Thursday, September 30, 2010

Series of Unfortunate Events

I had a nervous breakdown during lunch today. Really..! Lol.

Decided to go to Perak Road for lunch coz had to run some errands for mum and reached there from office quite fast, abt less than 10mins? Coz its really very near my office, even despite the rain. Did everything including having a quick lunch in less than half n hour and decided to go back to office dy so i could beat the school dismissal jam and the rain was starting to get really heavy.

FML #1
Tho rain seemed quite heavy, my car was just in front of me. And i tot running to it wouldnt get me THAT wet. Little that i knew, i was really going to get REALLY wet ._.

So now im extremely wet and cold in my very foggy car, and my baby being a very old baby, has it cons, especially at times like this. My wiper doesnt really work in rainy conditions lol...when i say it doesnt work, means it doesnt really do the work its supposed to do coz it really not touching my windscreen.. LOL :x

The rain was getting heavier and my vision almost completely paralysed, hence i decided to take shortcut back to the office. Bad idea. Shortcut turned out to be the death of me, being stuck at the same spot for about 20mins. Now im wet, cold and irritated ._.

Another thing abt my baby, it doesn't really work well in jammed up situations, as it tends to get heaty and temp goes up .____. and me being stuck in the same place fr awhile, saw smoke coming out from the bonnet >_>

Took another route coz i was getting frustrated, but it got worse. The bladi road was literally flooded on one side! Wtfug??? At this point school already dismissed and the jam just got worse. Wonderful! ._. So now im wet, cold, irritated and cursing at all the ppl who are out in the such horrid weather conditions D:

FML#4,5,6,7, infinity and beyond..!
Jam jam jam jam, almost knocked into a motorist coz i was blind in my car (tell me why im still having this car?) more jam till i finally reached office 1hr later when my trip shd have taken me less than 10minutes. *LAUGHS!*

So now, im having a headache coz i got wet in the rain and my mood has gone down the drains coz i remember now how much i hate driving in this weather in dear old Penang.

Remind me to nvr be adventurous and go out for lunch to places other than behind my office anymore please?

Oh other than that im pretty fine today, thanks for asking! How about you? ._________.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mall Whore! :x

I...I....I..... spent my remaining acash last nite! T____T Left a measly 2k nia lol, after coming back to audi barely a week ._. I blame my mall whore companion who indirectly made me buy stuff..LOL :X

Dont kill me please...i lub chiu dip dip ok? :p

But i got my purdee fluffy wings lmao :s Ok la, ima happy back for now :D
Retail Therapy FTW! :x

In case ur wondering what we were laughing about, Jx had commented earlier that her butt looked big coz of the new top (which i said was nice) and couldnt matched with other things to make it smaller, so while we were playing, and she suddenly frozed, i asked her if she was looking at her butt :p

Anyway, its the middle of the week ady in a blink of an eye. I feel suffocated and will be even more so as the week ends x.x worse still, lately have been feeling kinda depressed :( Arghhh! Wake up and smell the fumes! Lol :x

Taking a short break to blog this, sort of a short breather from insanity since im unable to BN on my phone for now . Why? Coz my phone has been barred...again .____________.

Ok, before u say, "Again??" Stop! Coz i already did counter measures to avoid such situations when i signed up for my iphone by auto creditting my phone bill to my credit card so i dont have to go pay every month...which we all know i dont really do it on time x.x BUT i failed to see a loophole coz the reason i was barred was for the previous month's bill b4 i switched over >_> Apparently, the auto thing doesnt work and go back in time for past bills. What the chit tong chiang kns blah blah blah!

So i just paid this morning and have to wait till later in the afternoon before i can use it. Ka chui.

Back to work lah, sleepy as hell and it just started to rain...again wtf zzzz

Oh ya, ima kinda proud on how fast im able to spout sonnets of my life in such a short break :p Arent u? :DD

*actually i cheated abit coz i wrote some last nite..LOL!

Tata!! :p

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Thats it, me thinks me has officially lost it.

