Thursday, September 9, 2010


If ur wondering why i blocked my blog again, well its not to block the spams coz i finally realised it doesnt really work ._.

Nononono.. the reason its blocked this time is coz i also realised how big of a doh head i can be at times >_> And what this doh head did was open her blog at work and left it to do other things using the computer in her BOSS' office ... Yes, tell me about it.

If ur wondering whats so big a deal, well remember my last post? Im being paid to stick stamps? *slaps forehead* Lolz.. anyway im pretty sure they didnt see it, well i hope anyway ._. so until i go back to work on Monday and delete the history on that pc, which i forgot to do before i left zzz, this blog will be locked. Bla.

Im pretty sure they'll be goin to the office tomoro, so ima not taking chances D:

Other than that bery unfortunate dumbass-ness on my part, im quite happy thats its an early weekend for me! Finally 3 days of not working and no classes on sunday! Wheeee!! Ecstatic is the word *jumps for joy* Im so gonna sleep sleep sleep :D

Though ive been tummy flu since morning T^T .. i hope it goes away soon :(

Anyway, family going up to Cameron later, and im skipping it lol...after the last incident, i really dont think i wanna go there any time soon x.x Soo, ill be having Friday to myself...HOME ALONE :D.. i feel its kinda cool having the hse to myself once in awhile :p

So gonna go to bed and rest and think of things to do tomoro! Lol :x

Oh ya, had an old school friend sms me to go to her hse for Raya, and i said yes. Problem is, i dont really knos who it is.. LOL! Im serious! I nvr did transfer my old phone contacts to my new phone...bleh. Actually i nvr transfer alot of my contacts from any of my phones ._.

So! Im just sms her back and ask her where her hse is *pretending that i dont remember how to go* and then see her which im hoping will remind me what her name is. Hahahaha :S Im such a doh really >_>

Oh wells.. Nites!

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