Saturday, September 11, 2010


..and i didnt do anythingggg but sleeep sleeep and more sleeeeep :D

Seriously, i was literally on my beautiful and loving bed the entire day on Friday. Yup, did nothing at all.. hence the repeating of not doing anything coz i sincerely have nothing to talk abt since i did...erm....well... NOTHING? :p

Ok la, family went to Cameron's and i decided to skip the trip. Frankly my last ordeal or rather my last visit there, well visions of me being sick? Not bery nice :x Besides, i had plans for my 3day break lor... i planned to...yup u guessed it, sleep and do nothing. LOL. And and i was feeling abit under the weather since morning.. bad stomach aches till i broke into cold sweats and had to curl myself in bed x.x

I feel so embarrassed..ehh, nah im not..bleh :D

I mean, come on, this is the first time in MONTHSS since i had completely nothing on on the weekends lor.. so yea, a little insanity is allowed :)

Anyways, Friday was spent completely in bed and have been rewatching Friends from season 1 again lol. Been feeling kinda down and stressed out lately with the exams and stuff and i find watching it always makes me feel a little better. Hey, we all have our little quirks ok? Just so happen mine is watching a grp of adults acting dumb.. which is kinda fun :D

And watching shows like this takes my mind of things, and i get to really lol alot :) So let me be ok? ._. lol

But one question guys, have u ever laid in bed until u cant feel yr back at all? Overslept much too much? :x

Though i did wake early and fell back to sleep many times during the day *i blame it on BN and my obsession in lvling* *grumble grumble* Well, had ramen for lunch ala moi truly and with coffee after that and continued with my Friends...ahhh cest la vie

Family came home quite late at night, and well, it was strawberries galore with them lol and lotsa lotsa jagung o.o There was strawberry fondue (yes, strawberry dipped in choco), fresh strawberry in vanilla ice cream, the lots man. Fruits everywhere i tell you! Lol..but they did get me my fav blueberry jam ..yum :D

Was feeling kinda abit down at night though so didnt really indulge with the food lol.. but im gonna be ok i guess. I mean if thats how its gonna be, then i have no say in it anymore. It still hurts like shit though :)

P.s. This is going to be such a late post :x I know i shd have posted earlier and well saved a few more days de post, but i forgot T^T

Note to self: Sleeping too much, makes one retarded ._.

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