Friday, October 31, 2008

Watta!! Friday's finally gone!!

Worst friday in a very very very very loooooooooog time x.x
Abit of a fked up no..a very fked day...
Dam it.
Stress level was so high that i couldnt, no didnt want to talk to anyone...
Only spoke to the person on the phone, well coz it was my job..
Not even my manager =x
I dono la..u knw me..once i refuse to talk, I WONT!
Woke up late -.- but didnt really care coz i..didnt care?
anyway still early when i reached work..abt 7.45 nia..
and my ulcer nt getting better..and i cant seem to eat also..
since i had diarrohea that day, my stomach is nt very happy..
I mean that literally k? Wil nt explain if u dont get it..
Had xmas party meeting at 10..was nominated to do a skit..
And they are forcing me to sing..unhhh..
Seriously dam busy day.. don get it.
Left sharp from work..5pm nia..bye bye office..
and nw at tbun blogging and blogging..since i cant audi.
Double doinks.
Stupid fked up patch..i wanna play season 2..sigh..
So what can i do until u come?
Watch Indiana Jones..lolzz.
P/s: Had TGI's for dinner last nite x33..
Now i wanna eat japanese food..can?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meaningless Post..

I like the clock..
I mean i like watching the time pass..counting down my time on earth lolzz..
Sorry, but i really am like that..dark..i think abt death..
Im not scared of dying but more scared of leaving behind the ppl i love..
Im the kind of girl who when growing up, cried when my siblings were caned by mum
I have too much empathy, and its not a good thing..

Oh well, woke up at 6.30 again for work after 3 days of slacking and waking up at 2pm..Really wanted to go back to sleep but being the hardworking, dedicated and obedient employee that i am .. i went *grumble grumble* Reached early juz to find out ppl still on hols and no one to open office door.. so sat outside of office, and waited for half n hr ._. *grumble grumble*
Today am at a new work cubicle, hopefully this will be my fengshui desk and i will get many many many many deals - muahahahahahaha =x
And the office clock is juz right in front of me x33...hurhur..
Was lazy to work but did anyway since im such a ......u knw^^
Also lamed ard to pass time...wanna see what lame ppl do?




ok...dont say i forced u to look...


Did i not tell u i was lame? ._.
Bear in mind i did this after work ya? Well most of you wont get it but
HAH! *laughs anyway* =x
Was googling for my blog and then thought hmmm...
Yea...told u so..u juz dont listen do u?
And the fact that i have enuf stuff to blog in 2 places amazes me
- Im so full of it! Yay!
For those who are curious where my other blog is..
Well if u really know me..ull find it..
and if u dont? As someone said to me once "Leave it to fate" :)
Wanted to leave after my boss, but uhh she donwan to go home so i go lor..
Lrt still packed - wtf? *grumble grumble*
And guess where im writing all this?
Oh well, guess thats it, think ive lived up to my post title
*clap clap* * curtesies*
Cheers peeps
Have a great week!
Note to self : Be happy always....and i am^^
Countdown to weekend..
3 fk** days x_x

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekends..over x.x

Thank god there's no work on Monday! =x
Well, lets see hw ive spent my 2 days..
Woke at 2pm (slept at 4am the nite b4 -.-)
Did laundry, cleaned room, did more laundry, and more laundry
and..well u get it..lolz..
Finally gt out of the hse at abt 6pm.. went to cc, played some audi,
blogged abit..and its 1am d..hmmm..
Woke up at 2pm (o.O don remember wat time i slept=x)
No laundry (woots!) so...
watched some csi, some anime :P
went to cc at abt 3.30..audied abit, manage to complete one story! (club 4k zz)
still gt the 8k one ZZZZ
went to get dinner and ate at home..
came out to cc again at abt 8..
audied abit more..blogged abit more..blogged at 2 places actually lolz..
emo'ed abit.. well still emo'ing :(
Will snap out of it tomoro ba..since i already poured it out :)
And... thats it? C'est la vie..thats life guys..well my life anyway x.x
Guess wat im gonna be doing tomoro?
Nothing -.-
I really wanna complete my story mode..its starting to pissing me off :(


Took out ytd's post of emo ramblings partly becoz
I promised myself i wont anymore..
That i will only post in my other blog of emo's..
Yes yes i opened another blog juz to ramble..
Oh well..
Even so i still feel what i felt 2 days ago when i read it...

