Friday, April 30, 2010



But but but but....i have no work tomoro! Wooottssss :3~!!

Lol..ok la dont mind the super duper crazed excitement of mine...just very very happy about it :DD.. and yes ive been slacking in my posting *like i said earlier this week* but i figured i wont have much to post abt since all ill prolly be doing is well tagging till the 30th? :p

AND im happy to say, though i didnt get to 61 (which im fine with) im now......

Jeng jeng jeng~!! A SuperStar after 1yr! Yay~ :D Hahaha :p and got babe to lvl 61!!
Gratzz to my Audition Master! ♥

Albeit alot of other ppl did level faster than me, but im still satisfied considering the amount of players i had to tag with. Which was most of the times ...2? lol..bleh~

So yea, Thursday managed to tag abit at work and then i was uber busy in the afternoon dy. Which i am grateful for btw, coz it made my day move jusssstttt a little faster ;) Went home and chionged again coz i know Friday i will surely not have the time to do it. Thank god jx came to my rescue :D

I actually planned to use 4accs, prob is i will only be able to move one acc, so decided would take turns haha.. then jx bth see me one week le still 55, came and helped me with 2 sweet of her :D Andddd in the end, she really bth le, brought in 2 more.. LOL!!♥ So we really sped through.. so yups, in 3hrs or so, we did about..lets see...300k of exp? lolol... 6 accs rox ok! Multiwindow ftw!! And my sotong Jx rox ttm! ♥

But as usual died in lic, too dam tired haha :X THOUGH i found it dam easy =.= D8 Euro 2008, piece of pie ok? Sheet =.=

Anyways, i really gotta start playing normal games again for the time being..i get really confused playing now and have to focus really hard tmd >_>! Too muchie taggin does that to you lol...

So at nite, liberated frm the chains of audi's x2, me and jx came out of our exp cave and played with the world. Result - disastrous =.= :S

But i was actually thinking of tagging hearts...hmmm..LOL! I love my violet ring..think i shall slowly tag for the next one ;)

Work on Friday, not so good.. Was kinda pissed off in the morning with bosses who as usual likes to make life difficult for everyone. Whats new right? Still got through it..alive...and in one piece and ran outta there as soon as it was time.

Something is really bugging me today though...and im lazy to talk abt it now..shall leave tht for some other post :)

Lata guys~! Ciaoz!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aloha fellow earthlingsss on a wet wet Wednesday~!!! :) Dont anyhow think ok? Its raining like sot outside and its my lunch hour! Where am i suppose to go buy lunch now! ;wild!!

=.= I just finished my ramen. Instant. 'nuf said.
Note to self: Must bring an umbrella to keep in the office. :tsk:

Its been a lazy Wednesday so far, so been bery rajin reading my Jp books :p Im a good girl hor? Lol! :x And with the heavy rain, it doesnt help that i feel like putting my head on my desk and just sleep D: It would have a bery bery bery cool day to sleep in ><.

Was browsin randomly and chanced upon this perfume that ive always wanted to get!

DKNY Apples! For an apple lover like me, these are just simply heavenly! :3 *scribbles down on wishlist* :p

Oh ya, had the weirdest dreams last nite. Seriously weird. I mean i have alot of weird dreams, all the time ok. But this one was just the epitome of weird. And the best part? I cant remember how it went. Lol... shaddap! :S

Been thinking alot (wats new right? eh but sometimes i dont really think at all wor..), the mixture of an extremely sensitive person and a sensitive-challenged person in a friendship/relationship/any kind of ship is a good thing or a bad thing? I think too much before i do something which might affect ppl and well u do just what u wanna do and when we clash, it ends up ugly. We say our apologies, but do we really mean it? Can we really forgive n forget and not bring it up the next time it happens?

It could be a yes or a no or rather it depends? Lol.. sorry for my out of the ramblings, but its just a thought thats been lingering on my mind these cpl of days and had to get it out :)

Like now, i feel sad that we're not really talking and have sorta closed to talking to alot of ppl. But u on the other hand dont seem to mind that we arent on talking terms and is content to be talking to other ppl instead. Contridictions in concept much? Hmmm..

