :)

P/s: 3 days d! Where ish my lp huh? *HINTS*

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When I was younger I saw my daddy cry
And curse at the wind
He broke his own heart
And I watched as he tried to reassemble it

And my momma swore that
She would never let herself forget
And that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love
If it does not exist

But darling,
You, are, the only exception.

Am starting to really love this song :) even with the repetitive chorus :p

On a random note, im craving for.....

World's yummiest cookies....Mallowmares! GIB ME!!

P.s. A rather big company just called me for an interview for project exec.! Very excited, hopefully all goes well :D *fingers crossed*
If only people would listen, as in really listen.

These cpl of days has been one emotional downfall after another. Im seriously fighting a losing battle. Just when i thought i would be better today, mum called to give me shit on how i shd spend my money. Sigh, long story. Summary would be, i have a non existant privacy in my life. I guess im eternally bound by my family on how i shd live my life.

What shall i face when i go home today after a hard's day work? Sullen and disappointed looks.

Anyway, got my ram ytd, its become kinda fast which is cool :) But still unable to open more accs in audi. Oh well, fk my mb ._. I guess i shd resign to fate telling me to never ever tag lol. I will still la, its my only escape frm reality, slower ma slower lo =\

Also found the kb i wanted to get. Should prolly get it next month to avoid mum giving me shit on how i shd spend my hard earned money. And yet i still follow to avoid her nagging at me. Maybe i shd move out ._. She just gave me an earful tis morning after goin through my personal mail and reprimanding me fr fixing pc. Lol? No comments.

I guess she just doesnt trust me to take care of my own finances.

If ur saying parents are always like tat, then why is it does she only opens my mail and not my siblings? *shrugs*

To you:
Of all ppl, i would expect u to understand. If only u could put urself in my shoes and see how i see it. I really dont know wat else to say, coz its all repetitions of what was said b4. We're all busy, i know that, but i try to make time, even for a little while, for what i feel is important to me.

A little bit of sensitivity never killed anyone hun :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just came back from the bank...paying off my final installment for my car loan..Woohoo!! :D but damn why is it so bladi hot outside when the mornings are just simply so heavenly? =.=

But still, am not gonna bother with that, coz im free from one more loan! *dances ard in my head* Freeeee ~~! :X Lol..sorry la, after almost 2 weeks of trying to settle it and always had to postponed coz of fked up work, im just simply estatic :D

Though not much, roughly ard 300bucks a month, but still i can do alot with that ya...*starts thinking of things to get* LOL! :p AND im hoping to get my ram tonite :D


Just came out of a weirdly long project meeting lol. Guess bosses at it again. Too many cooks spoils the broth? Is that the correct phrase? Anyway, yea.. 2 bosses with diff sets of orders = So the missus briefed us on what needed to be done, and what else was pending. Duh, not much also.. still can do still so luan. Sheesh ._.

Today was kinda a lazy day for me. Sure, i had things to do, but i did them reaaally slowly x.x I guess after last weeks chaos, i was kinda lethargic and abit duh-uh abt the whole work thing. Time to unwind :p So instead, i changed the layout of my cafe...AGAIN. Im so wu liao ok? I dono why.. but its fun to see how creative i can be....which most of the times im not ._.

So basically it was a slacking day for me, despite having alot of shyt to do. Think my 'pc' hang le...need.. to...restart... Lol :x I wanna take leave! I wanna! I wanna!! :S

Other than that? Tired lol. With home, with work, with alot of other things. Still trying to stay as positive as i can and shrug problems coming at me with a smile. But sometimes its just too friggin hard and i feel like its breaking me more than anything. Just damn exhausted with life at the moment =\

P.s. Life does not revolve on a single person, regardless of how poets always put it. Life does not give a fuck if ur beaten down and lying flat on your face. FML.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday blues~ D:

Current status: Dying at work from the lack of rest (i blame audi for having the x2 weeks :x) and waiting for the time to go off. Though apparently, there some reports that need to be rushed out to be printed and binded.

Its already 4.30 and still they havent decided how they wanna do it. I think they intend to give me at 5.30 when its time to GO HOME. Cheebong ._.

This has not been a happy Monday at all.

Should i just clock out at 5.30 and give a fk care what they wanna do? Lol =.=

Take me to my Lalaland,
Way up in the sky where i can roam free without a care in the world

Lol.. im being poetic again... need.. sleep x.x

P/s: I woke up this morning thinking it was still the weekends ._. the weather was so nice to sleep in i almost called in sick T_T~

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harpie harpie Sunday all~!! :)

And i just finished getting all the hearts needed for next ring! Woots! :D And honestly, if u think the last 250 hearts needed was a not alot..well.. THINK AGAIN! It is ok? It is it is it is :x Especially when ur all blury from the lack of sleep, unable to press properly and end up using all the 2mins jz to make sure both get 5moves. So, IT IS ALOT! D:

But despite all this, i still did it. So, dont mind the whining and the complaining coz i know i brought it upon myself. I made the decision to go all psycho and tag till i actually finished it. See? Im such a healthy person, to admit when im insane :DD I hearts my OCD's, dont u? :p

So other than being suicidal for the day and for the past cpl of days, what else have i been up to? Friends are flabbergasted by my incoherent and seemingly no link conversations i have with them ._. But u all still lub mi yes? *pouts*

Well, after killin myself ytd till abt 3am, woke up for JP class in the morning, almost died in class coz i couldnt stop yawning and dam sensei kept picking on me to answer qns he threw out to the class =.= I wonder if it was becoz he saw i was slowly drifting in Lalaland :x Blehs..

