Sunday, May 24, 2009

At Chinatown Precint, Melbourne..

Yes, im finally back in Malaysia...Home Sweet Home.. Or rather, Home Sweat Home. My god, its so hot here x.x Ya ya i knw, its always been hot. Thats why i ran to australia lol =x. The end of autumn n near winter weather there was sooo nicee x.x Haiz, i miss it already :(
Safe to say, my trip was wonderful :) except for the flight to n back which were horrid the rest was juz simply....exciting xD! Oh, i havent told u guys wat happened on the way back. I think Airasia shrunk its plane back.. my goodness it was really small k? Alot of ppl were complaining that they couldnt sleep, coz it was too small, and u cant even push it back. So,basically u had to sleep sitting up str8. Horrible! For 10hrs, it was torturous :( When i reached home my thighs n knee had blue black spots T_T.
Anyway, enuf of the bad stuff.. Last day in Sydney was fun. Me n sis went on the ferry ride to Darling Harbour!! There were alot of other places to go but we didnt hv enuf time..had to catch the next plane to Melbourne. Bought alot of stuff back :) It was pretty cool place (piccy's and vids are up in FB^^)

Reached Melbourne at almost 7plus, and finally found our hotel 1hr later x.x. we walked ard the block, little did we realise it was juz a str8 road up frm the bus station..very very far up =x ( i wonder why the hotels we book are nvr near any of the stops? Hmm.)
Lucky the hotel was cozy and i even managed to steal line frm the cafe below somewhere lol..Expensive lor the hotel rates AUD3 for 30mins x.x.. Next day couldnt wake up, too nice n warm to sleep in le @_@. Left ard 11, went to bus station to store our luggage so we could walk without those heavy stuff. And shopping!!
1st few hrs we were sort off walking ard aimlessly, then we found some info ppl, they are the ones which help tourist to get where they wanted to go, and normally are located in CBD areas of cities :) So, with their help, we went on a free city circle tram and got down wherever we wanted in the city..
Too bad most of the places like the markets were closed on normal days.. best times to come was actually on the weekends. But no worries, we walked ard Flinders St, Bourke St Mall, Chinatown, and got some shopping done :)
Well, thats abt all on my trip. Overall? Fun! xD. Hopefully i get to travel to more places soon..
Its a new week guys, a new beginning..

So have a great week ahead, and live life to the fullest!

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