How do we get over this one? Or have u given up on it and moved on without me? Shd i do the same? tired, really exhausted inside out. Oh wells, back to work, ciaoz guys and have a great remaining of the day ne ;)
Pissed pissed pissed!! Something is wrong with my postings and i cant figure it out yet!

Arggghhhh!!!! >________<~!!

Very irritated when i see disorganised posting on my page! Tmd tmd!

Figured out what the problem was and i still dont get it. But then ive learnt, if shit comes out right after u posted/edited/design/copied something, just deleted the whole mess of shit. And i did. Turns out the post above this was the culprit. Which i copied in a new page and deleted the previous one. DUH! I saw a mess o crap at the bottom but was like wtf, forget it, just delete =.=

TADA! Its normal again and all is well with the balance in my life once more :x
Horrible headache all of a sudden ><. Damn these migraines... i gotta go sleep soon i think.. Cant even blame the weather..hmm well maybe i can, its been raining cats n dogs one second and hot as hell the other >_>"

Work was extremely busy this afternoon, to the point i didnt even have the chance to log in FB , can u believe it? Lol. I mean i havent been this busy for awhile now and though the tasks were idiotically idiotic, it was still a welcome to my if not mundane day. I mean its only Tuesday leh ><.

Ended leavin the office last :O and reached hm almost 7plus le. Had dinner, watched some old TVB serials (which was like a 20plus yr old drama lmao..brings back memories leh..) and started tagging for abit till i fell asleep halfway through lol. Woke up, did abit more and well logged off. Didnt really do much today, but still, just alittle bit more :)

After this, i doubt i will log in audi, well maybe nt anoili lol. We'll see :) But i guess im happy that ur happy for now and i hope it lasts, though it would hv been nice to know frm u, whr u were headed for hols instead of me reading u telling someone else. But then, who am i? Lolz.

Hmmm..if only :) If only time could reversed itself to 3yrs ago, would i have still followed the same path?

Lol..guess migraine is really getting to me now. My eyes are squinting and my eyeballs from the sudden pains that comes and goes. Oh my.. really shd get it checked, yes? :)

Blog might go private for awhile, just my alone time frm the world. But if those who are close to me and constantly come in to read, drop me a buzz in msn or fb and get the pass frm me k?

Gah, think i need to lie down. Cant stand the pain ady ><.

Thank god its a hol this weekend though, plan to get off on Monday as well :)

Sweet dreams all & oyasumi nasai~ <3~

P.s. I still wan my polaroid camera :x *pouts*

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

:antok: Sleepy sleepy Tuesday.. *blames the rain*
And i have alot of things to do!!!! :ayokona:

FML ._.

Kinda in limbo today, but luckily i DID not wake up late for work again. TMD. Coz i slept at...hmm.. 3am? Lol.. No wonder im constantly tired >_>"

AND!! Something to add to my wishlist.... i really really weally weally want this ! *pouts*

Dont ask me why a polaroid camera is important in my life now, i cant explain it >< I find it cool and handy to have around. Lol.... RAWR!

I also wanna take photography classes..LOL! My wishlist just keeps getting longer n longer :x

Ok la, back to reality, more like back to work =.=*


P.s. Still wan my camera :X

Monday, April 26, 2010

So how did i start my Monday? Lets see...

I woke up at 9 and work actually starts AT 9! Hmmm..mum woke me up by saying, "its already 9" and i startled myself up and asked her "What day is today??" She went, "Erm, Monday?" FkFkFkFkFk!!

Got out of bed, washed whatever i could, and rushed out of house.. reached office ard 9.30 >_>" Hair in a mess, i looked like i just crawled out of my grave and was having a horrid hangover like feeling despite sleeping alot ytd afternoon. So far so good? Fug! =.=

And to think i actually slept EARLIER than i normally do ._. (Please ignore last nite's post at 2.20am...coz i just saved the post and continued writing only this morning..and its STILL early!) This only proves one thing. I shd nvr attempt on sleeping EARLIER. I have far better chances of waking up if i slept at 4 coz basically i dont think i actually slept :X
Blahs all over. Bla bla bla bla bla bla......:argh:

And to add insult to injury, the minute i step into hse after work, mum casually asks me, "what day is today ar?" Wat the fish >_>" Tiao di one ok? Boos.