Came home, had lunch and wanted to start on my suicidal agenda again but lay on bed and went zzzzzzz.. Coma ok! For 2 bladi hours! Sheesh. Lol.....D:

Woke up and started what i intended to do before i fell unconscious on bed >_> and found a cpl who was with me for the last 200hearts lol.. i think they didnt want to leave after getting me to spam 2 accs into exp coz of them, even though they were tired :p I know this coz, they kept asking hw many more games i had LOL! Hey i was even more tired ok? i had to move 2 accs ._.

Had to put on movies and watch so i didnt lose my marbles coz i kept countin how many more to go :x Why do i put myself through this situations? Why?? Hmmmm...for the fun of it i guess :p

Ok la, time to bath, make some coffee and finish the remaining 12% i have left to level :D Lol! That is if i still have energy in my arms ><. And gosh! Tomoro is monday! Sadded...i feel sick suddenly.... :S


Ciaoz and have another great week (even if it sucks :x)!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello peeps on a beautiful rainy Saturday which was simply so enticing this morning to just lie and curl under ur blanket & just stay there till u cant sleep no more~!! In my case, yasumimasen deshita, hattarakimashita. Simpy meaning, i did wake up and went to work. FML =.=

It was a totally sad story coz these kind of Saturdays are simply so rare!! ;sob

Work went into overload today as well, despite the lovely weather i was in fact like a mad woman with multiple tasks to do & everything was needed today. To matters worse, the bosses were in...ON A SATURDAY and ended up finishing work almost 2pm =.=* This was not a happy saturday ok? :(

I stared at the window and looked outside, and sighed to myself. I shd have taken mc ._. I wasnt feeling well ytd lor :(

As predicted Friday was crazy, non stop from the moment i stepped in office (today also same la ._.) till almost 7plus. Suddenly wasnt TGIF so much dy.. dam tiring x.x Hopefully all is done and well and i can take a slight breather next week.

Im sorry if any of my posts seem incoherent, bt ppl who talk to me on msn, will also know ive been very incoherent these past week >_> What with the lack of sleep i get and the madness in the day @___@;; I actually proof read my posts ok, and they even look ok to me, until i read back and see the typos and meaningless one sided convos i have with myself.. im...goin...bonkers.. *gaspsssss*

Oh ya, been joining back exp compy again. Though i kinda suck as compare to the last time when i was ACTUALLY getting better :( Tonite joined compy with ivan and guess wat mode we had fr 1st rd? c9 ._. I missed like nobody's friggin business. Ima confused chica ><.. Oh but i had one saving grace for tt rd which was, i did the solo CFM...LOL! that was kinda cool :p I could have got in de la, but i have no love for c9...really no lub at all! Booos~!

Net been acting up on me as well these few days..maybe asking me to stop taggin lol..i just keep dc'ing and sometimes cant even get connected in which i end up falling asleep waiting it to get connected >_> . Maybe my wireless is screwed..hmmm ._. Time to get that long mentioned the other stuff :x

Oh wells, despite it being such a sucky morning, finally had some rest time in the afternoon and thank goodness the weather was still heavenly :) Watched afew dvd's and tagged my hearts + a cup of coffee in this weather = priceless. Lol..

Time to hit the books and do some revision fr class tomoro :) and to think i cant sleep in on Sunday too T_T..

Have a great Sunday still ba~! Lataz! ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Thursday guys~! And with Thursday coming to and end.. which we all know what that means....Its Fly-Day again~!! :D

Man, time flies like nobody's business leh...and its almost June dy..Hmmmm.. Time to take out ur diaries, phones, notebooks...etc.. in my case, my blog and look back at the past 6months of ok im being overly poetic =.= But hey, it wouldnt kill now would it? ;)

Am currently taggin hearts ALONE (coz i hv a lousy cpl :p) while im writing this. Figured might as well do some other thing than staring my monitor or the idiot box beside my pc lol.. Actually fell asleep halfway though :x and woke up half n hr later... wat la.. tired ok?

Tired tired tired la la la la laaaa~ @_@;

Been slacking in terms of the taggin part coz work has been horridly busy and whats worse it will be as busy tomoro due to some project submission and also havent even had chance to go to the shop to get my ram -.- Boos! I seriously need some time off... really =\

Damn colleague actually had 3days mc tis week all coz his wife is a nurse and can get extra mc's wtf.. kns i also want D:

GAH WTF! I just dc'ed and cant get back in ._. Screw exp channel. And the minute i got all the accs in, family restarts modem >_>! Blahs. Guess ill go lie down again and try later x.x


Change is inevitable.
Regardless of whether we want it or not.
With every path we take, changes are bound to happen be it small or big.
Changes in work, in life, in relationships, sorta the whole body mind and soul thing..
Truth is, i dont deal well with change, nvr did, and i try to hide it as much as i can.
And though i love Disney fairy tales and all those forever n ever stuff,
i find it hard to believe it really exists.
Which leaves me where? Nowhere lol ._.

Guess all i can is to live each day as it comes, even the bad ones.

P/s: People come n go, but its the ones that stay which are the ones that count.
Would u miss me if i wasnt a part of ur life anymore? :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Wednesday yo~! :D

Just came back from cleaning client's house drain earlier =.= drain.. pls dont ask coz im not in the mood to talk about it. Summary, im doing it so i dont hear anymore shit from the client or my fuggin boss anymore. Sheesh FML really ._.

