Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First day of work~

And im sick :( Was sneezing and coughin the entire day..Didnt help that my first task was to clear out some cd which were covered in dust, there goes my sinus problems. Luckily the day went by quite fast. Not sure why though, normally i dread 1st days of work, coz u sit ard like an idiot with nothing to do. Guess its different coz there's juz a few of us in the office lolz..

But, i knw for sure i wont be here for long. Its so dreadfully boring, and redundant. The only reason im doing this is coz i havent found a job yet and my mum's friend asked to help out here. Oh well, they're paying quite ok, not alot, but still the work shd not be hard :)

Hopefully, i find another job soon, have a few interviews lined up actually, so yeah, hoping for the best ba. Anyway, came back really feeling tired and muscle aches, signs of me getting fever. Popped meds and fell asleep for awhile. Planning to go sleep soon, but been watching a new anime, not really new, have been looking for it awhile now and finally found it xD.

"Nodame Cantabile" - its a abt this grp of music conservatory students, and their music. Watching this really brought back memories of when i was active n playing.. Really miss those times. Reminds me how much i miss music being a part of my life, esp classical music :(
Hmm, starting to get drowsy frm all the pills i took earlier.. Shd head to bed now lolz..
Have a great remaining of the week mates, talk to you guys soon! Cheers! :)
"I only wish for the truth from you, nothing more, nothing less.."

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