Anyway, work was uber busy in the afternoon, though i dont really remember why it was so. Hmm...alot of those little errands to do. But at least the afternoon flew by :) And i managed to tag abit in the morning :p, so yeah, so far its was a good Monday~:inis:


Its a mystery how a series of mis-communication and misunderstanding can lead to a horrible ending to a relationship. Hw by not trusting and doubting will lead to alot of heartache.

How a simple qn can lead to suspicion of ulterior reasons, when it was just out of concern, pure n simple. I dont know hw to explain myself or my actions, but i know i hv done nothing wrong. And thus have nothing to apologize for.

- Deleted a whole section of an 'essay' -

I only have this to say, how is it fair, that when ur tired and lazy to talk, i hv to be content with that, but im the one who's tired and nt talking, im being labelled as showing emo attitude and asked to fked off?

Regardless of hw many times, u tell me ur busy, i will still und and leave u to do ur things, Maybe its true, like me, u have a negative set of opinion with what i say n do. Im trying hard to let it go but u ever so often remind me why i can nvr do so. Tell me, why are we still continuing this?

No matter what i do, nothing is ever right with u, no matter how happy i try to stay, u seem content to bring me down. Yes, there is nothing left to be said.

The only thing that made me happy trying to do for you, no longer brings me joy but im still gonna do it coz its a promise i made to myself.

Continue doing what only u wanna do and forget about everyone else. Maybe i shd learn to be selfish too.
Hola peeps! Its finally Moonday again... YAY! <<- This is nt really a happy exclamation, in case ur wondering =.=*

Just a make up post for the lack of posting ive been doing, and will be doing till end of the week. But then i realised, i still have posts for every single day leh, just that it comes out kinda the day after, or the day after after >_>"

Jp class was smooth sailing as usual, went home, had lunch and slept the entire afternoon. Coz it was raining!! :DD And also because i couldnt get into exp channel..AT ALL! sakdmiwaetjqeigtji!! So decided to sleep better :p

Attempted to take nicer ss for my little pet project after i woke since i STILL couldnt get in exp ._. and dl-ed Fraps, which ive been meaning to do for awhile now, jz nvr got to doing it. Its a kinda cool program for taking in game ss'es and vids :D

1st time attempting on Fraps. Albeit the ss'es are kinda amateur-ish D: but will soon get better!

Next, vids! :D

Well after this week has ended i guess :p

Time to :sleep: ~~

Lataz!!!! :3

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lalalala~ taking a break and fingers are kinda tired x.x And though im only slacking tagging as oppose to some ppl who are really hardcore taggers, i seem unable to get any words out here..hmmm..maybe the brain dead tagging means just that my brain basically shut downs. Lol :S

And yes, i did manage to get in after trying for awhile on Friday. Madness people! Madnesss!! But then i ended up sleeping at 4am also ><. Lolol..hey i started late ok? *grumbles grumbles* Morning was at work as usual. How i can describe it? Hmmm, no good words come to mind, hence i shall not say anything. AND now ive suddenly become the company coffee machine =.= Making coffee for the clients that came in the morning for a little meeting. Bah. If they had asked me to do it nicely i wouldnt even think 2ce about it. But NOOOO, they had to make it sound like i was SUPPOSED to do it. Bah bah and more bahs ._.

BUT on a brighter note, managed to do this on my pc....

LOL! Yesh, that is audi u see on my OFFICE pc :x Oh shuush, dont judge me.. =.=

Ah ya, i will only go in if im really free and word has it, some reno projects are starting up soon, so yeah, ill prolly be busy :) Just wanted to know why i couldnt do it the last time, so decided to try it again. Ima..*coughs* pro...*coughs* audi installer *coughs gacks chokes*. HELL YEAH!

Couldnt get it running smoothly though, apparently streamyx came out with the news of slow net connection due to something somewhere out there in Europe. Lols..its funny hw they always have a lame excuse for horrid connections. Dumb asses >_>"

Anyway, tagged abit when i got hm, played normal games with babe awhile, seriously though, too much tagging has reduced my capability to play more than 5 moves in a game :X

AND we're back in LaLaLand! :) Kinda missed seeing that kuku fame name on top of my head lolz :X So yea, decided to go back ^^

LaLaLand-ers once again :)

And i got a cute new rank name :p Lol...thanks babe~ ur so creative lo *coughs*

Tagged abit more after babe left and had to study for Jp class on Sunday. Alot of memorising to do for role play sessions and also homework....:hilo:

- すみませんわいんうりばはどこですか
- いくらですか

etc, etc, etc........ @_@ finally slept at 4 again. Wat the fiak =.="

Repetitive suicidal sessions is not bery cool, me tells u ._. i wonder why i enjoy doing it so much.. hmmm ..
One word - Exhausted.