And my HSBC card replacement came today. Lol..yes, i really lost my card. Not stolen, just..cant remember where i left it -.- I distinctly remember looking at it the week before, and putting it back in my purse but apparently its not there anymore? I called the centre to check if there were any transactions but none. So confirmed, i lost it >_> Then tried looking fr 2 days, tot mum took, bt ask sis to peek in her purse..none. AKSJIDOJWSFIJSFJSFSDFL:SKD!

I have no idea why these things happen to me. And im sure it will suddenly turn up in the most inconvenient times. FML...again. =\

I realised, its been more than 2 weeks since i last spoke to mum and bro lol. Somehow, i dont know what to say anymore to them. And i feel apprehensive in starting in any convo whatsoever with them since my last one attempt with them wasnt so... fun?

Oh wells, time will tell.. Was actually thinking of taking leave next week now that its been a yr of me working here! Ya...its been a long longg loooong year lol.. Hence was thinking of taking my entitled annual leave rofl. But then had 2nd thoughts coz, being at home is not necessarily a good thing =.= Sighs.

Havent had time to revise Jp notes these few days and im havin class again tonite..great x.x And homework is like halfway done >_<.. Oh someone please help me lol :x

Been awfully busy again with work till i cant really blog coz i tend to stare at the dam window for the longest time and cant remember what i did throughout the day =.= AND the fact that today, audi has suddenly decided to give us a surprise... x2 exp for 2 fuggin weeks. Wth. There goes my 'freedom'... again. Hmmm...

Haiya tired la T_T... Fk work =\

Lataz peeps!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hello Tuesday.. :) When is ur friend Friday coming over huh? Lol.. :x

Anyway, just wanted to post this....

Happy 3rd Anniversary Babe~!!!

Cant believe im still with you :x LOL! Joking la.. :p
See im so nice to you right? :D
Anyway, its been an eventful 3yrs.
Alot of ups and downs and round n rounds but i guess,
Im still happy and nvr regretted one day of it (hmmmmm..i think :p)
Lets stay happy always ok? ;lub

Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank god Monday is over! D:

It has been no doubt by far the worst Monday ever. Just when u think things are getting better it just bring u down again. My gosh, its like one shit after another =.= Fugfugfugfug! How blue can a Monday get i ask u? ._.

And my colleague took 2days mc to escape all this and i have to fuggin face it alone when i wasnt entirely my fault. My only wrong was, i nvr called bosses to reconfirm. But after a whole day of running ard like mad, i didnt give it much thought. Clever me >_>

Remember the house we already finished and handed over last Saturday? Well apparently, on Friday, me and colleague went to take back our stuff frm the hse and some of the materials like paint (almost empty according to colleague) we left it outside for the garbage collector to take away. I even asked colleague to put in black bags coz afraid the collectors wont take if left loose like tat.

And turns out, there were ppl went rummaging through the garbage and took the metal paint cans to sell and poured out whatever was remaining in the drains. And some of the rubbish actually fell on to the neighbours 'area'. So there were complaints bla bla, and who gets it all? According to him, the client says, only our company boss is reliable and the staff arent. Wtf? (maybe i shd tell him how the client complained that he (boss) nvr answered her calls?-.-) Efficient my ass. If he was so efficient, the project wouldnt have been left idle fr 2mths then last min ask me do this n that. Wtfffffffffff! Annoyed.

So i really kena buta one la. The last person to handle it always gets it ._. even if shit was done way earlier. Sigh. U shd see the look on the fker boss' face when he tried to accuse, no, literally was accusing me of not being responsible. Mcb.

Oh well, fk bosses. Esp ones like him ._. I shd take babe's suggestion and put superglue in his car key hole. Lol...ass >_>"

At the end of the day, i went and collected the so called rubbish frm the front to throw elsewhere (yea, ive become the garbage collector also) and i didnt even see the amt of damage that they were flustering about. Over-exagerate to the friggin max. FML.

Anyway, went home and cleared my thoughts, and felt slightly better. Thanks babe for cheering me up :) I guess asses, erm, i mean bosses will be bosses? Wat to do. Hope i find a new job soon eh ?

Slept abit and woke up with thought of clearing my desktop. Lol.. Ive been meaning to do it, but jz too lazy.. Currently using this as my wallpaper..

Hot eh? Lol.. Looking for somthing simpler though. And my goodness does anyone know how to hide all my hideously big icons? If i change the reso, the whole screen just looks weird. Maybe coz its wide? I dono la. Help pls! Or even better, hide it all... i dont like clutter on my desktop..

Anyway, tagged hearts abit, played abit with babe and was trying to make another 200 bt abit of an epic phail x.x Current hearts left - 1300+ ? Jyjy me ...~

Time for a widdle sleep and back to hell, eh, i mean work tomoro...Why no hols one? =.= *go checks calendar* Lol..:x:ayokona:

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Bah, im being an overly drama queen, but hey, its how really really feel inside... lol :x So, how did i spend my Sunday? Hmm.. a mixture of emotions i guess.. Started with sleepy (JP class), blur (in JP class), delighted (finish class :x), satisfied (lunch), pissed (at a doink) and then it was unconcious-ness (sleep sleep sleep x.x).. oh wells, all in a days work, though i would have rather not have the pissed off part, bt U dont really care do u? =.=

Still sweltering hot as usual -melts into oblivion- coz even sleep wasnt really sound sleep and it felt like i was beached, dried and dehydrated -.- kns, what is happening to the weather?? T.T

