Saturday, September 4, 2010


Finally im back here, staring at my 21" monitor and hoping i get at least one post out today, coz some ppl have been saying that ive been abandoning my blog ._. Not that i do it intentionally but its kinda hard to blog when i suddenly hv not much of a life and dying from exhaustion :(

Help? Please?

I should say i took it upon myself, this suicidal mission. Grrr... so im just bitchin can? I need to release my pent up anger so i dont lose any more my remaining marbles. Lol.. On a random note, am currently patching my audi (i didnt even know there was one *gasp*) and visiting it after mia'ing fr a few weeks now and to also find a certain sea creature and disiao her :p

Oh ya!


Lol...i know its like almost 2 weeks late but hey, i shiok :p Actually i had a post, well a starting of a post on the actual day.... ok more like a the title nia T_T.. Bleh. Seriously ppl, its not that i dont wanna update, i just dont like staring at the pc for hrs with my fingers on the kb but nthg coming out ._.

And so, what else has been goin on in my life to cause such abandonment on my side? Exams 2 weeks after each other? Jp classes? And to think i enrolled for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) at the end of the year. Bo pian, its only once a yr, so just try lor..hopefully i dont fail tho >_>

AND IM STILL GETTING SPAMSS! >>>>> Wtfish fiak fug bla bla blaaaa!

*collects composure* Moving on....

Have i mentioned how extremely tired i feel? Im feeling very out of breath and kinda abit lonely n unloved :( Maybe my overworking has made me feel this way..hmm.. i really really really need a long break and be with ppl who actually loves and cares for me D:

So work has been work..bosses came back early this week and now we're all rushing for Raya orders. Cant believe its already almost mid september and then next thing you know its 2011 lolz. And i cant believe its been a year since well, alot of bad things happened this time last year which kinda broke me down many times over, tho it seems like its happening again. Sigh.

Anyways, i promise to update more, and frequently le, coz i really dont hv much places to spill and it doesnt matter if no one reads anymore, its just a place for me to relieve the insanity and gain back my sanity :)


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