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Dono what im saying.
Rather dono what else i shd say.
Fked up.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Finally....changed our audi rings le x333! lolz..

Ok next? hahaha...slowly lor..

Stupid song to party to dam hard to perf x.x

Wth.."Feel the Night"..bodo song..lolz

Had to listen like so closely...lolzz.

But in the end...


Though it doesnt bling yet, but its big :P, we are officially FREESIA!

We will get to the blinging ring soon..i knw it =)

Other than audi'ing till very late lolzz, work has been fine..stilll havent gotten my 1st deal,

So abit stressed out at times, scared of disappointing my family who have done so much for i knw when to stop panicking and start doing more..

So keep wishing me luck guys and pray for me xD!

I knw it will come..

Was supposed to go for the company's annual paintball comp..but its been raining for a few days now and since my asthma juz really gt better..don wanna risk it yeah..dropped out x.x

Will be on hols till Monday due to Deepavali on Monday, so hopefully will get enuf rest and be able to do more research for work..

Was seriously thinkin of goin back to Penang since it was a long weekend but the thought of taking the bus again...uwek..

And also..

Sorry mum, i really miss u guys but i wont come back until i get something =(

What else has happened since my last post? hmmm....nothing d..omfg i have no life! lolzz..

I have missions in life :P^^

Let u see again:P!

I have nothing to do really x.x...entertain me can?

I wan a pet! So sad that they dont the piggy anymore..shd have gotten it the last time :(

And i need to finish my story! Dem club dance *&^$#

Oh BU improving sia..but only 8k lolz..4k i die x.x

And the song that i hated the most i gt 0 miss for o.O..

Was doing this for story...and was looking for songs i could combo alot with..din expect it to be this song though..haha..wait la..i practice my lvl 3 songs^^

Am i cool or wat? =x


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Something to ponder about..

Sorry havent been faithful to my blogging lol, something else has grabbed my attn for the moment...Wanna knw what? Well read on lolzz..

Before i start, let me tell you what i noticed on my way back from work ytd..

Left the office sharp at 5.30..had been dreaming and waiting the time to pass like forever..lucky Mondays pass dam fast..been thinking abt it the whole day so thats why left sharp sharp until the ppl at work were like,"Eh mag so early?" =x

Reach lrt station at abt 6pm, wtf so many ppl zz..while lining up for the train, tis is wat i saw, a train came, but it was filled to the brim, then this lady comes out of nowhere from behind and tries to squeeze her way in..well she didnt get HAH! * laughs at her* and continues waiting..guy behinds me..makes a phone call, my hair stood..of coz will nt elaborate on the conversation -.-...why ppl so thick skinned ya? Finally after like 5 or 6 trains -.- finally managed to get in..well, was squished like wat..bla..and b4 the door closed one lady ran in and squished us even more zzzz..U can imagine my trip back was a stand still space for movement at all..then suddenly realised there was this guy behind that was burping for the entire journey..wth? i think he purposely one la..20 mins of train ride ok? i wanted to turn ard and slap him =x Finally gt off..*breathes relief* and gt my dinner and walked home..on the entrance to my apts, saw a car gt clamped haha! *laughs to myself again* and sniggers on my way back..think im losing my mind..

The summary to this and why i had to go through this ordeal..i blame audi=x! Because i wanted to go home early and do the STORY MODE.. i had to face all this annoyance -.-... don care, need to blame something..

Oh well, 6 more stories before gold, and im proud to say i did it all by myself :) well of coz the 4 other ppl who had to be in the room to help me pass it lol..thanks ya x33..