Anyhoots, i havent tagged hearts yet today, and dont feel like it >_> bahs. Decided to go in audi and whack my poor but soon to be replaced kb - as soon as i actually get to the shop- shhhh.. will do it soon since im sorta, ok-ly freer now :p Whack whack whacked alone till ivan came in and whacked somemore. I was actually imagining i was whacking someone else =.= *whacks*

Oh ya! Joined compy 1st i wasnt really up to it, since i havent joined like almost xN months now after my pc came back with new mb, somehow it didnt feel quite as good to play with le. * blames current gfx card* Sooo joined just fr the heck of it. Died after the 1st rd though LOL. Kns. Couldnt friggin chain for some reason and though i was in the 1st 3, i missed the bladi fm and ended up 4th place abt 10k behind the 3rd place player. WTFASKNMIRFWKLSFFAKLF! ._.*

NVM! This has sparked my audi fire and i shall prevail once more! :x

Tried out the 9k bp after compy , and boy do i suck big time in this mode. I wonder why i get so confused now when i see the 5 =.= I used to not be as confused de leh :tsk: ... another task for me to prevail in.. Lolol :x

Well, i guess thats about it. Moi colorful sunday will soon be turnin into moi colorful monday.. I think i managed to stay cheery about it..most of the time :)

Taking a step back into suddenly loving retro-fic colors + pics + anything lol...
Loud contrasts & always making a statement.. in a way i guess i wanna be heard too :)

P.s. To be angry would mean i actually would have to care enuf to. Ur actions of not caring what i think is staring right back at me, on ur FB page. So shd i still care to be angry?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello fellow earthlings on a hot hot extremely hot Saturday....~

When i say hot, i mean hooottt ok! Really really really really hot! I think you know what i mean right? ._.

Anyway, just woke up from a little nap after tagging hearts the whole afternoon since i reached home. Had calamari help me and we did cpl mode which meant, 1extra heart lol .. My target was 300 but actually wanted to do more coz i wanted to get new rings by Tuesday. But tat would mean i would have to do 600 >_> Not impossible, but hmmm..

Work was irrelevant today, not much stuff since we're already handing over the place today. But the bosses did call me, didnt answer...coz i had headphones on :p But then they sms'ed =.= Sheesh these ppl.. wont they ever learn to leave ppl alone? Or at least call when im ACTUALLY working? I guess that would be TOO much to ask for >_>

And yes, i didnt get my ram yet zzzz and my kb zzzzzzz, and need to prove that i will actually get it done :x But i finally found my receipt to claim a new one on the gfx card i bought late last yea, hopefully ill be getting my better card soon :D

Ok, time to get my Jp homework done and memorise some stuff for class tomoro. Sensei is kinda behind schedule coz classes are to finish soon, for elementary lvl i mean. And there's still alot of chapters to cover lol.. x.x

Till tomoro peeps! ;) and have a wonderful Sunday !

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy TGIF!!! Omg i cant be more happier *does the happy dance*~!:devilishgrin:

After a whole week of rushing ard like a mad woman, i couldnt be more thankful that its the weekends dy~!!! ♥

AND thank god the handover is tomoro! I dont have to drive to that place again! Finally after 10months, which is actually quite crazy for the amount of work done to the place, its out of our hands! My hands! Lol..sorry la..cant help but be estatic :D

Today though was a horribly tiring day. Imagine i had to turn into a cleaning lady and wash the place and there. With the junk left behind by the workers, sawdusts, wiring bits here and there and soil all over the dam place. Almost killed me while cleaning, not the mention the darn place, even with the fan and all the windows open, still feel like a bladi sauna x.x

Came back to office, body aching to the max BUT i rewarded myself........WITH SUBWAY! Yummy!! Chicken teriyaki _♥~ Though i didnt have much time to actually enjoy it...slowly.. lol

Rushed out a couple more things and it was back to the site to bring back all our stuff i.e paints, ladder, bla bla bla...throw out the rubbish and sweat like no one's business again ._. quickly finish it all off, this time dragged colleague with me, even tat took us abt 2hrs =.= and went back office, clocked out and rushed bath! Dam bth itchy x.x

So that was that extremely busy and tiring friday..butbutbut, im extremely happy that its finally over and done with and i came out alive! yay me! :x Im so gonna enjoy my weekend, even if its short :)

Time to rest my shagged body + deaded brain and i just finished tagging hearts...though i didnt manage to do the last 3 b4 it resetted =.= Blahs.

Have a great weekend peeps! Ciaoz~!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday is almost ending..!! That can only mean one thing....TGIF!! :D

My goodness..everytime i say TGIF, i think of just goin over to QB and satisfy at least one of my many cravings x.x.. Manhattan....TGIF.....Subway..... i needa drag my sis with me, abo so not fun indulging by myself :( Who wants to join me!!

Anyway, work has been hectic and crazy since i was ask to take over the final processes b4 handing over. Which means a lot of shitty work needs to be done, things which have been so conveniently delayed till last min. Sheesh. My bosses are living up to the contractors image of dilly dallying -.-

Havent been playing much of anything on FB, actually dont get to go on much at work. At home, im too busy tagging fr the cpl points b4 12am (yea, like cinderella) coz thats when it resets. So have been playing tis Nightclub City instead, coz u can just leave it on on the bg and well the only reason im playin is coz of the number of ppl i saw playin lol..

