Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Labour's Day~!! xD

And isnt it cool that's is on a Friday? Haha..But even with this some ppl i knw are working today..Some zhu :p..But cant blame him la, he's saving up to buy me my new iPhone..LOL! Thank you!! x333

Rained this morning, almost couldnt wake up x.x heng some1 on their way to work woke me up, so was sms'ing half asleep and poofie my batt went dead. Fk! my phone is so screwed up, sigh. My batt is dying, and i juz charged it ytd ~.~ And the minute it dies, to get it started back up again is a nightmare. Bla.
Ive gotten quite hooked on side slider phones, which has a cute qwerty nokia's designs are quite normal..maybe i shd jz stick to my 1st option, the 5800 lol. My hand really itchy to change le, bt i promised myself i wont change it until i start working. Argh.
Anyway, woke up, had lunch and went to cc lol..wanted to npc n earn some dens, and it's also been a long time since i npc'ed. Hey, i felt pro ok? Lol. Nt bad earning for a few hrs, almost 1M..but i used my noob acc to play ba, since i havent drained most of them, and also the fact that i wanted to change her look =x
Came home ard 7, family had gone over to B'worth and bought back seafood as dinner. Really huge prawns n crabs x.x yumyum :p. Went out again with them to get my fav wildberries yogurt and now am here.. drowsy n blogging lol...
Uneventful? Pretty much mundane stuff bt it passes the time..
Ok la, shall go be scared out of my pants now.. sis gonna put some creepy ghost movie, might as well get my blood n adreline rushing abit. Hope i dont die of a heart attk though lol x.x
"Don't seek for perfections in love ,
learn to love the imperfections in the ppl who love you instead"

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