The reason why i say this? I had the worst dream last nite. Well actually it was early this morning when i suddenly woke *coughs* not because of BN notification *cough* and went back to sleep after tapping my phone screen while tryin to keep my eyes open.

No no, its not that.

I actually dreamt that i forgot to go for an exam when i was taking the bus and suddenly it hit me (dont ask me why im on bus), "OMG i have a test!" Then i nonchalantly just let it be and continued taking buses to God knows where ._______.

Lol? Crazy much? Me thinks so D:

Been having alot of dreams of me taking buses too which is funny coz i havent been taking buses for xN years :x

I wonder what that means..hmmm.. or maybe it just doesnt mean anything but simply that my marbles are all gone T_____T

On a random note, im starting to dislike something very much. Everytime i see it, im reminded of how much it once hurt me and how much it still does. Its come to a point in which i cant ignore and will not act dumb about it anymore. Bahs.

"There was a time when i was loved by you, or was that just a lie too just to keep me with you? Maybe.Probably." :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Random :)

So now that Monday is officially over, how was it? Mine was in summary, rain, rain, rain and more rain.. i get u get the idea lolz. And its still raining in the background as im sitting here typing all this lol..Guess its that time of year again when its weathers like this that make u unable to get and go to work x.x

Its gonna be hell i tell u, and its only goin to be a matter of time before i start taking "mc's" :x

Ok la, i wont so guai ma and a morder emproyee on top of that :p Day went by kinda slow today, and rather unexpected since i was expecting more of a typhoon. But alas, no such thing happen lol. Only me and staring into space moments..well for most of the morning i guess only starts getting busy after lunch and before i know it, its time to go home :D Oh wells, the fun-ness in the monotonous working life. How fun! ._.

Anyways, finished my daily routines of fb games lol, slots, scratch off's bla bla.. time to find another dvd and lay down while i finish whats remaining of the day... Wah! This sounds friggin depressing leh! I wanna start travelling again! T______T

Seriously, gonna save up and make sure i go travel Europe next year :DD!!

Oh on a extremely random note, mum has gone slightly overboard with the purchasing of toiletries recently. Now my bathroom has so many different kinds of body washes, body scrubs, facial washes also leh...from ginseng extracts to cinnamon extracts to alpine extracts o.o Its kinda fun goin to bath everyday and think "Hmmm, what shd i use today?" ._.

Ok la, since im still stuck in Malaysia for now and in my bedroom fr that matter, shall go with my earlier plans and find something to watch and fall asleep in the process while my sis complains to me tomoro how i always nvr switch off the tv :x What can i say? I like the sound of tv lulling me to sleep :s

Aloha Tuesday! :)

P.s. Not really looking forward to the week, seriously, bad vibes comin' about x.x

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Oh man...cant believe the weekend is ending soon... *sobs*

And just as it was getting interesting :( Haha, im kidding la.. my weekends are far from interesting ok? Ive been lacking life for almost a year now wtf since i came back from kl ._.

But then again, my routine for this weekend seemed more pleasant than what ive been having the past cpl of weeks.. maybe its coz of the rain which has a somewhat calming effect haha :x

So, it was the routine, sleeping as much as i could, abit of anime, abit of movies, tho what i really wanna watch is "Devil" - heard good reviews about it and i guess M.Night Shyamalan cant do much wrong ba? So yea, looking forward to watching that and another Korean thriller which i cant seem to remember the name dy lol...D:

Also have been audiing on and off quite abit lol. Mostly by myself and admiring my so called "Pink Monster" - as called by the queen of pink herself, Jx ._. Its kinda calming really LOL! The color i mean.. i dono la, im getting weird, just ignore my quirks and love me still can? T_T

Anyway yea, findin that audi sorta bring me peace of mind, or maybe coz the music is blasting so loudly that i cant hear myself think :x Still its an effective way to not overthink. Tho at times, its brings back alot of memories with ppl who are not there anymore. Guess thats why i dont play with other ppl unless im with ppl i know. Inexplicable, so dont ask :p Even now while im writing this, audi is in the background and if i get out ideas, i go back in and play hehe :D

