Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Me n sis trying to be creative at Melbourne Airport - with a pretzel and the banner behind :p

Cheers my mates from Sydney, Australia!! XD

Sorry it took awhile to update my blog, too lazy and dreadfully tired ><. Here's the full update on what has been happening since i left M'sia on Sat morning..

Left early morning ard 7am, flight to Penang to KL. Reached KL at abt 9.20am. Next flight to Melbourne? 1.40pm @@;;. So what did we do but to loiter ard at Coffee Bean. Dam airport wifi signal so dam saddening, by the time we could get a decent signal, it was time to check in d ._.. Next was the worst possible scenario anyone could ever expect. 8 hrs flight, 2 screaming children the entire duration of the journey ><. And worst of all, they were juz at the opposite aisle frm us.A few ppl even moved seats. Unbearable. No sleep there T_T. Reached Melbourne aiport at 11.30, 2 hrs ahead time diff..Next flight? 6am. Lol...

Was still at Melbourne airport, waited fr the 2.30 SkyBus to take us to the Southern Cross Station to take the SunBus to Avalon Airport. Was able to use the net in the aiport, but ran out of batt 30mins later ._. and i realised the power points had diff types of holes o_o!!!. Bus to Avalon came at 4am, reached airport at 5am. Waited one hr and boarded Jetstar to Sydney airport. Reached Sydney at 7.20am and took the train to Museum, and walked aimlessly looking fr our hotel at Elizabeth street.Found the place abt 1hr plus later, tired, sleepy and moody lol. Me and sis were seriously getting on each others nerves. Checked in at 12.30 and slept till 5pm. Woke up, went to Oxford Street to find food and looked for her Toni n GUY studios, where she will be havin her workshop. Walked for abt3 hrs b4 finding it. Turns out it was in Paddington...Legs broken at this point. But had a yummy dinner, yeeros n pizzas xD! (will post video in FB)

So that was it, 4 planes, 5 airports and 24hrs later, we finally reached Sydney.

Sis 1st day of workshop, woke up at abt 8am, walked with her to the place, abt 30mins walk. It cold here now, autumn leaves are falling. And you dont really feel tired of walking. Dropped her, had coffee and mushroom filo fr breakie, walked ard Oxford Street and went back to hotel fr abit.Came out at abt 2plus, walked ard Oxford again, up to Paddington area.. Alot of nice shops ard, but damn our RM, makes things slightly on the expensive side ><. Conversion came up to abt RM2.70 to AUD1 zzz

Plan to scout on hw to get to Sydney Opera hse, and Bondi beach later..hmmmm..

Loving it here so far, ppl are nice when u ask for directions and its quite laidback and relaxing. Imagine its dark after 5pm, and most shops close at abt 6. Then they go for walks in the park with their dogs, or go for a nice dinner..

Oxford St is more of the adult scene place, alot of erm, adult sex shops ard, drag shows, porn cinema :O..lolz..there are shops which have tags like "Gay/Lesbian and Proud of it" or"Lick-Her-Shop" o.O..quite the eye opener xD
Other than that, ppl seem to enjoy their life here.. so yeah, its pretty cool place to be :)

Hopefully there will be more pics today :p
Take care peeps and have a great remaining week ahead.. I know i am :D

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