Friday, September 24, 2010

Aloha Friday!

Cant believe its that day of the week again.. and my last post was on Sunday...again :x Just when i tot i was gonna post, thought of all the things i wanted to say and quickly come back to type it out...ended up, it was accumulated for 5 days...again ._.

But really tho, its the thought that counts right? I really reallyyy reallyyyy thought about bloggin de... so i blame time for moving too fast making it impossible for me to post in time and on a daily basis :S

Sidetrack abit from my sincere apology....i finally found something i really dont like about my new job.. LOL! Not that i go out of my way to find bad things about it, bt its really weird to have nothing to complain about yet.

So here it is... the thing i dislike most abt my current job is the office.. Dont get me wrong, its a classy place ok, i mean really classy, with jazz music playin in the background *though its the same songs over n over each day* but still, i dont really mind lol :x, and all the pc's are Apple Macs coz the bosses are Apple fanatics.. the things i really cant stand is the lack of internet connection when im in there!

I really mean it leh! SO STOP LAUGHING IF YOU ARE >_>! Its so ridiculous to the point that the minute i step in the office the connection breaks like nobody's business ._. And the "Unable to connect to server" on my iphone is really annoying dy. Im afraid i might accidentally kill my phone because of this TT

And i cant even use the office net *though it sucks big time too, i suspect its the server they installed* coz i dont have the password and cant really ask coz im still very new there lol. Sigh, i cant play bn properly also.. LOL! Ok la, im nt suppose to play at work, but i got breaks de ma :x

So there! I finally found something which really annoys me to hell! Yay!......:S

Hmmm what else? Not really much dy except that work is really picking up and im starting to get real busy with orders and stuff. Bosses are getting orders in faster than i can drink water lol.. i wonder how its gonna be like when its almost CNY @_@ Better prep myself from now onwards :) Also, maybe coz of this, husband and wife has been "debating" more often than normal lolz. Maybe its the norm ba, but i find it really entertaining... Sheesh, i like feeling awkward when they argue wtf lol :x

Think im too bored at work dy ba D:

And this would not happen if i could use my net without any problems...the me being bored part i mean...LOL! Really wad! I could entertain myself with my phone ma :x

So other than work, classes, entertainment at work what else have i been up to? Oh ya, after months of poofing, finally welcomed babe back to audi lol...tho its nvr long, but better than nvr right? :D Been audiing with Ivan more and actually after almost 2months of not tagging, tagged him to lvl on Monday night lolzzz.. Ppl were actually asking me "OMG ur tagging?!?" - Ya, i was ._.

Also, been loggin into FB more often now compared to my less than 5mins log in and log out earlier.. Guess i feel the need to keep in touch with some of my friends there which i have so badly abandoned :( Sorry la guys, alot of crap goin on for me now..abit too tired to cope x.x

Guess thats about it... at least there wont be work or classes this weekend which im of course happy about :D

I realised goin back to audi is not a good thing for me, i tend to spend more ._. My retail therapy is back :x Well at least till i go acash lol :p

Will post on what i got tomoro! Tatas for now!! :D

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