Been scouring deviantart again as well, looking for new proffy piccys...preferably pink ones like the one i have now which i didnt realise was so pink x.x - In need of serious head checking :x and i cant still seem to get photoshop to work on my pc T___________T Just when ima in a creative mood *pouts*

Well, kinda predicting that the week is gonna be hell of a busy state with installation due all over the place. Gonna be really hectic and might fall into my zombie mode again by the time the week has ended. Worse part is, i have another exam due this weekend. FML really =\

So wish me luck guys and pray i dont kill myself over the week x.x Lol jk...emm..nah, really, pray hard lol D:

P.s. I missed talking to you, i mean really talking.. :)

I love pink! O_O

Recently, have been having tendencies towards pinky colored stuff.. kinda weird but hey, i hv my colors of the week thingy goin on sometimes lol x.x

Pink right! :3

And the weirdest part is...i actually am comfortable with it! LOL! :x Oh man, my mentality abit hay wire dy x.x I know la, the pic dam bo clear.. bery sad.. i think i shall attempt on dling my photoshop again since the last phailed attempt T^T

So there! My current love for pinky stuff :D just bear with me until i turn goth and like black again.. LOL :X

Now if only i got the pair of new wings...:x!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Aloha Friday!

Cant believe its that day of the week again.. and my last post was on Sunday...again :x Just when i tot i was gonna post, thought of all the things i wanted to say and quickly come back to type it out...ended up, it was accumulated for 5 days...again ._.

But really tho, its the thought that counts right? I really reallyyy reallyyyy thought about bloggin de... so i blame time for moving too fast making it impossible for me to post in time and on a daily basis :S

Sidetrack abit from my sincere apology....i finally found something i really dont like about my new job.. LOL! Not that i go out of my way to find bad things about it, bt its really weird to have nothing to complain about yet.

So here it is... the thing i dislike most abt my current job is the office.. Dont get me wrong, its a classy place ok, i mean really classy, with jazz music playin in the background *though its the same songs over n over each day* but still, i dont really mind lol :x, and all the pc's are Apple Macs coz the bosses are Apple fanatics.. the things i really cant stand is the lack of internet connection when im in there!

I really mean it leh! SO STOP LAUGHING IF YOU ARE >_>! Its so ridiculous to the point that the minute i step in the office the connection breaks like nobody's business ._. And the "Unable to connect to server" on my iphone is really annoying dy. Im afraid i might accidentally kill my phone because of this TT

And i cant even use the office net *though it sucks big time too, i suspect its the server they installed* coz i dont have the password and cant really ask coz im still very new there lol. Sigh, i cant play bn properly also.. LOL! Ok la, im nt suppose to play at work, but i got breaks de ma :x

So there! I finally found something which really annoys me to hell! Yay!......:S

Hmmm what else? Not really much dy except that work is really picking up and im starting to get real busy with orders and stuff. Bosses are getting orders in faster than i can drink water lol.. i wonder how its gonna be like when its almost CNY @_@ Better prep myself from now onwards :) Also, maybe coz of this, husband and wife has been "debating" more often than normal lolz. Maybe its the norm ba, but i find it really entertaining... Sheesh, i like feeling awkward when they argue wtf lol :x

Think im too bored at work dy ba D:

And this would not happen if i could use my net without any problems...the me being bored part i mean...LOL! Really wad! I could entertain myself with my phone ma :x

So other than work, classes, entertainment at work what else have i been up to? Oh ya, after months of poofing, finally welcomed babe back to audi lol...tho its nvr long, but better than nvr right? :D Been audiing with Ivan more and actually after almost 2months of not tagging, tagged him to lvl on Monday night lolzzz.. Ppl were actually asking me "OMG ur tagging?!?" - Ya, i was ._.