Well will tell u guys more abt my story tales when im done.. until then... ciaoz peeps


Thursday, October 16, 2008


I dono what i did d..dont think i did much but my original template is at home...
in PENANG!! ! &^$^*....Mei help! :(
Bla bla bla..
So fast the weeks past and its a Friday d..hard to believe that ive been out here in KL alone for almost 1 month time flies..when ur having fun?
It happens when ur so busy working, sleeping for a few hrs and continue working..lolz.
Tot i was goin to get my first deal, eh no, first 2 deals this morning, but it wasnt meant to be :(
Oh well, life goes sure i will be able to do it :)
JY JY ME! ^^
Been raining like crazy here..non stop ki siao d lolz..
Why am i bloggin now ar? Coz i like ma hahah...
Actually...tmd asiasoft having server patch? wth is that ya?
Juz another of asiasoft telling us "We're 'tryin' to fix our screw ups".. yeah rite as if that ever happen..i assure u once we go back in, nt only will nt improve but they throw somethin else in..juz for fun lolzz..
Sorry im bitchin la but anyone who gets in my way of getting my bling bling will kena de..NO MATTER WHO YA! =x
Tomoro the office is having month end drinks..thats when the company belanja's dinner and they booked Modesto this booze, free food :)
But im lazy to go la..hmm..really not in a mingling mood..nt until i get my deals my boss is asking me to go..dilemma.. and i don wanna go home late also..ahhhh=x
Maybe shall go for the dinner and 1 or 2 drinks then slip away ba...erk.
Tomoro then think ~.~
Anyway, bosses wont be ard for tomoro..all of them going for training lolz..
So, its gonna be a relaxin friday :)
I wanna go put in new games in my psp d x333
Thanks ya babe :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ok! Birthday's Over! =x

Time to get my 1st deal! I can feel it..I can smell it! =x
Well, pre-birthday was spent in audi lol...but it wasnt all that bad was great actually :)
Alot of pm's of birthdays wishes that i couldnt even concentrate on tagging hearts hahaha..
Thanks guild family for their wishes(serene, dou, even sai kk -.-...and other which i forgotten..sorry ya, too many at the time le =x)and their i love anoili's :P
Even si tocky..who was spamming my pm with his b'day song -.-...somemore ask me say that he is handsome and smart for remembering zzzz..wonder who told him..hmm :P
And the smses from Vara, mango, Iris, Maymay x33..tot u all forget le hehe...
Wishes in Facebook and in my blog (heh ivan n dardar) x33
Also to the tagging partners lol..
And of coz not to forget my dearest zhu x333..who gave his virgin mega to me LOL!! cute sia :P


Hopefully i didnt forget anyone on purpose ya...older must forgive hahaha

My team also threw me a surprise :)

Ask me go meeting sia, suddenly reach outside the room saw the cake ~.~ walao kena tipu ya =x and my face turned so red when they say birthday song for me...i very ps de la. >.>

Managed to remember to take pic of the cake..but half cut d haha..nvm still looks nice and so yummy...choc moist cake from Lavenders xD

Lucky juz the 4 of them, if the whole floor i hide under table liao..=x

Overall, what i thought would be a quiet birthday turned out to be a great birthday xDDDD

Shd be more to post but i wan to take out my piccys from my phone 1st grrr


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all who sent me their smses and wishes in audi xD
Will post piccy's tomoro ya^^
Sorry to say sick on birthday hahas :P
Love u guys!!! Muacks!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Its a Monday...

...and i have a bloody splitting headache x.x
Must be coz of all the dam walks in the rain recently..dono why it tends to rain the minute it hits and my unbrella came to late d..think im gonna fall sick..double fks =x
Sorry for the crude language..but at this point i really don give a ****

Anyway..its a Monday..well..was a Monday.. work juz ended like an hr waiting for the crowd to disperse from the lrt stations so that i dont make my headache worse than it already is..

Spent my weekends brainlessly..which was cool...but din eat dinner until last nite (last meal? Fri nite lolz) which was not so cool haha..blek..

Well, lazy to countdown d..coz it here d..well almost x.x....who cares? ~.~ I wanna get an audi pet as a gift to myself lolz..other than that i dono wat else to get d...also on my wish this...