Thats Britney Smears, Puff Baddy, Catharine Hata Jones etc etc .. lmao! And yes, thats catherine, getting so drunk she's abt to puke in my club =.=

Its basically reno reno ur own club, refill ur drinks and make sure ur club stays popular. It will get mundane soon coz there's nothing much else to do with it. And i dont really like games which require me to look after it constantly (music set finishing, drinks running out etc etc) And yes, im the club's dj haha :p Oh well, will play till i get all the things i want haha :D

And i found what kb's i wanna get! if i can find them here D: Thanks to my calamari

Shd i get tis Powerlogics Zen 2000? Or...Logitechs Illuminated kb.. Pricier.. but it glows in the dark ok! Wtfiak!!

Flat kb ftw! ♥ I just hope i can find them here..><. Hoping to go to pc depot these 2 days to see :) Weekends quickly comeeee *chants chants chants* :tsk:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a black black Wednesday ... plus im so freakin tired..sigh :(

It really wasnt my day today, despite me running ard to hardware shops getting stuff for workers, back and forth to office and site countless times just to make sure all was moving smoothly. In the end, what i got was uncalled for accusations =.=

1st one was frm boss' wife, which said i nvr checked to make sure if goods were delivered in correct qtys. Said the workers there less delivered. Wtf. Im not even suppose to be taking care of the other site, come and say me. Sigh. Then in the end, colleague told me workers count wrong, and i tell her, she turn ard and say, " i knew they sure count wrong" Fug? 0.0

2nd one was frm shorty boss, and he told me he was annoyed i said i had to go back early. Like wtf again? Say must have responsibility since workers stil at site, must arrange to lock up after they done. AS IF I NVR THOUGHT OF IT! Then i told him i did, and plan to get colleague to lock then only he says, oh if got then im happy to hear that.

Cb. Now im not happy. And i already super late for jp class. Fkers.

One similarity between the 2 of them, both wont let ppl explain why. So when shorty said no need explanation, i didnt care dy and told him, "i think i need to explain" and shoot the fker back. He's to talk, no time management at all, and always wanna shit then ask us dig hole for him. Ma de! I dig and kick him in the bladi hole ar. Spoiled my mood.

But then i guess, bosses will always be asses. Have to take it with not a spoonful of sugar, bt abt a gallon of those bad boys then only can lol. Sigh, my fml situations.:ayokona:

Anyway, skipped Jp class, too tired le and body aching as hell x.x So just had tortilla for dinner and fell asleep.. and thats that. A day in my screwed up life. Blah.

Though, i did feel better after that...until tomoro screws me up again. Round n round n round n round till it becomes a square =.= Sorry, am not making much sense dy.

Home? Still cold war and im jz too stressed out to bother. AND i couldnt find one of my credit cards ytd, suspect my mum took it back to keep and nvr told me =.= or did i misplace it? I really doubt it since i rarely take it out of my purse. But im still not sure so what can i do about it?
1. Try to take a peek in mum's purse when she's not looking.
2. Report it as lost card.

Lol. Isnt my life colorful? ._.

And i still have a cpl of things pending to do, which i havent time to do at all, coz i end up leaving office too late.

1. Get my 2gb ram + network cable + my under warranty gfx card frm shop and they close at 7pm.

2. Make my final settlement for car loan and woohooo ima free girl! :D Unfortunately bank closes at 4 =.=

When will i actually get to do them? I dono also >_>

Till then, nites!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have u ever heard the term, "Busy till pants also wanna drop" ? Note: a direct translation from Hokkein lol... No? Then maybe its my own terminology coz it was literally like tat the whole day today =.=

Was woken up by a subcon who wanted to go to the project site at 9plus. Rushed to get dressed, the running here n there, blablabla and forgot to wear my belt ._. Hence, for the entire day, i ran ard like a headless chicken with constantly dropping pants. Lol. And no, its not really funny, not to me that is >_>

Like ytd, brain completely dead by the time i reached home. Made some ramen for dinner :3 and rested. When i say rest, means , i tagged in audi. LOL :x Oh shuush...

Though i had a revelation ytd (thanks to my fried chilli sotong >_>). At the rate im tagging hearts, i might up with the ugly ring b4 the max pearl rings for a looong loong time ._.

Reason? Coz the exp needed from tat ring to max is abt 45k of hearts. FML. the order of getting them.. hmm

Now im torn.. bahs.

Why am i bloggin abt audi rings? I have no bladi idea.. maybe coz the thought came to me ytd and i was like "wtfiak! I mean i love that blue is just...fugly T_T" and also becoz, im currently dead tired and considering skippin class x.x

Sheesh, im really exhausted. I need some reward ...for all my hard work :x

Blehs~ Lataz guys~!
"Its sad when a home becomes only a house to come back to.."

That's the feeling im getting everytime i come home nowadays. Its kinda depressing. Nothing said is ever right and only misinterpreted every single time hence ive resorted to not talking at all at home. Sad right? What a rut my family is in.