Also, been loggin into FB more often now compared to my less than 5mins log in and log out earlier.. Guess i feel the need to keep in touch with some of my friends there which i have so badly abandoned :( Sorry la guys, alot of crap goin on for me now..abit too tired to cope x.x

Guess thats about it... at least there wont be work or classes this weekend which im of course happy about :D

I realised goin back to audi is not a good thing for me, i tend to spend more ._. My retail therapy is back :x Well at least till i go acash lol :p

Will post on what i got tomoro! Tatas for now!! :D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dinner at Tao's!

As predicted, i actually broke my fingers doing my exams :(

Lolz.. sad case ._. Goes to show how much we rely on the technology, i mean, i could type on and on and on and on but write 3 - 600 word essays and i break my limbs doing it >_> Bahs.

Well, my weekend came and left abruptly as a midsummer's nights dream. Sadly, there were not many dreams during the past weekend coz i didnt really get to sleep in as much. Wtfish, i didnt sleep in at all! Woke up fr JP class ard nine-ish, class ended at 12, had the saltiest maggie goreng for lunch *yucks* and went to take my exam.

And thus, hand breaking session started. 3 hrs of blood and sweat x.x But since i was the only one to take it due to not being able to take it earlier with the rest of the class, i had the privilege of doin it in 3 and a half hrs. Lol. If u think thats a good thing, think again guys =\

Me being the obsessed with words type, decided to write my draft 1st. Bad idea really, coz when it came to re-writing it, i literally almost cried T_T and asking myself "Why why why did i write so much!!" Ended up not writing some of the sentences. Lol..bahs again ._.

Oh well, so much for that, my "lovely weekend"... not so much x.x

Came home way past 5 and barely got warm in my home clothes when mum called me and asked we wanted to have dinner at Tao's. Bro's treat! Lol.. i was abit apprehensive and well actually more towards moody-ness coz sleepy ma lol.. bt at the expense of not irritating mum with my hermit like behaviour for the day, i went lo. See, i can be co-operative. PLUS the fact that it was Tao's! And and and bro's treat! LOL! :x

Some piccys? Well i think i should :p

Mussels!! Sashimi!! Abalone!! = Heaven!! :x

Grilled salmon in cheese, my fav! Omg omg :S

Frankly, its actually my 1st time eating there, and at RM50 per person for all u can order its quite a bargain, thats if u order the most exp stuff i.e. the sashimi :p

We reached quite late and the 1st session had already started so we ordered as fast as we could abo really bo tat leh lol.. *trying to explain the reason for the lack of pictures* :x But really! We had like abt an hr b4 the last call and the start of the next session so yea, had to order what we wanted fast. And as u can see, the portions are finger size nia de lol. So to make it as worth it as possible, needed to order non stop. LOL!

But honestly, it was very nice or maybe ive been craving for Jp food for awhile dy, but it was totemo oiishi de-chu! :D

So didnt regret going and finishing up what was remaining of my weekend will most certainly go again soon! :)

Anyone wanna join me? ;)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Its finally the weekends but nothing to really rejoice about... most prolly coz i was working full day today and didnt reach hm till almost 7 x.x Plus the fact that ill be having exams tomoro along with Jp class in the morning.. so there goes my weekends actually.. Yay! ._.

And please dont ask why im working a full day on saturday ok? Plus factor here would be, im actually getting paid to work those extra hours so i guess its ok lolz.. but for those who really know me knows thats money is NEVER as important as sleep. LOL! :x

AND AND AND....!! I need a new kb :S Either i get a new one or i dont audi dy, cz the damn noise is irritating as hell >_>

And and and!!! I cant believe its only a month away again...that "beloved" day of mine. Seriously, time is moving toooo dam fast! HOLD ON PPL!!! Ok la, im being dramatic but old age does that to one.... idj392t86u485234509)*($)#&%-381! Wait i didnt say im old... -.-

Talking abt age, i forgot i left out this very small detail during my outing last weekend, cant believe i actually forgot abt something which made me float. While i was out with my friends' friend's, i was actually asked if i was still studying.. LOLOLOL!! Im serious! Omfg ok, exploded inside with joy but calmly told them "Oh, ive been working many many years dy" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Im so harpie :P

