Sunday, May 31, 2009


For the past 2months, Sundays have been like any other days and Monday blues were non-existant.Well, its back! Lolzz.. So how was my first week on the job?

Hmm, its been interesting. Alot of new things to learn coz ive nvr worked in the construction industry before. Some very interesting ppl (lol, pun intended :p), like the lady that is supposably my superior. Sensitive and lose cannon'ny type lolz. All is still good, but she better not step on my tail.

Bosses, according to her, are demanding and ridiculous. I havent seen that yet. Ive found them to be quite sensible. For now. Time will tell :). What i do know is, this lady complains alot abt things which are so minor, that it makes u laugh. I hope i dont end up like tat at her age though =x. NEVER! Arguements in the office when there's only 3 of us working. So i sit there n laugh inside :p My entertainment leh. Haha. Well, the day moves faster when ur entertained hehe..

Its not really my kind of job, i really dont like paperwork x.x But its a new challenge, a new learning ground and hey, something to boost my resume :p

Hmm.. wat else... Oh yea, been playin audi abit more now, since babe got back his mojo for the game. And also the Audi clubber of the year is back, next Saturday to be exact. I feel like going..

What else? Oh yea, finally watched Saw last nite, 4 of them. At the end of the 4th one, me n sis were like, "these ppl really deserve to die" lol..Maybe we're Jigsaw's latest recruit? Lolz! I cant, my stomach was feeling quesy from all that gore.. Still one more to go, shall watch it after this @@.

Sunday, was sleeping day. Though i did wake early, but i went back to sleep after that. Woke, played abit and slept again. basically i spent today doing absolutely nothing. Cool huh? Mum bought durians..loads n loads. And now am feeling heaty from it ><. Also Baskin Robbins day xD!
Oh well, time to take a bath and watch gorey stuff lol x.x
Have a good week ahead mates!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Weets! Its Friday :)

Its goin to be my 3rd day at my job, woohoo!! Lets celebrate!! =.= .. Work finished at 5.30 but i ended up leaving at abt 7..hmmm. Dont ask me why, my mum did the same thing. Maybe coz i figured, im still new, so juz learned up what i need to do then can slack later :p
The lady that is supposed to be my superior is somewhat overly dramatic and keeps saying bad things abt the bosses to me. Bo pian la, im the only one working with her. There's a another guy, but he seldoms talks coz he's too focused on his sketches (graphic designer lol..) Anyway, i figure, since u bitch abt it so much, might as well leave rite? Ah ya, ive met this kind of ppl b4.. always trying to pyscho u into something. Lucky, im nt that

Kinda sleepy, but been uploading the rest of my pics frm the trip to FB, and its taking me ages =.=.. stupid connection sigh :( Managed to get most of the photos up though, but they're still a number of videos im still trying to put up..Trying one now, but it seems to nt be moving ><.

Im givin it 20mins tops! Then i gonna go oink d :p On the other hand, think i shall give up now LOL=x.. Its nt moving at all!! @@;;; Tmd.

Nites peeps & have a great Friday ya! Its the weekends d!! Preeet~!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First day of work~

And im sick :( Was sneezing and coughin the entire day..Didnt help that my first task was to clear out some cd which were covered in dust, there goes my sinus problems. Luckily the day went by quite fast. Not sure why though, normally i dread 1st days of work, coz u sit ard like an idiot with nothing to do. Guess its different coz there's juz a few of us in the office lolz..

But, i knw for sure i wont be here for long. Its so dreadfully boring, and redundant. The only reason im doing this is coz i havent found a job yet and my mum's friend asked to help out here. Oh well, they're paying quite ok, not alot, but still the work shd not be hard :)

Hopefully, i find another job soon, have a few interviews lined up actually, so yeah, hoping for the best ba. Anyway, came back really feeling tired and muscle aches, signs of me getting fever. Popped meds and fell asleep for awhile. Planning to go sleep soon, but been watching a new anime, not really new, have been looking for it awhile now and finally found it xD.

"Nodame Cantabile" - its a abt this grp of music conservatory students, and their music. Watching this really brought back memories of when i was active n playing.. Really miss those times. Reminds me how much i miss music being a part of my life, esp classical music :(
Hmm, starting to get drowsy frm all the pills i took earlier.. Shd head to bed now lolz..
Have a great remaining of the week mates, talk to you guys soon! Cheers! :)
"I only wish for the truth from you, nothing more, nothing less.."

