Friday, May 29, 2009

Weets! Its Friday :)

Its goin to be my 3rd day at my job, woohoo!! Lets celebrate!! =.= .. Work finished at 5.30 but i ended up leaving at abt 7..hmmm. Dont ask me why, my mum did the same thing. Maybe coz i figured, im still new, so juz learned up what i need to do then can slack later :p
The lady that is supposed to be my superior is somewhat overly dramatic and keeps saying bad things abt the bosses to me. Bo pian la, im the only one working with her. There's a another guy, but he seldoms talks coz he's too focused on his sketches (graphic designer lol..) Anyway, i figure, since u bitch abt it so much, might as well leave rite? Ah ya, ive met this kind of ppl b4.. always trying to pyscho u into something. Lucky, im nt that

Kinda sleepy, but been uploading the rest of my pics frm the trip to FB, and its taking me ages =.=.. stupid connection sigh :( Managed to get most of the photos up though, but they're still a number of videos im still trying to put up..Trying one now, but it seems to nt be moving ><.

Im givin it 20mins tops! Then i gonna go oink d :p On the other hand, think i shall give up now LOL=x.. Its nt moving at all!! @@;;; Tmd.

Nites peeps & have a great Friday ya! Its the weekends d!! Preeet~!

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