Sunday, September 26, 2010


Oh man...cant believe the weekend is ending soon... *sobs*

And just as it was getting interesting :( Haha, im kidding la.. my weekends are far from interesting ok? Ive been lacking life for almost a year now wtf since i came back from kl ._.

But then again, my routine for this weekend seemed more pleasant than what ive been having the past cpl of weeks.. maybe its coz of the rain which has a somewhat calming effect haha :x

So, it was the routine, sleeping as much as i could, abit of anime, abit of movies, tho what i really wanna watch is "Devil" - heard good reviews about it and i guess M.Night Shyamalan cant do much wrong ba? So yea, looking forward to watching that and another Korean thriller which i cant seem to remember the name dy lol...D:

Also have been audiing on and off quite abit lol. Mostly by myself and admiring my so called "Pink Monster" - as called by the queen of pink herself, Jx ._. Its kinda calming really LOL! The color i mean.. i dono la, im getting weird, just ignore my quirks and love me still can? T_T

Anyway yea, findin that audi sorta bring me peace of mind, or maybe coz the music is blasting so loudly that i cant hear myself think :x Still its an effective way to not overthink. Tho at times, its brings back alot of memories with ppl who are not there anymore. Guess thats why i dont play with other ppl unless im with ppl i know. Inexplicable, so dont ask :p Even now while im writing this, audi is in the background and if i get out ideas, i go back in and play hehe :D

Been scouring deviantart again as well, looking for new proffy piccys...preferably pink ones like the one i have now which i didnt realise was so pink x.x - In need of serious head checking :x and i cant still seem to get photoshop to work on my pc T___________T Just when ima in a creative mood *pouts*

Well, kinda predicting that the week is gonna be hell of a busy state with installation due all over the place. Gonna be really hectic and might fall into my zombie mode again by the time the week has ended. Worse part is, i have another exam due this weekend. FML really =\

So wish me luck guys and pray i dont kill myself over the week x.x Lol jk...emm..nah, really, pray hard lol D:

P.s. I missed talking to you, i mean really talking.. :)

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