Thursday, September 16, 2010


And yes! Its a another holiday! Hahahahahaha.....:x But then, its no biggie la, just one day nia, not that dont appreciate it, coz like hell yea i do :D And tomoro is Friday! Woot!

Like i said in my post b4 this (which i actually just posted not too long ago :x) i forgot to actually save a few posts during the weekends, and so here i am to blurt it all out at once. Lets pray it wont turn out too long coz God knows how long my attention will stay here this time... Oh my, i actually feel a sudden sense of faltering attention a'comin just about now :x

Maybe i shd go find a dvd to play while i type my life's events out :p I wuv multi-tasking!

SO! Last Saturday i actually LEFT home.. yup u heard me right. I actually came out of hibernation and instead of ppk'ing which i normally tend to do, i DIDNT! Cool right? Im such a nice friend :x And to think, the last place i would actually wanna go on a weekend/public holiday because of the jams and the packed condition, i did it anyway. Man, im so proud of myself :D

Btw, the above mentioned place? Gurney Plaza. Lol.. yea :D

Now that place is not one of my fav places to go really, but i was deprived of expensive coffee and just hanging out and gossiping so yea, i broke the pact to myself and went anyway. And sis actually asked to go to MPH and look for our JP exams book. Which i coincidently managed to yeap , ima happy :D Though i shoulda gone to the logitech shop to get my new kb :x Which i didnt even remember about till later that nite when i back in just to audi awhile lol.. Guess no audiing does that to a person... Now i remember how bladi noisy my kb is ._. time! :x * i know some ppl are like going "YEAH RIGHT"* well, i dont care! Lalala :x

Anyway, hung out at Gurney from 4plus to about almost 7...had my coffee cure, but kinda got the wrong kind coz ima not really a DOME girl, so it turned out i ordered something kinda sweet which actually made me kinda a way D: Then went ard window shopping cz i couldnt find what i wanted to get lol.. was actually thinking of getting a new bottle of perfume since my last one from Body Shop finished dy. And me being sensitive to strong scents couldnt really find any except the one from DKNY which was just perfect .. so shall get it next month i guess ;)

After that headed for dinner, and guess what? Dome again lolz.. this time we went to the one in Island Plaza though :) Had spicy olio spaghetti which was absolutely yummlicious! Sorry i didnt take pics though, it came quite after a lot of waiting and i was hungry T^T....only remembered half way through it... *pouts* So, more chit chat, some funny convos coz i didnt really know some of the ppl there coz they were friends of my friend lol, but i realised i can still mingle with ppl i dont know lol.. ok la, so im nt a full fledged hermit yet :x

So there was it, my day out! But the next day, sunday, i had to recuperate for the "hectic" by sleeping for most of the day dy..LOL :x Bo pian la, Monday working ma! Was under duress D:

Anyway, been getting jio-ed by the most unlikely ppl to audi. Like once in a blue moon de jio? 1st by Ken then it was Ivan lol.. guess they were pretty bored ._. And the "best part" was, the minute i logged in, ppl were like "OMG WHERE HAVE U BEEN?" like i died or something nia wtf =.= and also i realised i kena deleted by ppl O_O and bump into them in game and they're like apologizing coz apparently they were mass deleting ._. Have i told u ppl tat i hate gettin deleted, regardless of the reason? Yes, i DISLIKE it alot >_> But they added me str8 back and asked me to accept lol...oh well, ima nice person and wont let my ocd stop me from accepting back nice ppl i guess :x

So, i guess, its either i stop audi altogether OR i dont mia as long....wth its only been one month plus leh ._. Blah =\

I think i shd stop now, coz ima getting dizzy from typing all this and im sure whoever is reading this is getting pretty dizzy too :p too wordy? Live with it! :x Im so proud of myself! I actually finished it one shot! *grins!*

Oh oh i forgot abt work stuff! Ahh... tomoro la! :x Buaizzz!!

P.s. There used to be a time when u said u wanted me there always, now it only seems like you just want me to leave you alone.. :)

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