There might be another reason why they said this, but ima gonna stick with the one that makes me happy *shy* :x

Fine, ill stop being insane *grins*

So what else? Hmmm.. oh ya work stuff. Not really much to talk about lol, its been pretty peaceful for me here, tho there are occasional disagreements (not on my side) about stuff, which actually dont really concern just the audience :p But other than that, nothing major ba. It can get pretty boring, but hey, im not complaining as much right? :D Guess its not the major hols yet, so thats why its been at an ok speed :) One thing which irks me once a while is the being repeatedly asked to do something which ive already done. They have some major ocd's goin on too ._.

Oh wells, time to continue studying abit more and 'lian' my fingers for the 3 essays ill need to write tomoro...sure hand break T^T

Wish me luck!!!! :D that i dont break my hand that is :x

Friday, September 17, 2010


After reporting all of it as spam and banning, they just keep comin'! Im seriously friggin annoyed can? >_>

Oh well, putting me being pissed aside, and more of cheery stuff, i got a new purse! Lol! :x I know its not much, considering i just changed not too long ago, but mum and sis got it on saturday and i couldnt resist not taking one for myself...the leather was just too nicee! x.x For real ok! :S

Yes it looks simple enuf...but Kaufmann ok! :x im happy back dy :D But ima still gonna find a way to get rid of those bladi spams..grrrrr!

Ok la, shall go to study abit for my coming exam :) Shall post again soon! I hope :x Haha..i will very guai d ma :p

Tatas!! :DD

Thursday, September 16, 2010


And yes! Its a another holiday! Hahahahahaha.....:x But then, its no biggie la, just one day nia, not that dont appreciate it, coz like hell yea i do :D And tomoro is Friday! Woot!

Like i said in my post b4 this (which i actually just posted not too long ago :x) i forgot to actually save a few posts during the weekends, and so here i am to blurt it all out at once. Lets pray it wont turn out too long coz God knows how long my attention will stay here this time... Oh my, i actually feel a sudden sense of faltering attention a'comin just about now :x

Maybe i shd go find a dvd to play while i type my life's events out :p I wuv multi-tasking!

SO! Last Saturday i actually LEFT home.. yup u heard me right. I actually came out of hibernation and instead of ppk'ing which i normally tend to do, i DIDNT! Cool right? Im such a nice friend :x And to think, the last place i would actually wanna go on a weekend/public holiday because of the jams and the packed condition, i did it anyway. Man, im so proud of myself :D

Btw, the above mentioned place? Gurney Plaza. Lol.. yea :D

Now that place is not one of my fav places to go really, but i was deprived of expensive coffee and just hanging out and gossiping so yea, i broke the pact to myself and went anyway. And sis actually asked to go to MPH and look for our JP exams book. Which i coincidently managed to yeap , ima happy :D Though i shoulda gone to the logitech shop to get my new kb :x Which i didnt even remember about till later that nite when i back in just to audi awhile lol.. Guess no audiing does that to a person... Now i remember how bladi noisy my kb is ._. time! :x * i know some ppl are like going "YEAH RIGHT"* well, i dont care! Lalala :x

Anyway, hung out at Gurney from 4plus to about almost 7...had my coffee cure, but kinda got the wrong kind coz ima not really a DOME girl, so it turned out i ordered something kinda sweet which actually made me kinda a way D: Then went ard window shopping cz i couldnt find what i wanted to get lol.. was actually thinking of getting a new bottle of perfume since my last one from Body Shop finished dy. And me being sensitive to strong scents couldnt really find any except the one from DKNY which was just perfect .. so shall get it next month i guess ;)

After that headed for dinner, and guess what? Dome again lolz.. this time we went to the one in Island Plaza though :) Had spicy olio spaghetti which was absolutely yummlicious! Sorry i didnt take pics though, it came quite after a lot of waiting and i was hungry T^T....only remembered half way through it... *pouts* So, more chit chat, some funny convos coz i didnt really know some of the ppl there coz they were friends of my friend lol, but i realised i can still mingle with ppl i dont know lol.. ok la, so im nt a full fledged hermit yet :x

