Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Thats it, me thinks me has officially lost it.

The reason why i say this? I had the worst dream last nite. Well actually it was early this morning when i suddenly woke *coughs* not because of BN notification *cough* and went back to sleep after tapping my phone screen while tryin to keep my eyes open.

No no, its not that.

I actually dreamt that i forgot to go for an exam when i was taking the bus and suddenly it hit me (dont ask me why im on bus), "OMG i have a test!" Then i nonchalantly just let it be and continued taking buses to God knows where ._______.

Lol? Crazy much? Me thinks so D:

Been having alot of dreams of me taking buses too which is funny coz i havent been taking buses for xN years :x

I wonder what that means..hmmm.. or maybe it just doesnt mean anything but simply that my marbles are all gone T_____T

On a random note, im starting to dislike something very much. Everytime i see it, im reminded of how much it once hurt me and how much it still does. Its come to a point in which i cant ignore and will not act dumb about it anymore. Bahs.

"There was a time when i was loved by you, or was that just a lie too just to keep me with you? Maybe.Probably." :)

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