Thursday, August 27, 2009

My impending death might arrive sooner than the weekends ._.

Short update from work coz:
1. Im lost on what to do 1st, so i need a time out.
2. I dont give a fuck anymore.

Current mood: Fucked

Week started quite well, and then it sorta went downhill on Tuesday. Since boss'es car gt banged, she has had to rely on her husband to bring her to work..and she stays till past past past 5.30 ._. My deadline fr another project was postponed to this week and i actually already completed abt 95% of it except fr a few stuff.

I think she thrives on ppl lose their mind. Not only is she giving me last min changes, she expects the suppliers to reply fast to her demands. Yes, they only do her business.. at least thats what in her sick little mind. So, im thinking of ways to expediate before i actually lose all of my MARBLES and go berserko >_>

Then she dumps another project on me, wtf? Supposed to be handled by my colleague, which is also btw losing her marbles, and expects everything to be out TOMORROW! Its just been lying there since i first started work here and now she wants it immediately? &*&&*%$#%^&*)&*(*

My brain has refused to start working, thus this post. Im hoping it will start up soon..sigh. The only bright side to this? Im able to laugh abt it..matter of fact was laughing abt it alot ytd. It could be im losing my mind sooner than i thought.

U might ask me to change jobs but i dont want to leave so soon coz it wont look good in my resume. Besides, other than the fk up work, i do get to learn alot abt the business. I juz need a ranting channel, thats all..*rants rants rants*

Bah. Back to work i guess.. T_T... Bla bla bla..shoot me ._.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Its officially Monday~ T_T

I doubt i will have time to blog tomoro at work, so im doing it now @_@;; So what did i do during the weekend?

Saturday was spent half day at work, came back with stomach cramps and fell asleep. Woke up almost 6plus..forgot i was suppose to meet up some frens for a birthday celebration at a karaoke in town..Wanted to 747 d, then thought abt it and decided to go.. Ive been neglecting my friends too much. I mean, these are the ppl who always remember me when they have things on, even though i havent been working with them for more than 1 year now..these are also the friends that when u need to talk, even though they're busy at the time, will always call you back later and check up on you. I really shd treasure my friends more =/
So, had a cpl of laughs, some supper and went back ard 10plus, feeling a little better knowing i wasnt really alone.. Played abit of audi..well not abit..till abt 2plus LOL :x and slept ..
Sunday was in and out of bed day for most of the time..lolz..Loitering ard Fb like those hungry ghosts during the 7th month :x Finally went out to Midlands ard 5plus to search for my new modem. The old one really giving too much problems plus its quite old le. It keeps changing its own ip add ._. Anyway found the one i wanted, bt will go back n get it tomoro only coz sis wants to modify her printer ink catridge to those external ones :O Pretty cool stuff :D Came back ard 8plus and audi'ed again till abt 12..uber tired ler..Checked on my FB abit..robot wars abit, FFS abit and here i am..exhausted with Monday Blues >_>
Hopefully tomoro will be a good week for me :) Hope its good for you guys too~ (^^*)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Do you believe in Karma? Those "what goes around, comes around" stuff? I always have. But recently it has been proven and strengthen my beliefs even more.

My faith was once shaken, in thinking that being the good guy was useless and unappreaciated. That good guys only get screwed while the bad ppl just go about their things happily. Well, im slowly gaining back the faith that, if ur bad and u screw with ppl's life, u will get screwed back.

I know its not good to talk behind ppl's back, but i have to tell this one lol.

My bosses are not really good ppl. They might be good parents but i wonder what example they are showing to their children. They treat their suppliers bad, buying stuff and delaying payments, and then scolding them in front of us when they chase for payment. They can owe up to a few years for some. And these ppl sometimes just give up chasing. They say, this is the way to do business. Is it? Lol. I have nvr seen ppl work like this.

They treat their staff badly, by using them to the max if they're still in the office after work hours and reprimanding them if they decide to go home on time. Ive been so busy this past cpl of weeks becoz i had to source for materials for a new project and the biggest problem was, i couldnt find ppl who wanted to do their work ._. and ppl who would, did it becoz i asked them to help. Sigh. In my heart, i hope that they dont get the work coz they might end up not paying these ppl. And it will be on me, coz i asked to them to help out.

This is what i think is the karma part..

Theyve been facing one problem after another, unable to get back their money frm their customers, and then one of their managers were checked out as making false work cards for the foreign workers at site and cheating money frm the company, and after that their house maid went pyscho and wanted to kill herself (yes, crazy right?) so there were consulate cases, hospital cases and finally after she was able to be released and sent back home, my bosses car was involved in a hit n run. As in her car was hit by someone in the parking area and they just left. Its just one thing after the other.