So there was it, my day out! But the next day, sunday, i had to recuperate for the "hectic" by sleeping for most of the day dy..LOL :x Bo pian la, Monday working ma! Was under duress D:

Anyway, been getting jio-ed by the most unlikely ppl to audi. Like once in a blue moon de jio? 1st by Ken then it was Ivan lol.. guess they were pretty bored ._. And the "best part" was, the minute i logged in, ppl were like "OMG WHERE HAVE U BEEN?" like i died or something nia wtf =.= and also i realised i kena deleted by ppl O_O and bump into them in game and they're like apologizing coz apparently they were mass deleting ._. Have i told u ppl tat i hate gettin deleted, regardless of the reason? Yes, i DISLIKE it alot >_> But they added me str8 back and asked me to accept lol...oh well, ima nice person and wont let my ocd stop me from accepting back nice ppl i guess :x

So, i guess, its either i stop audi altogether OR i dont mia as long....wth its only been one month plus leh ._. Blah =\

I think i shd stop now, coz ima getting dizzy from typing all this and im sure whoever is reading this is getting pretty dizzy too :p too wordy? Live with it! :x Im so proud of myself! I actually finished it one shot! *grins!*

Oh oh i forgot abt work stuff! Ahh... tomoro la! :x Buaizzz!!

P.s. There used to be a time when u said u wanted me there always, now it only seems like you just want me to leave you alone.. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010


..and i didnt do anythingggg but sleeep sleeep and more sleeeeep :D

Seriously, i was literally on my beautiful and loving bed the entire day on Friday. Yup, did nothing at all.. hence the repeating of not doing anything coz i sincerely have nothing to talk abt since i did...erm....well... NOTHING? :p

Ok la, family went to Cameron's and i decided to skip the trip. Frankly my last ordeal or rather my last visit there, well visions of me being sick? Not bery nice :x Besides, i had plans for my 3day break lor... i planned to...yup u guessed it, sleep and do nothing. LOL. And and i was feeling abit under the weather since morning.. bad stomach aches till i broke into cold sweats and had to curl myself in bed x.x

I feel so embarrassed..ehh, nah im not..bleh :D

I mean, come on, this is the first time in MONTHSS since i had completely nothing on on the weekends lor.. so yea, a little insanity is allowed :)

Anyways, Friday was spent completely in bed and have been rewatching Friends from season 1 again lol. Been feeling kinda down and stressed out lately with the exams and stuff and i find watching it always makes me feel a little better. Hey, we all have our little quirks ok? Just so happen mine is watching a grp of adults acting dumb.. which is kinda fun :D

And watching shows like this takes my mind of things, and i get to really lol alot :) So let me be ok? ._. lol

But one question guys, have u ever laid in bed until u cant feel yr back at all? Overslept much too much? :x

Though i did wake early and fell back to sleep many times during the day *i blame it on BN and my obsession in lvling* *grumble grumble* Well, had ramen for lunch ala moi truly and with coffee after that and continued with my Friends...ahhh cest la vie

Family came home quite late at night, and well, it was strawberries galore with them lol and lotsa lotsa jagung o.o There was strawberry fondue (yes, strawberry dipped in choco), fresh strawberry in vanilla ice cream, the lots man. Fruits everywhere i tell you! Lol..but they did get me my fav blueberry jam ..yum :D

Was feeling kinda abit down at night though so didnt really indulge with the food lol.. but im gonna be ok i guess. I mean if thats how its gonna be, then i have no say in it anymore. It still hurts like shit though :)

P.s. This is going to be such a late post :x I know i shd have posted earlier and well saved a few more days de post, but i forgot T^T

Note to self: Sleeping too much, makes one retarded ._.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


If ur wondering why i blocked my blog again, well its not to block the spams coz i finally realised it doesnt really work ._.

