Sunday, June 29, 2008



I have a seriously bad bad bad bad headache..its getting worse by the minute T_T... and its raining outside for crying out loud...been raining the entire day..sigh..

Trying to be cheery yet cant help it when it suddenly hurts like hell and i lash out at innocent victims..those who kena'ed abit of my lashing sorry..

But i really cant take it le :(

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Say bye bye to Saturday...

Morning was spent aimlessly..woke up at 10 and loitered ard at home..Had a lunch to go to so was killin time by ermmm..doing nothing? lolz..

Went into audi to see who was ard..played a few games with this new fren who likes to call anoili - chio bu..hahaz..oh well played a few rds with him and gt bored coz of the lag..left and went on to crunchyroll to look for new stuff to watch..hmmm..

Watched a jap drama which i saw on tv a cpl of years back..really cool of the main actor..Takuya Kimura <33333 :P

Watched till ard 1..prepared and left home at abt 1.30..lucky i din leave earlier..knowing my frens..they will be late =.=|| and so they were..waited ard 45 mins for them at the restaurant..lucky my ex colleague was also there with me..and we drank like xN glasses of Pu Erh tea..zzzz..and said to each other..lucky we dont work there anymore..uh huh..can say tat

Had vegetarian lunch..which was quite nice and gossiped abt work..or rather ex work..haha..and left for prangin mall for some earring shopping..found 2 pairs which i really liked xDD..and some hair stuff...frens gt me this :P

Reached home..watched more of jap drama <3 and then went out with mum to get groceries..

Overall? tired tired..lolz..

Feel like finishing my drama but another 4 epi which mean another 4 hrs..zzz..i will only finish at 4am..zzzzzzzzzz..don think i can make it T_T..

Somehow it makes me think of how much i wan to be thought be missed by ppl..lame rite? bla..lolzz..

So anyone missed me today?


Friday, June 27, 2008



Its come and gone....Quiet day...Thinking day...Emotional day? Lolz..

And through it all..sometimes i wonder...if its me..making myself think too much when im suppose to let life show me where it can take me..I hate it when my emotions take over me..yet i cant helped it sometimes..All i need is a hug and someone to tell me it will be ok..Someone to listen..

Maybe i make myself so..


Oh well i will be ok :) i always pick myself up..As someone said..i shd be happy..the sun is shining outside and i am happy to be alive and to be the person i am xD..Truly i am..


Thursday, June 26, 2008


Arlo arlo arlo~!!!

Forth day has come to an end...summary? think im goin serious..been watching too much anime on the comp and over long periods of time =x...need to rest my feels so dry and blurry ><

Juz finished another one today and it was nice xD...hmmm..shall i stop for awhile? hmmm hmmm hmmm...dilemma...lolzz..ok la rest one day..

Nothing much is goin on except the earlier when ex colleagues called and wanted to belanja me lunch as my farewell o.O? They do realise that im no longer there rite? was actually one colleague which is from the shipping dept who din knw i was leaving until the 2nd last he said will make it up to me and arrange for a farewell treat..even after i've sweet i suggested vegetarian lunch at this nice place in town..looking forward to it =DDD

Been wantin to post this sometime back..but my phone cable kept givin me problems ^&*!@(*$ so i couldnt transfer them out of new mouse and headphones which i gt recently from my trip down to kl XDDD...happy with them..hehe..only one thing missing..the reason i made tat spontenous trip down..MY MP3 PLAYER!!! T__________T
babe get for me!!! don care don care..sob sob.. back hurts like crazy le..think i shall go rest..tomoro is another day..lolz..

p/s: *whispers* still wan my mp3 player^^



Wednesday, June 25, 2008


How often do u say "I love you"?

How easy is it for you to utter those 3 words? Do you say it everyone u know or only when u really mean it? Is it one of those words that come easily after every conversation with juz abt anyone and is merely like a greeting or some sort like "Hello?"..


Ive always found it hard to say those words..except to my family..and then still we show our love for each other in actions rather than juz words..Even with close frens i will feel aprehensive abt sayin it unless i really mean it..lolzz..guess ima idiot huh? xD

Tis is juz a random thought which came to mind when i was in audi and staring at the lobby..watching ppl spouting I love u's to each other and went..hmm do they actually mean it? Baka me=x bleh~

Think i have too much free time on my hands..need to find something more constructive to do ady..bla bla..i knw..i shd go for more dance classes..ehehehe :P

Oh well, 3rd day of joblessness is comin to an end..all in a days work^^

Hmmm...oh ya..thanx "siao lang" for being there for me..Love u lots n lots :P

Im bored Doinks~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tuesday 24th June...another day..another lazing ard day...lolz :P

It was a rainy morning..slurp! Haven had that in a long long long time..and i slept for the longest..slept early last nite..i think..really cant remember x.x..all i can remember is that i was telling myself..hmm need to lay down abit and later come back down n continue to watch my shows..and that was it..i was a goner ><

Maybe it was coz of the cold war i was having wif my family that made me tired and go to bed early (sigh..long story) and the next thing i knew it was almost 1pm was raining the whole morning and it was so nice to be able to sleep in and it was COOLING! After the countless days of hot hot hot mornings..lolz..really it was sooooo nice xDDDD

Oh well..finally decided to wake up..think i had a really weird dream and forced myself to wake up coz it kept continuing when i fell back to sleep..weird i cant seem to recall wat it was about anymore :( creepy huh? bla...