I dono why this time, its so prolonged. Im like upset one day and forget all about it the next. But the rest of the family cant seem to do that as easily. When will they learn to forgive and let it go over some minor disagreements? Sometimes i dont even know what happens throughout the day and come home to a sulking family. Sigh. Im really tired enuf at work ler :(

Oh wells, as expected my Monday was one crazy thing-of-a-bob day at work, back and forth to site for like xN times a day x.x Now that colleague is taking care of new project in Bworth, ill have to look after tis one which is like due fr handover this week! Wtfiak right? After delaying for so long, now they wanna rush things out =.= If its not that, its sourcing for material for new sites.Tiring ttm @_@;

Funny part is, the friggin day seems longer regardless of the business! kns tmd x.x

Sorry if my posts lately will seem kinda shorter than usual coz my brain seems to be deader than normally and this post itself took me about 2days to finish lol x.x

Plus the fact of my situation at home has made kinda not in the mood to say much :(

Im praying that the handover will be over and done soon, b4 the other projects kick in. And the dumb part is, these projects are seriously small ones k? Abt 100k plus budget works? And yet the bosses treat it like it was half a mil =.= Anyways, with the way their driving me here n there with their indecisive conclusions, i might as well be handling a project with tat amount ._.

Oh whatever >_>" C'est la vie oui? Blahs..


Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday everyone~!!! :D

As if there's anything to be happy about on the 1st day of the week, but hey, we can lie to ourselves right? :p

Had weird dreams again last nite, maybe coz i actually fell asleep b4 2am lol x.x and it sorta of an "Alice in Wonderland" kind of dream, except it was with ppl i knew o.o; And even weirder part was, i woke up, looked at the clock, and saw 7.40am and thought to myself, 'Yay, still can sleep abit more' and fell back to sleep. Woke up again and looked at the clock. Guess what? Still 7.40 and me saying the same thing to myself AGAIN! Freaky or not? *cues music frm the Twilight Zone*

I figure, the pressure of working on a Monday has really gotten to me..LOL! :x

Busy as predicted and decided to take a breather and blog about this weird Monday morning b4 i forget all about it :D

Currently reading low yat forums on external hdd's..well here n there when bosses arent looking :p Still looking for reviews though hmm..

WD External HDD's looks cool dont they? Still trying to read up on the performance though..
or maybe i shd just stick to a safer bet, like Samsung? Hmmmm...

Reason why i need this is coz, with the xN times ive actually reformated my pc and lost xN of stuff on my pc coz of this is really reaaally gettin on my nerves. And with my measly 4GB pendrive, which is getting fuller by the day, i might as well invest on something more long term. Lol.. *excuses to spend money* :p

Anyway, shall read up more when i have some time later ;)

Have a 'wonderful' Monday peepos~! and ill shall try to survive mine (&^@#%^&*($!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

To Mum and all the mothers out there...

Happy Mother's Day~! ♥ :)

Thank you mum, for the sacrifice, the giving, the love and care that u've showered us and the hard work of raising us all by urself. Im truly grateful to have u as my mother and nothing in the world will ever change that. Even though we have our differences in views and ideas on how to live life, i knw u only want the best for me.

Though, this year, Mother's day at our home is not as happy :) Shall not talk much about it, coz all it does is just saddens me. Regardless of what how we try, somethings will never be right. Its bad enuf to have a tiring day at work but to come back to an unhappy home is even worse. Sighs. Im really at my wits end.

Its times like tis i really feel like moving out. Maybe this way, we will appreciate each other more? I dont know..

Day was spent at home, waking up at almost 1pm (yay for no Jp class lol..) and spent the afternoon watching animes and well other stuff... stuff we had planned to do together, but nvr did.. oh wells..

So here i am, thinking of going bed and its only 11 lol..what else can i do in a house that is not talking much? *shrugs* Even audi'ing doesn't make me happy =\

And yes, to you.

Ive decided to get the pet myself. U might think im unreasonable and making a fuss or maybe uve been waiting fr me to say this for awhile now but im done asking you for it. For real. There will always been a reason why it was nvr done, busy with work, busy with something, etc etc. Its been more than a month since i brought it up and well, i guess i shd take a hint that u nvr intended to do it in the 1st place. How naive could i have been? Maybe becoz it was nvr a big deal when i gt it. Different views eh? :)

So overall, what was suppose to be a good sunday, turned out not so good. Well maybe i shd be thankful that i still am alive? Not being sarcastic, im being realistic. I think i shd take my head out of the clouds and be more of a realist?

Thats that, my 'beautiful sunday' and goin into a Monday blues mood. =\ Im gonna be horribly busy tomoro..that much i can predict ><. I feel tired already @___@; On a random note;
Dont cha' think this dam fuggin cool kb? Razor's tarantula ><. Friggin exp too wtfiak >_>" Dam it, can i have one?? shall i go steal my office ram tomoro? Hmmmm :x


Another new week, and its already middle of May. Maybe this week will be better? I still hope ya? Everyday :)

Have a wonderful ahead guys~! Despite the Monday blues :p

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What a hot hot hot Saturday ~!! Even when its raining.. ><. Bery uncool.

But despite it being such a warm day, im still happy coz....i dont have to wake up at 9am tomoro! Wooots! No Jp benkyou!! Yaya...i know i shdnt be so happy abt it, but waking up early on a saturday is sad enuf, but not sunday too... So its kinda cool when we dont have it once a while ;)

Was thinking of what i shd do tomoro and suddenly got me thinking of the things i plan to get for :x

1. I need a 2GB Ram. I dont care, i just need it. So i needa go check how much does it cost right now. The last time i asked it was under RM100, now its more ><. Sheesh, shd have gotten it during pc fair, which was a cpl of weeks ago ._.

2. I need to get a network cable, coz my wireless sucks =.= 'nuf said. Hence i needa measure how long to my modem. Hmmm...

3. I need to find my gfx card receipt so i can claim fr the spoilt one. Which was actually far better than the one im using now...or maybe its psychology... Hmmmms again..