Nononono.. the reason its blocked this time is coz i also realised how big of a doh head i can be at times >_> And what this doh head did was open her blog at work and left it to do other things using the computer in her BOSS' office ... Yes, tell me about it.

If ur wondering whats so big a deal, well remember my last post? Im being paid to stick stamps? *slaps forehead* Lolz.. anyway im pretty sure they didnt see it, well i hope anyway ._. so until i go back to work on Monday and delete the history on that pc, which i forgot to do before i left zzz, this blog will be locked. Bla.

Im pretty sure they'll be goin to the office tomoro, so ima not taking chances D:

Other than that bery unfortunate dumbass-ness on my part, im quite happy thats its an early weekend for me! Finally 3 days of not working and no classes on sunday! Wheeee!! Ecstatic is the word *jumps for joy* Im so gonna sleep sleep sleep :D

Though ive been tummy flu since morning T^T .. i hope it goes away soon :(

Anyway, family going up to Cameron later, and im skipping it lol...after the last incident, i really dont think i wanna go there any time soon x.x Soo, ill be having Friday to myself...HOME ALONE :D.. i feel its kinda cool having the hse to myself once in awhile :p

So gonna go to bed and rest and think of things to do tomoro! Lol :x

Oh ya, had an old school friend sms me to go to her hse for Raya, and i said yes. Problem is, i dont really knos who it is.. LOL! Im serious! I nvr did transfer my old phone contacts to my new phone...bleh. Actually i nvr transfer alot of my contacts from any of my phones ._.

So! Im just sms her back and ask her where her hse is *pretending that i dont remember how to go* and then see her which im hoping will remind me what her name is. Hahahaha :S Im such a doh really >_>

Oh wells.. Nites!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekends come soon!!

Nah, here i am updating! :p

So will the hols come soon? Please please please? *pouts*

Lol...just found out that there wont be work this coming weekend *claps with glee!* coz actually the company only shuts down for one day nia de :( but luckily bosses decided to shut anyway coz most places are teehee :D

Ok, please ignore my annoying childish behaviour T_T just bery happy that i get to sleep in more this week. YES, i am that sleep deprived :( Been sleeping right after i come hm from work after dinner (this only applies on days i dont have classes ok? ._.) with my pc halfway switched on (if ur wondering how u half switch on a pc, well u can, by switching it on and then waking up in the middle of the nite to switch it off without touching it..bla) and with my phone in my hand >_>

Currently updating at work while bosses are with a client and ive sorta off done most of the work for today, and cant really do much coz suppliers are already shutting down fr hols :D so, im doing the borin task 0f sticking stamps on envelops..LOL! I know right? Im gettin paid to stick stamps on envelops hahahaha :x

Btw, did u know, it now costs 60cents to send mail within Penang itself? Used to be only 30cents leh..goes to show how long ive nt used snail mail.. Food for thought? Or total pointless crap? I like to think of it as the former ._.

So while im here, being paid to stick stamps and blog about totally useless cr.. i mean food for thoughts, im having absolutely nothing else to do. Jealous right? :p

Oh ya, have been having my twilight zone dreams again depending on the mood i fall asleep in. Srsly its getting creepier every time i have them o_o Esp the ones i have if i slept in a bad mood, my goodness, i really wake up in cold sweats D:

*if your startin to think that this post has no point whatsoever, im a hundred and one percent...with you* Lol :s

Ok la, i thought i had useful stuff to blog about (have there been useful ones? ever?) but it turns out, i dont ._. So i guess ill stop here b4 it gets too absurdly boring :(

*takes glue and starts applyin on stamps* T_T

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Was transferring some of my stuff from my old Nokia E71 phone, u know, contacts, smses.. stuff like that. Got to reading some of my old smses frm when i started to use that phone and not much of it were happy stuff .. :(

Its times like this which made me feel sad that i lost the msgs i got from u when u 1st left and when i was in KL..

I really wonder who is the one who has really changed? Is it really me or u? In a way, i know ive changed.. bt only cause u have too...alot.