Monday, May 25, 2009

Was goin through my sms'es today while waiting for mum at the dentists. Alot of things which i had forgotten, brought back alot of memories, good n bad. Though i must say, it was mostly good..back then.

Things change, life changes, ppls change but feelings? One thing i knw for sure, it has not changed mine. At times when i think back why i do it, im reminded why im still doing it when i also found this sms frm a very dear fren of mine..

Love overpowers selfishness.
Happiness in love needs little or no selflessness,
Because when ur happy in love, efforts shd not be counted,
Nor expected in return.
It shouldnt even be called effort.
Because in love, there's only willingness n appreciation.
Maybe its only me, but its definitely changed since you first left. When i was down, you would cheer me up and listen to me. You havent done that in awhile.. you only get angry when i say ur not the same. You used to call me ever so often, how long ago have u done that? Its not fair to say i expect more from you, i only wanted things to be like it was.
Maybe you dont need me that much anymore. What do you think?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

At Chinatown Precint, Melbourne..

Yes, im finally back in Malaysia...Home Sweet Home.. Or rather, Home Sweat Home. My god, its so hot here x.x Ya ya i knw, its always been hot. Thats why i ran to australia lol =x. The end of autumn n near winter weather there was sooo nicee x.x Haiz, i miss it already :(
Safe to say, my trip was wonderful :) except for the flight to n back which were horrid the rest was juz simply....exciting xD! Oh, i havent told u guys wat happened on the way back. I think Airasia shrunk its plane back.. my goodness it was really small k? Alot of ppl were complaining that they couldnt sleep, coz it was too small, and u cant even push it back. So,basically u had to sleep sitting up str8. Horrible! For 10hrs, it was torturous :( When i reached home my thighs n knee had blue black spots T_T.
Anyway, enuf of the bad stuff.. Last day in Sydney was fun. Me n sis went on the ferry ride to Darling Harbour!! There were alot of other places to go but we didnt hv enuf time..had to catch the next plane to Melbourne. Bought alot of stuff back :) It was pretty cool place (piccy's and vids are up in FB^^)

Reached Melbourne at almost 7plus, and finally found our hotel 1hr later x.x. we walked ard the block, little did we realise it was juz a str8 road up frm the bus station..very very far up =x ( i wonder why the hotels we book are nvr near any of the stops? Hmm.)
Lucky the hotel was cozy and i even managed to steal line frm the cafe below somewhere lol..Expensive lor the hotel rates AUD3 for 30mins x.x.. Next day couldnt wake up, too nice n warm to sleep in le @_@. Left ard 11, went to bus station to store our luggage so we could walk without those heavy stuff. And shopping!!
1st few hrs we were sort off walking ard aimlessly, then we found some info ppl, they are the ones which help tourist to get where they wanted to go, and normally are located in CBD areas of cities :) So, with their help, we went on a free city circle tram and got down wherever we wanted in the city..
Too bad most of the places like the markets were closed on normal days.. best times to come was actually on the weekends. But no worries, we walked ard Flinders St, Bourke St Mall, Chinatown, and got some shopping done :)
Well, thats abt all on my trip. Overall? Fun! xD. Hopefully i get to travel to more places soon..
Its a new week guys, a new beginning..

So have a great week ahead, and live life to the fullest!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Me n sis trying to be creative at Melbourne Airport - with a pretzel and the banner behind :p

Cheers my mates from Sydney, Australia!! XD

Sorry it took awhile to update my blog, too lazy and dreadfully tired ><. Here's the full update on what has been happening since i left M'sia on Sat morning..

Left early morning ard 7am, flight to Penang to KL. Reached KL at abt 9.20am. Next flight to Melbourne? 1.40pm @@;;. So what did we do but to loiter ard at Coffee Bean. Dam airport wifi signal so dam saddening, by the time we could get a decent signal, it was time to check in d ._.. Next was the worst possible scenario anyone could ever expect. 8 hrs flight, 2 screaming children the entire duration of the journey ><. And worst of all, they were juz at the opposite aisle frm us.A few ppl even moved seats. Unbearable. No sleep there T_T. Reached Melbourne aiport at 11.30, 2 hrs ahead time diff..Next flight? 6am. Lol...

