Friday, May 28, 2010

♥ F I NA L L Y ♥ R O S E M A R Y ♥

Our new rings!! Finally :D Nice right? :p

Passed on the 1st try - 7hearts sync... Pro right?? :x was a nice song to perf la :p
Cancan rox! We rox babe! :D

New rings yay~ :D After 3days of waiting fr doinkhead! ._.

Heh.. nw for the next ring~!! :p

Played awhile after lp and i was seriously blurry at some point. Went to bath and tagged awhile after that but couldnt help but fall asleep on kb ._. I mean i was seriously yawning ok? T_T Lousy me.... *sobs*

Oh ya, after i posted my last post ytd, boss came up to me and told me he was gonna teach how to handle customers. Coz earlier, there was this client who was complaining abt some stuff that HE nvr did. I just nvr say that to his face nia =.= I was on the verge of saying, "oh how? by not answering their phone or by telling them im outstation and too busy to call them back?" Lol.. sarcasm intended to the max. I mean, save it la, u dont the balls to talk to ur client the way u ask us to talk to them man... sheesh. I have totally no respect for this shorty =.= Guess he could see it in my face too when i was uninterested in what he had to 'teach'. Bla.

But, its a holiday tomoro! So im not gonna waste my time being pissed at them. Though i still hv to work on a saturday =.= BUT im taking leave on Monday! Yay! :D Tag die me can? Lol.. though i most prolly wont reach the rank tat i want, bt im gonna try ba :)

Oh wells, expect more late posts frm me till after Monday :p

Ciaoz peeps and have a great weekend! TGIF to those who are working today ! :D

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