And the car thingy happen the day after she reprimanded us, coz we had being goin home late these past 2 weeks, and when we found out the deadline had been extended we decided to clock out earlier and mind u, it was already after work hours. She didnt like it when we wanted to leave and asked us to stay and do some other things fr her. Wtf? I dont think she learnt her lessons yet...

So ppl, believe that it is real, and now as one my colleagues said, God is no longer postponing His lessons to those ppl, He's doing it now.

Okok..enough heavy stuff haha :p

My pc can finally audi :O Haha.. On that day my bosses reprimanded us, i decided to go to cc to try out the new stuff in audi. Manatau stupid cc, kena repatch paid fr 1hr when i was there only fr 10mins >_>

Went home and decided to patch the one in my pc, didnt really put much hope coz the last time i patch also it didnt work..i tried to go in using full mode, couldnt then tried with windows, can d!! Woots! I think its my screen problem, coz its a bit too wide and i cant seem to set it to work. Hmm..nvm, not complaining coz i can play d :p and ytd night i could msn suddenly :O Weird but good weird lolz..

Anyway, shd get back to work..YES IM WORKING! On a rainy saturday....bah.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hello world @ 18th Aug 09..

Sorry i havent been faithful to my blogging, but work has really screwed me up x.x Once this tender thing is done with, i will be my normal self again haha :x.

Weekend was spent (omg, i cant remember what i blogged abt and am too lazy to chk, so pls forgive me if i am repeating myself ><) experimenting with HTML coding for my FFS page. Went through a guide this dude posted and am quite pleased with the end results :) Though its not really professionally done, bt it looks cooler now haha :p Shall continue experimenting when im less tired..yay!

So, whats new?

Nothing really. Lol! Blah. Work has sucked out every single happy happy cell out of me. Coming home exhausted and mentally drained. I dont do much except for sit and stare at the pc till im sleepy. Lol. Zombie @_@;

Oh ya, achieved my 1st max value in FFS :DD. Currently am valued at 1b ehehe..Need to get resetted at 1.5b so saving up for that :p. I also plan on maxing babe..weee...i wan my maxed pet..LOL! Im such a sad sad person..So? Bite me.
Currently the only fb games i really play are, Farmtown (yes, i went back), FFS, and now Robot Wars (YES, i went back there too :x)..oh my ive been neglecting my slots..bad bad :x
I made a resolution today at work. I decided i shall try to look at the brighter side of things frm now, and not cry at the bad things that happen. Like work, yes im tired and stressed, bt im learning alot of new things at the same time too. So yea, shall TRY not to dwell on the negative sides of life. Wish me luck :p
Anyway, time for a rest peeps, shall see u when i see u again (^^*)
"Its not what ive been through that defines me, its how i got through it"

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hello peepos~

I juz realised its been almost a week since i last blogged o_o.. Always promised myself will blog when i get home but then it slips my mind.. Im juz so dam shagged.. Yea yea i knw, shag sounds so wrong but I AM! Shagged by work. Tmd.

For the past week, have been looking at architect plan and sourcing for materials like mad..It would be easier if my bosses had a good rep but then...hmm.. Lets juz say, i need to becareful of who i call. Bla them. Tender submission deadlines are next week and i havent gotten feedback frm some yet..Sigh. SHAGGED! :x

Thank god bosses havent been ard for the past week because of some incidents at home, so they have been pretty preoccupied by that and havent been coming to the office. Hopefully ill get the rest back soon, then ill be sound of mind again.

I think i knw why i havent bothered blogging. Damn line is also fucking me up and disconnecting me like a gazillion zillion times a nite. WTF? And oh ya, been actively involved in FFS..spamming ppl's walls lol..Keeps my mind off work i guess.. Trying to get myself maxed at 1b thats why the need to spam more ppl haha @_@.. Oh well, im cute this a dark way i mean.. Somehow ive sorta given up and let things take its course. It will happen when u least expect it :)

And and and also have been fiddling ard with graphic softwares and experimenting haha..Im nt good at it but pretty decent ba ;)

Ok, back to work i guess.. before bosses suddenly come in @_@;; Juz wanted to update abit..and it really is abit isnt it :p

Have a great Friday guys, and a better weekend (*^^*)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hellow peoples~

Its officially a Saturday! Well, almost the end of the day, coz i basically slept through half of it:x 1st half was spent in the office, which when i come to think of it, i wasnt really working as much as i on FB clicking away at dono GOD knows what..Hmm.. Result = a good way to spend a day at work on a weekend^^

Babe says, to blog about anything. Whether it rained or here goes...