Was still at Melbourne airport, waited fr the 2.30 SkyBus to take us to the Southern Cross Station to take the SunBus to Avalon Airport. Was able to use the net in the aiport, but ran out of batt 30mins later ._. and i realised the power points had diff types of holes o_o!!!. Bus to Avalon came at 4am, reached airport at 5am. Waited one hr and boarded Jetstar to Sydney airport. Reached Sydney at 7.20am and took the train to Museum, and walked aimlessly looking fr our hotel at Elizabeth street.Found the place abt 1hr plus later, tired, sleepy and moody lol. Me and sis were seriously getting on each others nerves. Checked in at 12.30 and slept till 5pm. Woke up, went to Oxford Street to find food and looked for her Toni n GUY studios, where she will be havin her workshop. Walked for abt3 hrs b4 finding it. Turns out it was in Paddington...Legs broken at this point. But had a yummy dinner, yeeros n pizzas xD! (will post video in FB)

So that was it, 4 planes, 5 airports and 24hrs later, we finally reached Sydney.

Sis 1st day of workshop, woke up at abt 8am, walked with her to the place, abt 30mins walk. It cold here now, autumn leaves are falling. And you dont really feel tired of walking. Dropped her, had coffee and mushroom filo fr breakie, walked ard Oxford Street and went back to hotel fr abit.Came out at abt 2plus, walked ard Oxford again, up to Paddington area.. Alot of nice shops ard, but damn our RM, makes things slightly on the expensive side ><. Conversion came up to abt RM2.70 to AUD1 zzz

Plan to scout on hw to get to Sydney Opera hse, and Bondi beach later..hmmmm..

Loving it here so far, ppl are nice when u ask for directions and its quite laidback and relaxing. Imagine its dark after 5pm, and most shops close at abt 6. Then they go for walks in the park with their dogs, or go for a nice dinner..

Oxford St is more of the adult scene place, alot of erm, adult sex shops ard, drag shows, porn cinema :O..lolz..there are shops which have tags like "Gay/Lesbian and Proud of it" or"Lick-Her-Shop" o.O..quite the eye opener xD
Other than that, ppl seem to enjoy their life here.. so yeah, its pretty cool place to be :)

Hopefully there will be more pics today :p
Take care peeps and have a great remaining week ahead.. I know i am :D

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is it, last 4hrs before i take off :)

Partly excited, partly nervous lol.Dono why, hmm..maybe coz its my first time travelling further than Sg lol x.x . Juz finish straightening my hair, high lighted my sis' hair and finish last minute checking/packing @@;;

And problem is, im sorta having diarrhoea ._. took meds d, hopefully will be ok when i wake ><. Havent booked the hotel in Melbourne though..hurhur=x. Stupid link keep dc on me, and i asked them to booked earlier d but nooo..oh well, sleep in the park then. Lol x.x.

Cant really think of wat else to say, stupid tummy keep turning ><. I shd go sleep i guess..

Wish me a wonderful trip will ya! xD

Friday, May 15, 2009

My fav jelly.. hiak hiak xD~

Been engrosed in anime these 2 days, currently at epi71 d :p Left 10 more epi's and then i need to wait le coz the new one not out yet. Well juz in time too i suppose :)
One more day..less than 24 hrs :p
Been busy packing as well, but im sorta a last minute packer, coz thats when im really good at it. If i do it earlier, i will juz end up bringing alot of uneccessary stuff =x. But on a happy note, unlike ange, i will be able to online and update (and also play my robot wars =xx) every night if im not too tired lol. But yeah, im hoping to upload vids on Fb when im there coz for the 1st 2 days my sis will be at her workshop and i will be left alone to wander the streets of Sydney lol..x.x
Just had my money changed to aussie dollars, and bought stuff fr sis. She's the one with alot of things to bring..Had a makeover last nite, cut my hair shoulder length lol..hmm..well, its new. Havent seen it short for awhile, but then its grows back pretty fast. So nt really worried. Hey, its a good change for me. Well any change is good :)
Oh well, time to continue with my anime :p

