Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Its sad when a home becomes only a house to come back to.."

That's the feeling im getting everytime i come home nowadays. Its kinda depressing. Nothing said is ever right and only misinterpreted every single time hence ive resorted to not talking at all at home. Sad right? What a rut my family is in.

I dono why this time, its so prolonged. Im like upset one day and forget all about it the next. But the rest of the family cant seem to do that as easily. When will they learn to forgive and let it go over some minor disagreements? Sometimes i dont even know what happens throughout the day and come home to a sulking family. Sigh. Im really tired enuf at work ler :(

Oh wells, as expected my Monday was one crazy thing-of-a-bob day at work, back and forth to site for like xN times a day x.x Now that colleague is taking care of new project in Bworth, ill have to look after tis one which is like due fr handover this week! Wtfiak right? After delaying for so long, now they wanna rush things out =.= If its not that, its sourcing for material for new sites.Tiring ttm @_@;

Funny part is, the friggin day seems longer regardless of the business! kns tmd x.x

Sorry if my posts lately will seem kinda shorter than usual coz my brain seems to be deader than normally and this post itself took me about 2days to finish lol x.x

Plus the fact of my situation at home has made kinda not in the mood to say much :(

Im praying that the handover will be over and done soon, b4 the other projects kick in. And the dumb part is, these projects are seriously small ones k? Abt 100k plus budget works? And yet the bosses treat it like it was half a mil =.= Anyways, with the way their driving me here n there with their indecisive conclusions, i might as well be handling a project with tat amount ._.

Oh whatever >_>" C'est la vie oui? Blahs..


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