Friday, May 7, 2010


U know what im really craving now? Omg i have so many cravings but nvr fulfill even one of them =.= ... i went to Queensbay ytd to bank a chq and on the way passed by this ...

Finally its open! After like xN months since they put up and wall advert.. lol. But yea, im serioussslyy craving for Subways sandwiches now...with everything omfg! :hilo: And the best part is, its healthy food! Can u friggin believe it?? Lololol! Kns..thats a bonus point :p Ahhhh i wan i wan :x

Today is has been one adventure after another. Since i came in for work at 9, ive been going in and out of office for only god knows how many times. Whole body was aching before it even was half the day @_@; And the heat, omg the wonderful heat wave just made it all so much more 'fun-er'.

Had sort of a debate the boss on the phone, basically coz he was an idiot who didnt und wat i was trying to tell him. Guess he tot i was trying to accuse him or dono wat la, coz he became kinda defensive. Took me abt 5mins to tell him what i was actually trying to explain and still i dont think he gets it ._." Bah, dumbo.

Just took a bath coz i was really falling asleep while tagging fr the cpl bonus hearts thingy. And i did all today :D half dead doing it, but i did! :D lol... was trying to play with ray n ven but eyes really half closed and mind kept wandering to bed. My God its a hot day! &(*()*)(#@^%!@)#!!

Though now i feel kinda refreshed...hmmmm..

And i havent joined compy for the longest timee.. and i was actually getting better with my playin..totally random i know, jz so happen to cross my mind :x

I think i need coffee.. :p

Oh wells, its the weekends dy! Have fun, sleep more, do whatever u want! Go crazy! ;)


At some point, something isnt quite right,
I cant put my finger on it, but its there, that tugging feeling inside me,
And ive given up promises that will nvr be fulfilled :)

Just because i smile, doesnt mean im ok.
Its just me, trying to get through another day, without expectations.

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