Nokia E66...White nice rite? <3> waiting for my 1st deal before i reward myself with this haha =s

Ok la...stop being lame mag and go home :)


Sunday, October 12, 2008


Slept the saturday away =x
Din really wake up until abt 2pm...<3>
It rained rained rained the entire day..couldnt go wth sleep lor lolz..
Woke up, did some laundry (alot!) and watch dvd's until almost 5pm..
Went cc, was actually goin to get food de..manatau im still here and it almost 1 am d =x
i want food!
Nothing much to blog abt coz it was an uneventful day..
but i enjoyed my rest nonetheless :)
Now gonna go get some food and watch more dvd'd <333
I want to post pics la! i need to transfer my pics from my phone...
So many d zzzzz..

Friday, October 10, 2008


I really need an umbrella..walked back in the rain again ~.~ and todays was horribly heavy..dont get dam sunny in the afternoon..the minute it hit 5pm rain liao...zzzzzzzz
Didnt realise how bad it was until i reach the lrt!! hmm..not cool T_T ...stood, walked abit, stood, went and bought a key chain o.O why ar? la..everytime it rains i sure go in and see nia =x so decided, well, i needed a keychain so buy lor..lolz...
Friday liao so fast..havent thought of what i wanna do with the weekends yet...haha..oh ya..had an sms fiesta with mei on the way back home..don wanna see the bill d =x anyways..take care wor mei <3
Oh, rained when i came down to cc also..bla..rain la rain la...tomoro rain somemore so i can sleep in ^^..
P/s: 4 more days!!! ~.~

Thursday, October 9, 2008

You really are..

....indifferent, distant, like a stranger to me.
I dont know what is wrong but i knw something is..
Somehow, uve changed and it doesnt feel like it used to anymore.
Maybe uve gotten bored, maybe ure juz not..
I dont know..
Its juz different..whether u believe it or not.
but how would you knw how i feel, if u dont read what i have to say anymore
And i dont want to say anything..
Silence <3

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Currently posting at work..why i donwan go back home ar? What is my problem??
Actually left work early ytd..abit regret k? Ended waiting for the ppl to clear up at the LRT station..wth? why so many ppl one? They kenot go home earlier?? =x
So waited and waited and waited and waited and waited...well u get my point... Wait till donwan
wait anymore and join in the fun cramping with ppl..i don like to be a kelian sardine..but no choice..bla.
Alot of funny things i notice ppl can actually fall asleep whilst standing..hmmm..i mean its so bladi cramp and hot ok? and besides i don think i will ever want to show some stranger how i look like when i sleep k? Never! Never ever! Not in a million years! Not even if i was gonna die from lack of sleep!
Work was fun as Well did wat i had to some good responses though..hopefully i will get my 1st deal soon :) *fingers crossed*
Oh ya..shocked myself today..went to toilet and suddenly saw a guy standing there looking at the mirror..OMFG! Was i that sleepy??
Turns out it was a woman=x
What la..she was wearing a man's suit and boycut hair somemore..not my fault i misunderstood ok? stunned for 2 secs and then continued walking on in the toilet cubicle..and was trying to stop myself from laughing at -.-
Housemates are back...well actually one of them came back while i was in Penang..but the thing is i havent seen him since i came back..everytime i go home..he's in the room.. He's there! i know it ok? When i come out of the bath, there are signs that he came out..locked doors, things moved...bla bla bla..feels really creepy though..really, really creepy..
Now all of them are back and i still havent seen them..hmmm..think its coz of my leaving the hse at 6.30am and coming home ard 12+..but then funny la..its like 6 ppl living in that apartment and i nvr see them..doh. But think will see them when i go back today..unless they went out for dinner..oh well..
Think i shd back home now..getting quite late..oh ya! After 1 1/2 years and 160+ posts..i finally realised i can change how i write my blog..
DONT! Dont judge me...thats for me to do only zzzz..
I wanna learn how to lock some of my posts though..hmm..don think i can do it in blogger..
Doink doink doink..