Have a great weekend guys! xD

Nobody's talking,
cause talking juz turns into screaming,
And now its im yellin over her,
she's yellin over me,
All that means is neither of us are listening,
And whats even worse?
That we dont remember why we're fighting.
And so we're mad for nothing,
Fighting for nothing,
Cryin for nothing,
But we wont let it go for nothing.
P/s: I dont want to go to bed mad at you.
Im sorry, are you?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My new shoes~!!! (actually drove all the way to BM to get it =x)
3 days and counting..
For those of you who dont know what the countdown is for, Ima goin to Australia! Woots! :). The reason im going is coz my sis is goin for a 2 day workshop in Sydney, and she found some cheap air fare deal, so voila! Im goin xDD! So yeap, leavin Sat morning and coming back the Fri after :)
And i havent even started packing @@;;; Though i might seem abit nonchalant about the whole trip, the truth im quite excited. Its coming at a time when i need to breath new air and hopefully am able to let go of all the bad stuff thats been happening, and come back feeling refreshed and ready to start fightin again lol..
Been out the whole afternoon today, went to see my mum's friend, went to Queensbay mall with sis, got some toiletries for the trip, bought new earrings :p, bought a shirt :p:p, fetch sis to Prangin Mall (in the afterwork jam! x.x) came home, french mani'ed my nails again lol, watched abit anime, and dozing off in front of comp. HurhurxD
Found out audi got patch, new item, diaries o.o hmmm..wonder wat they do..alot of hoo haa abt it, frm wht i read in forums, there are 3 types, standard diary, premium diary and cpl's diaries. The standard one is dens, but i guess nthg much in that, and the premium n cpl one (which is cash) works the same way, juz in case u dont have a cpl to share it with. Thinking of gettin the cpl one..only one person needs to get it, the cpl can use it also..Hmmm..maybe i shd go click on ppl, im sure there are ppl who are more audi freaks than me hv gotten it =x Oh well..
Im hungry ><
Off to cook peeps :) goin to faint soon x.x

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know, i know.
Its the beginnin of the week again. And as u all dragged ur lifeless bodies out of bed to "happily" go to work, all i can do for u guys is this....

Ganbatte-ne! =X

Please do not kill me x.x Me being a person who has nt been working can tell u, i rather be working right now! Im serious. Lol. At least i wont be stuck at home the whole day..Sure, the 1st month is fun but after that, it sorta goes in depression. Like ur falling into this hell hole n there is no end to it ><.

I want change my phone!! T__T
Anyway this is what ive been watching for the past 2 days :) .. actually watched till 6plus ytd x.x...hey, it makes me laugh, why not? xD..

Its about the heroine of the show, Hinamori Amu, who is perceived as "cool and spicy" girl by all the kids in the school. But inside, she's juz a shy n timid. So, one night she prays that she can be wat she really wants to be and wakes up with 3 eggs on her bed. Yes, eggs! Lolz.. anyway thats when the fun begins, coz the eggs are are actually her Guardian Characters.
Oh well, its nice entertainment and i havent been watching animes for awhile now :)

"The fact is, you nvr answered my qns, my doubts, my suspicions.
Though i smile, i still live with unanswered qns in my heart.
How long can i go before i break down again? "

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Secret Recipe's Caramel Cheese Cake~!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Though the day before there were some arguments in the hse, which lasted till Sunday afternoon, still we managed to get together and let bygones be bygones and celebrated it together as a family :)
As my mum n sis went over to the mainland to buy some stuff n get my dog's hair trimmed, i went on my cake search. After 5 to 6 cake hses and 1hr later, we finally decided to splurge a little more and got Secret's Recipes cake. Yum! xD
Mum n sis bought back sefood, crabs, prawns :) And they went all the way frm mainland to Teluk Kumbar fr it..So semangat lol :p

This is the food!

Well, sorry this post is only being posted today since M-Day was ytd, bt have caught up in a new anime i juz found in crunchyroll hurhur xD..Quite cute storyline and i must say its becoming quite exciting lolz. Am only at the 25epi.. will tell u guys wats it abt in my next blog. LOL =x
Ok, time to continue! x.x
Have a great week ahead peeps! *Loves*

Saturday, May 9, 2009

My heart bleeds seeing her sit there n cry..

Im angry at him for making her cry.. Yet i can do nothing to console her..

Inside im crying my own tears, but who will be there to tell me it will be allright?

No one.

My heart is dead.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I think, for me to be truly happy is by leaving..