Watched a new anime again and it was quite entertaining :) really cool watching all these shows again after so long nvr really sit down n watch..hahaha..

Still having cold war wif family..haven spoken a single word today (oh..tat was broken after one phone call) but still haven said a single word to them..its not i donwan to..juz that i dono wat to say anymore and i feel like nobody ever listens to wat i say anyway..sigh..maybe my feelings are not listening to wat i have to say so hard? :(

Shall continue wif my entertainment then...that will get my mind off things..for now..


Monday, June 23, 2008


My first official out of a job day! wootssss...lolzz

My thoughts on this day? hmmmm...boringgggg..

Lolz..seriously though, it was quite normal except the fact i was not working on Monday..woohooo~!! Other than that it was hot hot hot hot day >< How exactly did i spend my day? Ermm..woke quite early to go to the post office for the petrol reimburesement thingy..waited for quite abit before i reached the counter..The whole thing actually took me less than 5 mins to do..but the waiting part..fuiyoh=x

Came home..sat ard and continued watching my anime xDD..was watching "Hanada Shonen Shi" very cute and nice storyline..laughed till my tummy ached^^ watch it if u guys come across it :)

Went out after awhile to take my bro's car for hot hot again >< sat ard and watched more of Hanada and went out to collect back the car from the shop..Came home, changed and went for my classes..tired tired tired..but it was fun xDD.. sweated it out and loosen it up and went out exhausted lolzzz..don anyhow think guys :P

It was a long day and jus finished my Hanada le :( oh well time to move on to my next show..teehee..

And tat was how i spent my 1st day as a jobless gal..slurp! week nia la..let me enjoy wo :( after tis i will GAMBATE! at my new job^^

Ok! time to search for new shows..


Sunday, June 22, 2008


The world is a shallow place to be in..
If you think that u are shallow then no worries..coz ur definetely not alone..
All of us are, one way or the other..its juz a way of how ppl perceived other ppl..

I am shallow in a way, i think..shallow to think that the world has its good points.. that there are some good in ppl, even when others say they are not..maybe my simple thought has been my only saviour from hurt n disappoinment..maybe not?

I have come to terms that the world is cruel..or rather ppl are cruel.. the standards in which we measure wat is truly beautiful and wat is not saddens me at my world.. i may not deserve to be truly loved for i am not up to their standards.. so wat if a person is kind, caring and can make ppl happy? Tats all a load of crap, isnt it? I am rite.. juz think abt it before any of u denies it..

Therefore i will and am making a change..I am determined to prove something to these ppl and most of all to for all those ppl out there..try and change for u do not knw how many ppl you have hurt with your perceptions..

Faith n determination is in my heart now..juz wait n see :)

Monday, June 16, 2008


18 years have come and gone
For momma they flew by
But for me they just drug on and on
We were loading up that Chevy
Both tryin' not to cry
Momma kept on talking
Putting off good-bye
Then she took my hand and said
'Baby don't forget

Before you hit the highway
You better stop for gas
There's a 50 in ashtray
In case you run short on cash
Here's a map and here's a Bible
If you ever lose your way

Just one more thing before you leave
Don't forget to remember me'

This downtown apartment sure makes me miss home
And those bills there on the counter
Telling me I'm on my own
And just like every Sunday I called momma up last night
And even when it's not, I tell her everything's alright
Before we hung up I said
'Hey momma, don't forget to tell my baby sister I'll see her in the fall
And tell mee-mal that I miss her
Yeah, I should give her a call
And make sure you tell Daddy that I'm still his little girl
Yeah, I still feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be
Don't forget to remember me'

Tonight I find myself kneeling by the bed to pray
I haven't done this in a while
So I don't know what to say but
'Lord I feel so small sometimes in this big ol' place
I know there are more important things, but
Don't forget to remember me
Don't forget to remember me'

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Silence pls...

I dono if wat i did was rite...
Im sorry if i seemed hard on you,
That i said things that made u feel bad,
But it was wat i have feeling..
For the longest time i kept it inside,
And i guess i juz exploded..


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blig Blug Bleg...Blog lor..

I have exactly one week left before i leave another chapter of my life behind and move on...1 week before i go on to new place, meeting new ppl, learning new things...and im scared shytless..

Im the kind of person who hates changes and yet cant stand being in a monotonous environment...Loves to learn new things yet scared of not doing well always contridicting myself..lolzz

In a way, i am sad to leave..leaving behind the ppl ive come to call frens..though we will always meet up will never be the guys, u all need to find new kaki to gossip over coffee breaks, bytch abt the company benefits, scold the bosses behind their backs :P...i will miss u guys xD

Alot of things i wish to do now..i wan to do all the things that i gave up..i don wan to wake up one day and regret the choices i made..and not knowing wat would have more "what if i had..?"... i just hope my family supports me in this..will u stand by me?

So, jyjyjy to me!! I will do my best this time be happy with my decisions XD...

"Remember to always be yourself because life is too short to be anyone else.."


Monday, June 9, 2008

I have the...

Monday bluess....

Think im goin to have a bluesy kind of week....sighzz..

I have something on my mind..and its buggin me...

Make me forget please? Bla..