Thursday, August 27, 2009

My impending death might arrive sooner than the weekends ._.

Short update from work coz:
1. Im lost on what to do 1st, so i need a time out.
2. I dont give a fuck anymore.

Current mood: Fucked

Week started quite well, and then it sorta went downhill on Tuesday. Since boss'es car gt banged, she has had to rely on her husband to bring her to work..and she stays till past past past 5.30 ._. My deadline fr another project was postponed to this week and i actually already completed abt 95% of it except fr a few stuff.

I think she thrives on ppl lose their mind. Not only is she giving me last min changes, she expects the suppliers to reply fast to her demands. Yes, they only do her business.. at least thats what in her sick little mind. So, im thinking of ways to expediate before i actually lose all of my MARBLES and go berserko >_>

Then she dumps another project on me, wtf? Supposed to be handled by my colleague, which is also btw losing her marbles, and expects everything to be out TOMORROW! Its just been lying there since i first started work here and now she wants it immediately? &*&&*%$#%^&*)&*(*

My brain has refused to start working, thus this post. Im hoping it will start up soon..sigh. The only bright side to this? Im able to laugh abt it..matter of fact was laughing abt it alot ytd. It could be im losing my mind sooner than i thought.

U might ask me to change jobs but i dont want to leave so soon coz it wont look good in my resume. Besides, other than the fk up work, i do get to learn alot abt the business. I juz need a ranting channel, thats all..*rants rants rants*

Bah. Back to work i guess.. T_T... Bla bla bla..shoot me ._.

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