I dont know how to or what to say anymore. Im wrong when i say things u dont want to hear, and im torn by the things you say. There is nothing that i can do, which will makes us happy anymore.
I dont want to feel sad again when i feel i let you down, and i dont want to feel sad when u show that i let you down. Tell me how to make u happy again? Ppl say, stop trying to please the world. Im not. Im only tryin to please you. And i cant even do that right.
Ive left you once. I knw i can do it again.
Its not that I dont love you, I do. So much more than me. But by being here, i feel trapped, confused, helpless. Im so tired of this never-ending cycle.
Tired of the arguements and the silence after.
"Im all out of faith, this is how I feel
Im cold and I am shamed lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed into something real
Im wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn
Youre a little late, Im already torn"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lunch made by me xD~

Im so sleepy..Havent been sleeping well for the past few days :( .. Firstly was your doing, doink. Secondly, been having toothache for a few nites d..jus ytd was worse. Tooth pain till my head throbbed >< . Gums still quite swelled, so cant have it pulled out yet.. But i sked see dentist lo :(
Havent been audi'ing fr a few days, partly coz darling is away on hols in Sabah, mei also went on hols in Phils..Wa, i wan to go on my hols also liao :p . Hmm, still on robot wars, my squad juz went up to 151 o.o Legit squads k? Frens joining me, last one being Vara lol..I juz turned Lvl46, well halfway through actually haha..But its getting slower to lvl ><. Zhu already up to 59 d ._.
Oh, and jz found out my value in FFS(friends for sale) in FB is almost hitting 10m^^ And few months ago, i was not even sell-able..Rain actually had to do clearance sale on me T_T. Lolz..
Other than that, nothing much..stil not working..Hmmm..think im losing my mind d..Bored as hell..Bla. Pray i start working soon or ill start doing stupid stuff =x Save me!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I keep reading it over n over again. The words u said.

Though it hurt to see u say it, Im sorry i was nvr enough.

You say wat i said was all untrue.. Which part was it?

The 1st part? The part im reading over n over again? The 2nd part? How u NEVER neglected me when u were with them? Or the last part, do you really want me to go and ask to make sure?Im so tired, yet i could only sleep fr 2hrs waking up frm a horrible dream, only to realise it wasnt. It was real.
I knw u might think im over exagerating. Put urself im my shoes. If then u still think its not a big thing then maybe u dont care as much as i do. This is the 2nd time im really disappointed with you. How many must i take for you to stop?
Deep down inside, i keep thinking you can change but u keep proving me wrong. Even after i asked you abt it ytd, you still continued doing it. Me n awol's theories not true? Maybe ur just finding some1 more obliging.
Stop saying sorry if you dont mean it, if you think you did nothing wrong, just stop doing it. Coz one day, sorry will not mean anything to me.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I've officially lost it.

Im currently Level 39 in Robot Wars and im determined to get to 40 by tonite. Or rather by this morning. I have abt 200more exp to go and God knows wat time i will level.


Please congratulate me as i am no longer normal. Even after typing this out and reading how insane i am, im still goin to do it.


Edited: I leveled to 40 at 8am.. Dam im sleepy x.x

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Labour's Day~!! xD

And isnt it cool that's is on a Friday? Haha..But even with this some ppl i knw are working today..Some zhu :p..But cant blame him la, he's saving up to buy me my new iPhone..LOL! Thank you!! x333

Rained this morning, almost couldnt wake up x.x heng some1 on their way to work woke me up, so was sms'ing half asleep and poofie my batt went dead. Fk! my phone is so screwed up, sigh. My batt is dying, and i juz charged it ytd ~.~ And the minute it dies, to get it started back up again is a nightmare. Bla.
Ive gotten quite hooked on side slider phones, which has a cute qwerty nokia's designs are quite normal..maybe i shd jz stick to my 1st option, the 5800 lol. My hand really itchy to change le, bt i promised myself i wont change it until i start working. Argh.
Anyway, woke up, had lunch and went to cc lol..wanted to npc n earn some dens, and it's also been a long time since i npc'ed. Hey, i felt pro ok? Lol. Nt bad earning for a few hrs, almost 1M..but i used my noob acc to play ba, since i havent drained most of them, and also the fact that i wanted to change her look =x
Came home ard 7, family had gone over to B'worth and bought back seafood as dinner. Really huge prawns n crabs x.x yumyum :p. Went out again with them to get my fav wildberries yogurt and now am here.. drowsy n blogging lol...
Uneventful? Pretty much mundane stuff bt it passes the time..
Ok la, shall go be scared out of my pants now.. sis gonna put some creepy ghost movie, might as well get my blood n adreline rushing abit. Hope i dont die of a heart attk though lol x.x
"Don't seek for perfections in love ,
learn to love the imperfections in the ppl who love you instead"