Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lunch made by me xD~

Im so sleepy..Havent been sleeping well for the past few days :( .. Firstly was your doing, doink. Secondly, been having toothache for a few nites d..jus ytd was worse. Tooth pain till my head throbbed >< . Gums still quite swelled, so cant have it pulled out yet.. But i sked see dentist lo :(
Havent been audi'ing fr a few days, partly coz darling is away on hols in Sabah, mei also went on hols in Phils..Wa, i wan to go on my hols also liao :p . Hmm, still on robot wars, my squad juz went up to 151 o.o Legit squads k? Frens joining me, last one being Vara lol..I juz turned Lvl46, well halfway through actually haha..But its getting slower to lvl ><. Zhu already up to 59 d ._.
Oh, and jz found out my value in FFS(friends for sale) in FB is almost hitting 10m^^ And few months ago, i was not even sell-able..Rain actually had to do clearance sale on me T_T. Lolz..
Other than that, nothing much..stil not working..Hmmm..think im losing my mind d..Bored as hell..Bla. Pray i start working soon or ill start doing stupid stuff =x Save me!

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