Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekends come soon!!

Nah, here i am updating! :p

So will the hols come soon? Please please please? *pouts*

Lol...just found out that there wont be work this coming weekend *claps with glee!* coz actually the company only shuts down for one day nia de :( but luckily bosses decided to shut anyway coz most places are teehee :D

Ok, please ignore my annoying childish behaviour T_T just bery happy that i get to sleep in more this week. YES, i am that sleep deprived :( Been sleeping right after i come hm from work after dinner (this only applies on days i dont have classes ok? ._.) with my pc halfway switched on (if ur wondering how u half switch on a pc, well u can, by switching it on and then waking up in the middle of the nite to switch it off without touching it..bla) and with my phone in my hand >_>

Currently updating at work while bosses are with a client and ive sorta off done most of the work for today, and cant really do much coz suppliers are already shutting down fr hols :D so, im doing the borin task 0f sticking stamps on envelops..LOL! I know right? Im gettin paid to stick stamps on envelops hahahaha :x

Btw, did u know, it now costs 60cents to send mail within Penang itself? Used to be only 30cents leh..goes to show how long ive nt used snail mail.. Food for thought? Or total pointless crap? I like to think of it as the former ._.

So while im here, being paid to stick stamps and blog about totally useless cr.. i mean food for thoughts, im having absolutely nothing else to do. Jealous right? :p

Oh ya, have been having my twilight zone dreams again depending on the mood i fall asleep in. Srsly its getting creepier every time i have them o_o Esp the ones i have if i slept in a bad mood, my goodness, i really wake up in cold sweats D:

*if your startin to think that this post has no point whatsoever, im a hundred and one percent...with you* Lol :s

Ok la, i thought i had useful stuff to blog about (have there been useful ones? ever?) but it turns out, i dont ._. So i guess ill stop here b4 it gets too absurdly boring :(

*takes glue and starts applyin on stamps* T_T

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