Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dinner at Tao's!

As predicted, i actually broke my fingers doing my exams :(

Lolz.. sad case ._. Goes to show how much we rely on the technology, i mean, i could type on and on and on and on but write 3 - 600 word essays and i break my limbs doing it >_> Bahs.

Well, my weekend came and left abruptly as a midsummer's nights dream. Sadly, there were not many dreams during the past weekend coz i didnt really get to sleep in as much. Wtfish, i didnt sleep in at all! Woke up fr JP class ard nine-ish, class ended at 12, had the saltiest maggie goreng for lunch *yucks* and went to take my exam.

And thus, hand breaking session started. 3 hrs of blood and sweat x.x But since i was the only one to take it due to not being able to take it earlier with the rest of the class, i had the privilege of doin it in 3 and a half hrs. Lol. If u think thats a good thing, think again guys =\

Me being the obsessed with words type, decided to write my draft 1st. Bad idea really, coz when it came to re-writing it, i literally almost cried T_T and asking myself "Why why why did i write so much!!" Ended up not writing some of the sentences. Lol..bahs again ._.

Oh well, so much for that, my "lovely weekend"... not so much x.x

Came home way past 5 and barely got warm in my home clothes when mum called me and asked we wanted to have dinner at Tao's. Bro's treat! Lol.. i was abit apprehensive and well actually more towards moody-ness coz sleepy ma lol.. bt at the expense of not irritating mum with my hermit like behaviour for the day, i went lo. See, i can be co-operative. PLUS the fact that it was Tao's! And and and bro's treat! LOL! :x

Some piccys? Well i think i should :p

Mussels!! Sashimi!! Abalone!! = Heaven!! :x

Grilled salmon in cheese, my fav! Omg omg :S

Frankly, its actually my 1st time eating there, and at RM50 per person for all u can order its quite a bargain, thats if u order the most exp stuff i.e. the sashimi :p

We reached quite late and the 1st session had already started so we ordered as fast as we could abo really bo tat leh lol.. *trying to explain the reason for the lack of pictures* :x But really! We had like abt an hr b4 the last call and the start of the next session so yea, had to order what we wanted fast. And as u can see, the portions are finger size nia de lol. So to make it as worth it as possible, needed to order non stop. LOL!

But honestly, it was very nice or maybe ive been craving for Jp food for awhile dy, but it was totemo oiishi de-chu! :D

So didnt regret going and finishing up what was remaining of my weekend will most certainly go again soon! :)

Anyone wanna join me? ;)

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