Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hellow peoples~

Its officially a Saturday! Well, almost the end of the day, coz i basically slept through half of it:x 1st half was spent in the office, which when i come to think of it, i wasnt really working as much as i on FB clicking away at dono GOD knows what..Hmm.. Result = a good way to spend a day at work on a weekend^^

Babe says, to blog about anything. Whether it rained or here goes...

Its been rain, rain and more rain for the past 3 or 4 days. Every morning feels more n more difficult to wake up and get to work on time..Its just too damn tempting to just continue sleeping till thy kingdom comes. Lol.. Seriously, it was hell to even dress myself x.x

For the past 3 days been visiting cc after work to submerge myself in audi and since i still cant audi at home, i ended up playin till almost 12 everyday =\. Alot of stuff stressing me at work and at home..sigh. As a result, i actually lvled ytd lol. Thanks babe for passing it for me

Finally moved my pc to my room, which is nearer to the modem, and used cable to directly connect to the net. Still nothing zzz. Its official! I dont know wat the fuck is wrong with me pc. The guy who fixed it is so coming to do it for me on Monday lol.. Im tired of goin to cc when i have sudden urges to audi. I cant even use my MSN, so am content with ebuddy..for now..

Am irritated with things my sister did today, but shall not dwell on it and make my mood bad. Im sorry for lashing out at alot of ppl recently =/ Promise myself will not make it a habit..coz its so not me to be angry all the time.

Anyway, time to loiter around the tv and spend some "family time" or juz go sleep somemore..Pls pls pls let it rain rain rain tomoro!

p/s: I hope u will better soon, though i dont knw wat really happened, i can sorta guess :( Cheer up ya *hugs n kisses*

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