4. I need a new Kb. Lol... my current one is noisy as hell and not nice to use :x I dont care! I wan! ><.

Thats about it. Well actually not really...ive been fantasizing about what i can do with my pc.. LOL! Ok tat sounds wrong, though kinda sad, but still very wrong =.=So will i get it done? Or end up sleeping the day away? *i actually fell asleep typing this entry* :x

I will Ive been seeing ppl with too cool pc's one too many times =.= AND OH! I also need an external HD LOL! :S Any recommendations?

Ok i better stop here b4 my dam list gets any longer x.x Have a great Sunday guys~! :)
Its the weekends!! And im finally homeeeeeee ♥ Tadaima~! ♥

And and and its gonna rain!! Omgomgomg...*runs into bed and cuddles up* :D

I dont think ill ever get used to working on Sats since i last worked in KL. But then, it makes me appreciate the weekends more :p Gosh...sleeepieeee x.x

Work was uber busy in the morning. Had to go off to site and open doors for ppl to fix staircase and stood there and waited fr them to finish. Actually only intended to open and go back office, bt had to check lighting points so did that. Bosses suddenly came ard and so stood ard abit more. By the time they left, the guy was almost done. So yea, stood a little more and waited fr him.

But that house is dam fuggin hot ok? Its virtually like a sauna. I just stood for 10mins and was sweating like nobody's business ><. Had sawdust in my hair and all over me la. Went back office, enjoyed the aircon with alittle bit of audi and left for home :D

So here i am, all clean, just had lunch and yawning :x hahaha :D But tot of tagging cpl hearts..hmmm nvm, later ba :) Where is my babe? Play awhile then bu jian le.... *cry*

Ok la, i sense brain force shutting down soon. Bed! Bed!! Lataz guys! ♥

Friday, May 7, 2010


U know what im really craving now? Omg i have so many cravings but nvr fulfill even one of them =.= ... i went to Queensbay ytd to bank a chq and on the way passed by this ...

Finally its open! After like xN months since they put up and wall advert.. lol. But yea, im serioussslyy craving for Subways sandwiches now...with everything omfg! :hilo: And the best part is, its healthy food! Can u friggin believe it?? Lololol! Kns..thats a bonus point :p Ahhhh i wan i wan :x

Today is has been one adventure after another. Since i came in for work at 9, ive been going in and out of office for only god knows how many times. Whole body was aching before it even was half the day @_@; And the heat, omg the wonderful heat wave just made it all so much more 'fun-er'.

Had sort of a debate the boss on the phone, basically coz he was an idiot who didnt und wat i was trying to tell him. Guess he tot i was trying to accuse him or dono wat la, coz he became kinda defensive. Took me abt 5mins to tell him what i was actually trying to explain and still i dont think he gets it ._." Bah, dumbo.

Just took a bath coz i was really falling asleep while tagging fr the cpl bonus hearts thingy. And i did all today :D half dead doing it, but i did! :D lol... was trying to play with ray n ven but eyes really half closed and mind kept wandering to bed. My God its a hot day! &(*()*)(#@^%!@)#!!

Though now i feel kinda refreshed...hmmmm..

And i havent joined compy for the longest timee.. and i was actually getting better with my playin..totally random i know, jz so happen to cross my mind :x

I think i need coffee.. :p

Oh wells, its the weekends dy! Have fun, sleep more, do whatever u want! Go crazy! ;)


At some point, something isnt quite right,
I cant put my finger on it, but its there, that tugging feeling inside me,
And ive given up promises that will nvr be fulfilled :)

Just because i smile, doesnt mean im ok.
Its just me, trying to get through another day, without expectations.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ah it is the day before the much awaited day of ze week~

Yes yes, its finally Thursday again..hw time flies when ur having so much fun... =.=*

Well on the bright side, work has been incredibly busy these past cpl of days due to confirmations frm a few clients and work starting as soon as possible. I guess after almost 3months of much ado about nothing at work, this is a erm...fresh change at work? Lol... :p Oh wells, ill get used to it, as long as i get to bitch about it here ;)

Anyway, i still wont ever get used my bosses doing things at the very last minute. I dont know why , but they just can friggin help it. Might as well i start work at 5.30 since they like doing things so late ._."

But still left work early coz of JP class and caught up with babe after like soooo long D: Played a few rounds with him and went off for class :)

Class was cool as usual, still need to talk more at home with sis so tat my convos are more smooth. I mean in my head its there but it doesnt quite come out as right >_>

Gt home and caught ivan online in audi and he actually asked me to FB with some fam =.= In the end, after alot of persuasion i finally gave in ba.. and the truth is, i dont think ive ever fb'ed before? Lolz.. It was hmmm... enlightening? And the fact was, we were actually bullying ><.

Lol.... it was its own special way.. :x

Played alittle bit more and went off to rest awhile.. came back and played more with jx and cang till my fingers got so numb i didnt even know if i pressed the keys or not. But i guess the missing and not moving much shd have clued me eh? :S

And! Im annoyed that i wasted the cpl bonus points today :X Shall try to use it all up when i can since i DONT get to play with babe as much. Bery uncool u!

Anyway, i predict a very busy few weeks for me..i think.. but ill still continue posting..just it might be a little late to come out :x Hehe.. i knw u guys love me de...right?.

