Monday, May 25, 2009

Was goin through my sms'es today while waiting for mum at the dentists. Alot of things which i had forgotten, brought back alot of memories, good n bad. Though i must say, it was mostly good..back then.

Things change, life changes, ppls change but feelings? One thing i knw for sure, it has not changed mine. At times when i think back why i do it, im reminded why im still doing it when i also found this sms frm a very dear fren of mine..

Love overpowers selfishness.
Happiness in love needs little or no selflessness,
Because when ur happy in love, efforts shd not be counted,
Nor expected in return.
It shouldnt even be called effort.
Because in love, there's only willingness n appreciation.
Maybe its only me, but its definitely changed since you first left. When i was down, you would cheer me up and listen to me. You havent done that in awhile.. you only get angry when i say ur not the same. You used to call me ever so often, how long ago have u done that? Its not fair to say i expect more from you, i only wanted things to be like it was.
Maybe you dont need me that much anymore. What do you think?

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