Its been rain, rain and more rain for the past 3 or 4 days. Every morning feels more n more difficult to wake up and get to work on time..Its just too damn tempting to just continue sleeping till thy kingdom comes. Lol.. Seriously, it was hell to even dress myself x.x

For the past 3 days been visiting cc after work to submerge myself in audi and since i still cant audi at home, i ended up playin till almost 12 everyday =\. Alot of stuff stressing me at work and at home..sigh. As a result, i actually lvled ytd lol. Thanks babe for passing it for me

Finally moved my pc to my room, which is nearer to the modem, and used cable to directly connect to the net. Still nothing zzz. Its official! I dont know wat the fuck is wrong with me pc. The guy who fixed it is so coming to do it for me on Monday lol.. Im tired of goin to cc when i have sudden urges to audi. I cant even use my MSN, so am content with ebuddy..for now..

Am irritated with things my sister did today, but shall not dwell on it and make my mood bad. Im sorry for lashing out at alot of ppl recently =/ Promise myself will not make it a habit..coz its so not me to be angry all the time.

Anyway, time to loiter around the tv and spend some "family time" or juz go sleep somemore..Pls pls pls let it rain rain rain tomoro!

p/s: I hope u will better soon, though i dont knw wat really happened, i can sorta guess :( Cheer up ya *hugs n kisses*

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello world on a Wednesday~

Currently having a very bad headache at work and conccuring dizzy spells since ytd afternoon.. Maybe im coming down with fever x.x..

Updates at work:
Old lady complaining that she wants to resign, say bosses always yell at her for no reason..Which is quite true ba. My bosses abit no logic at times..Not tht they've said anything to me..But i can see from the way they treat her ba =/. Anyway been busy with new tender docs fr another project they're hoping to get. *migraines really getting worse*

Updates outside work:
Played audi in cc till quite late ytd x.x Joined all 3 compys haha, juz for the heck of it.

Novice comp ~ Used my HaluLoveAki acc :p..B4 u all wonder what a name..its from a J-drama in which im absolutely in love with Takuya Kimura ♥_♥.. anyways, passed 1st rd and 2nd was all 8k woots! 3rd rd died..lousy song :( lol~ Oh ya, almost forgot, lost 3rd also coz there was a hacker in my room.. zzzzz.

1st Round - Novice Comp

2nd Round- Novice Comp

Intermediate Comp ~ 2nd round out le...also lousy song x.x lol..maybe it was coz the cc that i went wasnt the one i normally go to, and its lags alot, and they charge more per hr! -.- *rants rants*.. Oh ya, i gt 1st in the 1st rd and the guy who gt 2nd said, "No chance player with chance player" LOL:X

1st Round - Inter Comp

Expert Comp ~ was lousy ._. Totally laggin at tis point plus i didnt hv headphones and dota players were already starting their shouting fest >_> Bla..blame them all. Anyway, managed to get to 3rd then sudden lag coz me to cool till the end of the song and i kena ninja'ed in the end. Double bla. Oh well, see if im feeling better later, will prolly go and try again ba =/

And yes i waited for u to online again. Dumb me ._.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekends came and went, spent most of the time sleeping and FT'ing(that is if the net was working properly..) Audied abit, on sis comp when she was sleeping lol.. Yes, i still cant audi in my pc, sigh. I think im givin up. On alot of things.

Disappointed in alot of things. With my family members, with work, with friends, with me. When will i learn not to expect anything from anyone, even my own family or ppl i call my bestest friends? They will just fuck u up in the end like the rest of the world.

Why is it, that im so willing to listen to ppl's emo ramblings and troubles, but when it comes to me ranting, alot of it is shut out? Maybe the whole problem with my anger recently is that nobody really wants to listen and console me. Maybe im frustrated that the ppl i thought i could rely on, cant be actually.

Like when my family says crap when i juz wan to borrow their pc for awhile. Saying stuff like im addicted, bla bla. But when their pc is down, i willingly lend my pc to them. Everyone has their hobbies. I don reprimand them for theirs why do they do it to me?

At work, the old lady is on mc today. Yet these few days ive been told off when she couldnt find her documents. Telling me, that she had given it to me n it was my fault that its now lost. Ytd i found it in her tray =.= then i when i told her juz now, she acted like i planted it there. Fuck.I dont like being given the dead cat to eat. Juz because of she cant remember what she did, does not give her a right to keep accusing me. Fk off pls. She has not seen the worse part of me yet.

Ppl i call my best friends. Ppl who cant read what i have to say, or do read and forget abt it coz its too emo for them. I thought, as a friend, u take the good along with the bad. Im not asking u to change for me, but to learn hw to live with me. I dont do the things that tick u off when u said u dont like it. Why do u keep doing it to me? And the fact that u act like u dont know why im pissed off makes it even hard to swallow.

Forget it. Im sick of explaining myself, sick of talking n talking and being looked at as erratic and over emotional person. If im not emotional, i wouldnt give a fuck to what happens to anyone.