Hello? Anyone out there? D:

Lol, have a wonderful Thursday and the weekends are almost here! Yay~! ;)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happppyyyyy Tuuuuusssdayyyyyy~~~ :D

Its been a freakish-ly busy day x.x thank goodness its at the end dy..yay me~ ;) But then, i remember part of the afternoon was me trying to get audi to work *&^$#@#@%&*!! And it did in the end...coz apprently it wasnt coz of the 2 times i reinstalled it that made it work, it would have worked sooner or later IF only i had patiently waited for it to start :X LOL! Bleh...

Anyyyywayysss...nothing much but extreme busy-ness of running ard like a headless chicken (yes, pun intended coz thats hw my bosses likes me to be ._. ) But am happy coz its Pay Day!! Hehe :p Though abit nt happy coz i lost my mc for last month and had to cut 1 day pay tmd tmd =.="

Went home, and patched audi (thanking my lucky stars that it did work..) and played the new songs.. my goodness, love SNSD's Run Devil Run! Cool cool song, even cooler vid :D Girl power ftw!

Got hungry after awhile and since mum in the 'im not talking to you' moods, so i decided to tham her by goin out to get dinner...the famous western food at Perak road they love so much :) Im such a nice person right? And i guess, by me actually offering to go out and buy enuf to gan dong them dy..lolol :X

Trained by myself awhile after dinner and fell asleep x.x i dono why , even after sleeping for 3 days im still so friggin sleepy ok?

Anyway here come the totally FML scenario.

We just changed to new modem and this time had it separated by getting a router as well. And they were complaining abt hw laggy it was previously and blaming me for the lag (audi =.=) Not because there were 4ppl using the net at the same time, or the fact that sis n mum uses it to watch online dramas n youtube..nooooo.. of coz that not the reason. And me trying to convince them otherwise will only be shrugged off. I mean wtheck even me watching online animes (which are only abt 20mins long per epi) lags them. Wat a load of crap.

But then did i say anything in protest? Nop. Why bother? ._.

So last nite, i suddenly felt lag like omgwtfbbqchicken, and kept dc'ing frm audi. Mind u, this was already 1plus am ok? Rechecked and found out sis was on multiple windows of youtube, and mum was busy streaming away. So im the ONLY cause of the lag? Lol. FML.

Even missed out on an lp, but did i say anything to them? Nop, just shut down and went to bed. Though it was a damn hot nite, i did not need another cold war >_>"

Guess my point is, im fine with everyone sharing, but dont only blame me for the slow connection. I dont think i have a signboard on my head which says " Blame me for everything u want" . Sheesh. Pissed off.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello Monday~ :) and yes i skipped work today.

And i kinda regret doing it. Should have just gone to work =.=

Unless i 1) moved out and have my own place 2) really am deadly sick 3) lost my mind.

It will just ended up in cold wars and silent treatments. And its just damn annoying trying to please everyone and ended up all u ever did was pissed everyone off ( even myself) Ive giving up on doing the pleasing thing, coz its just a damn pain in the behind ._.

Summary is - i ended up doing things which was a total waste of time. If only they can trust when i say i will do it. Sigh...lazy to explain.

So what should i do now? Sleep la.. since everyone in a bad mood ._.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Holaaa fellow earth bound peeps~~!! :)

Its been a lazy cpl of days for me :) To the extent that this particular post has been having the same sentence since i saved it a few days ago lol.. So what have i been up to this hols?

Hmm..nothing much? Other than the fact that ive been getting my much anticipated rest time that was so cruelly sacrificed during Audi's x2 week :p Not that im complaining or anything, coz i dont regret any of it haha :D

Was also extremely lazy to actually just sit down and type anything like i normally do. I actually stayed away from the pc alot this weekend leh. So not me ;)

Saturday was spent, like i said in bed most of the time. Had to babysit dog at home and well was sleeping and waking up most of the times till about 8-ish. Then later at nite went into audi, and jio-ed Jx to whack abit of 8k on the kb. Seriously, most of the time i was just mindlessly staring at the bladi pc and swearing =.= Snow some more la, snow all i see is snow.. can build snowman le >_>

Sunday had Jp class in the morning. Forgot to memorise some stuff and did it on the way to class lolol..heng brain did not hang on a sunday morning :X Went home, had lunch and well, slept again? Omg la, seriously sleep fest ok? Once again, on n off whacking of 8k's in audi and its getting..erm...a little better? I think? D:

Oh ya, and had my long overdue haircut! Yay :D And straightening too :p Seriously impatient when it comes to doing it but its either sitting through that ordeal and have nice looking hair for at least 4mths or waking up every morning and looking at my pathetic excuse of a head =.=

So yeaps, that was my lovely weekend, come and gone and i plan to take Monday off too lolol..just really not in the mood to work just yet. Hopefully i dont regret it though ._.

Ciaozz~! ♥

P.s. Oh ya, forgot abt the thing i didnt really wanna talk abt a few days back. Hmm..i guess all i have to say is, i know now is that u prolly nvr intended to get me what ive been asking these past cpl of weeks. Though i dont think it was wrong for me to ask u to get it for me, coz i would have the done it without much thought for you. At 1st, i really wanted it, nt coz i couldnt get it myself but coz it would hv been nice if u did. I dont know. All i knw is, i wont ask it from u anymore, coz i hv my own pride and to keep on asking for it just depresses me.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I woke up at 1pm today.

Had lunch, watched some tv, fed the dog and family just went out.

Put on a dvd, switched on the air-con (though its gonna rain), made coffee and jumped into bed.

Gonna watch some shows and prolly fall asleep in the process :)

Man, i love my Saturday! ♥_ ♥~

P/s: shall update my earlier posts when i wake :p ;mua