Monday, October 6, 2008


Im back in KL..

Came back ytd morning..bus left at more buses left for the basically i went back Pg for one day nia x.x.. Sorry time i tell u earlier im coming back so that we can meet up =)

Hectic 2 days..did i needed to do and still few stuff not yet done zzz...oh well..came back feeling sooooo tired..and to top it all off..6 hrs in the bus T__T..and bought the snoozer seats but my dam tv was nt slept the entire journey which made me more tired..doh.

And ate alot of Penang food lolz..missed it so muchh =( and found out it vegetarian month.. adoi..i always do the whole 9 days de..this time in KL i didnt even realise it was that time ady..sigh..

Left work sharp 5.30 and fell asleep after having still groggy and sleepy..think ima gonna head back and sleep earlier mood to do research..think i have enuf leads to last me tomoro ba..

Thats it..nothing else to post..still feeling a sense of loss..but then who cares?


Sunday, October 5, 2008

My afternoon nap...

...turned out to be a bad idea.

Had a horrible nightmare and remember crying in it..alot..

Even as i tried to relax myself and forget abt my sadness, i had it in my dreams..


Saturday, October 4, 2008

U guys were right....(edited)

..i was doing it for attention, for someone to really listen and not make it feel like something that didnt matter, someone to tell me its gonna be ok and not change the topic coz its something they didnt want to hear.

Was i wrong? Maybe.. the way i did it, the way i handled it, the way i said it. Im not proud of it but i was juz desperate for anyone's attention even for 5 mins.Im sorry i did it..

I juz feel that our friendship is not what it used to be, it juz seems to me that ive been shut out from your life and there are things that u don seem to want to share with me anymore..Call me obsessed or phobia or juz imagining things but i knw this things..its coz im super sensitive..which is never a good bad thing =(

Everything i do bothers u, everythin i say irritates u,which never seemed to be last time..u would cheer me up always.. am i really that bad a person? im starting to think that i am..

And for the first made it feel like it was entirely my fault..and u pretended it nvr happened and left me without a chance to here it is..the reason i kept asking was coz i wanted u to be sure and nt to change ur plans juz coz of me..i didnt say no, i wanted u to think it through..and i was angry and dissapointed that when i was rushing to go back...u told me u couldnt do it..and the reasons that u gave me said i was at fault..and even when finally u said u could again..the way you said it made me feel like i was a did..believe me..And after it all, u expect me to smile as if nothing happened?

U will nvr get it, after reading this u might even think that im more annoying and nuisance than ever..u will think that im a difficult person and u wont even bother anymore..u might even hate me..i wonder if u will even see this..after being my friend for so long, do u really understand me and put urself in my shoes?

Well im back in penang, reached home late last nite..and juz feelin very tired. Alot on my mind that it makes me donwan to think of anything anymore. Keepin my mind blank..

Btw, thanx guys for keepin me company with ur sms'es on my way back home :)

I dont know what else to say to you, maybe its best if i don say anythin anymore since everythin i say or do seems wrong and aggravates the situation. As a friend said..suck it up and be happy with what we have..thus i will smile..and laugh even when it hurts inside juz coz i donwan to be unhappy anymore..

Shall go back to bed i suppose..and try to sleep.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Juz a post?

Dono wat to post..but needed a place to channel my feelings..yet it seems hard for it come out..

Alot of things were on my mind these 2 days of hols..alot of good things and some bad ones..i dono why im bein like i am now..maybe its coz i always had a family to go back to and now im alone here..its not that i shdnt be here..juz culture shock i suppose or i juz need time to adapt to nt having ppl wif me most of the times..

Im enjoyin my freedom away from the family but i do miss them..i juz hope i will do well in this job and make them proud of me :)

Well tomoro will be going back to penang..but for 2 days nia..couldnt get bus tickets back later in the day so have to leave pg early :(

I wish the ppl who said will leave words of encouragement for me here..will keep their promise :(

Nites peeps, will blog from pg tomoro <3s~