There was a time in our lives when u would always seem to care how i felt about things and felt upset if i were to stay silent. It felt like you were genuinely concerned. Times how u told me u missed having me ard (the jokes, the playin hookey frm work lolz :x), and how u would call me everyday just to tell me how your day went.

Slowly it disappeared...hence i felt left alone.

I tried to get through to you, tried to reach out and find the cause of all this sudden change. And i found out why. Almost a year ago today, my world fell apart, or rather our friendship did. Maybe distance played a part, and the fact that i was no longer there made u seek out alternative friends. Or maybe it was always like this with you, hot in the beginning and cold towards the end.

The constant denials and anger of what was going on even when i confronted you, and later finding out it was all true. The doing things behind my back and hopin i wont find out, but i always did in the end..the blaming me for intruding on your space.. sudden mistrust and coldness.. Lolz.. i nvr really saw it coming :)

Thus i tried holding on, guess my desperation gt the best of me, coz it seemed u hated me more n more. I wonder if ur still ard coz of how long we've known each other and not coz u really want to.

And i really wonder why u cant seem to talk to me abt things u used to talk to me abt anymore. One qn puts u in the most foulest mood. U might think im judging you and by telling others they wont, bt its only coz ive known u too long. I wont ever understand the things uve done, and why ur still with the ppl i really will nvr respect, do you really care abt them so much?

Its been almost a year and still they're very much part of your life and u reprimand me for condemning them. But yet i stick by it, i shall nvr look at them with anything but disgust. If u should hate me for that, so be it.

I wonder, the day u made the vow to not talk to me anymore, and if i had not said anything, would u have gone through it? U might. Maybe :)

The reason why im putting this all here is coz i dont want to fill my phones with sad and hurtful smses anymore, smses gone unreplied, smses of anger and sadness. Not from you.

I really really miss those msgs, from the person who really cared and didnt mind the attn from me, but i dont need them to remember how things were, coz they will stay in my heart for always. Its just time to clear some space for the bad things from my heart so it wont hurt as much..not anymore :)

Maybe fate is telling me something?

I really hope ull read this, really :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Finally im back here, staring at my 21" monitor and hoping i get at least one post out today, coz some ppl have been saying that ive been abandoning my blog ._. Not that i do it intentionally but its kinda hard to blog when i suddenly hv not much of a life and dying from exhaustion :(

Help? Please?

I should say i took it upon myself, this suicidal mission. Grrr... so im just bitchin can? I need to release my pent up anger so i dont lose any more my remaining marbles. Lol.. On a random note, am currently patching my audi (i didnt even know there was one *gasp*) and visiting it after mia'ing fr a few weeks now and to also find a certain sea creature and disiao her :p

Oh ya!


Lol...i know its like almost 2 weeks late but hey, i shiok :p Actually i had a post, well a starting of a post on the actual day.... ok more like a the title nia T_T.. Bleh. Seriously ppl, its not that i dont wanna update, i just dont like staring at the pc for hrs with my fingers on the kb but nthg coming out ._.

And so, what else has been goin on in my life to cause such abandonment on my side? Exams 2 weeks after each other? Jp classes? And to think i enrolled for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) at the end of the year. Bo pian, its only once a yr, so just try lor..hopefully i dont fail tho >_>

AND IM STILL GETTING SPAMSS! >>>>> Wtfish fiak fug bla bla blaaaa!

*collects composure* Moving on....

Have i mentioned how extremely tired i feel? Im feeling very out of breath and kinda abit lonely n unloved :( Maybe my overworking has made me feel this way..hmm.. i really really really need a long break and be with ppl who actually loves and cares for me D:

So work has been work..bosses came back early this week and now we're all rushing for Raya orders. Cant believe its already almost mid september and then next thing you know its 2011 lolz. And i cant believe its been a year since well, alot of bad things happened this time last year which kinda broke me down many times over, tho it seems like its happening again. Sigh.

Anyways, i promise to update more, and frequently le, coz i really dont hv much places to spill and it doesnt matter if no one reads anymore, its just a place for me to relieve the insanity and gain back my sanity :)