Just woke up from a 2hr plus nap, cant say im feeling any better but at least i dont feel as tired as i did earlier. Wanted to continue with my tagging but expert channel is bladi full to the brim. Seriously cant even spam in. They shd put at least 2exp channels la wtf. So, no choice bt to do other stuff. Wanted to do a new profile pic with my audi ava, but couldnt get any nice shots. Bah.

But really, really tired b4. All in all, i calculated, for 2 ppl, i played for about 400k of exp in 12hrs, give or take a cpl of thou. But still lol..though it was simultenous, my fingers are kinda numb. Guess my fever didnt help much too :S

Couldnt even license and babe had to help me with it ><. Worst part is, couldnt even blame pc for being laggy, coz i could x10 and get almost half the score needed to pass in the 1st 20secs, and then miss the rest of the way. FML. Did it 2ce and felt irritated. Bathed, had something to eat, came back. Still tired D: Thanks babe for helping out although ur sick now :(

Good news is, i managed to install audi on my own pc at work LOL! So i guess, im gonna be tagging at work next week...when i can la! :X Though my aim is lvl 61, im not gona stress myself out getting there =.=

Ahhh tsukareta yo...

Note to self: Shd start studying fr JP lesson and not tag too much. .....ya right :x

Time to go spam in again ._. Dont these ppl need to sleep? Wtf :x

Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspired by Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'

This is exactly how im feeling at this very moment at work. Wanted to go off half day, but task after task came and well, im still here *gacks* *sputters* *chokes*

Someone put me out of my misery please? =.=*
Hola my fellow earthlings! :D

Im back from my ONE day hiatus of blogging. Its been awhile since i last did it eh? Lol..Even if i didnt post, there were still unposted ones which needed editing. But ytd i checked and i found was "Im so annoyed, so irritated, Bah!" - and i dont even remember why i wrote that :S

Must be because of someone who spoiled my nice tagging mood. U know who u are ;) And where is the pet u promised me har? Tsk tsk.. :p

Let me try to re-cap what happened on Wednesday..hmm.. Oh ya, colleague took mc and like i said, it wouldnt be entertainment if i had to do his work..guess what? I had to =.=" I dont know how to use Autocad leh! Tmd tmd tmd! Still had to do what, bo pian. So clicked ard randomly, if things go missing, i dono dy ar >_>" Managed to get the drawings they wanted out though, thankfully. So yeah, the day was spent figuring out how to get it out =\ Did abit of my webbie updates, logo design and etc etc.

Thursday - woke up with bad body pains and headache so took mc haha..went back to sleep till almost 1pm x.x Logged into audi only to find out they were gonna have x2 exp for one whole week! Wth, pia le lor..haha :x But didnt manage to do much, had to see doc, then went to bank to settle my car installment (yay!) then some other shyt stuff which mum kept bugging me to do.

Really started tagging frm 5plus onwards till almost 4am LOL! Had babe's company for awhile in the evening, so could use 4accs which was faster. After he left, i switched back to 2 ppl and well it kinda slowed down, together with my brain n fingers. Kept missing ._. In the end, decided to only move babe's acc since he was almost levelling. Then JX helped me! Lol...she brought in 2accs to help me level too SO THAT I CAN GO SLEEP LOL! :D ;mua~

So there, my entire day's event which caused me to abandon everything else, blog, fb, cw bla bla bla....i foresee it being like tis till the 30th though LOL! :x

Back to work ..but headache coming back ><... i wanna go home T_T

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I think my CW ava is bery de cute...dont u think so? LOL!

Ok, being lame and headache still killing me softly x.x And wanted to try something too :D But still dont u agree she is dam cute leh, with her elvis specs..LOL! Bah.

Oh crap, need to think of a JP qn.. hmmm...sheet sheet >_>"

Im having a damn freaking headache and feeling feverish all coz some idiot wont take mc and rest but instead spread his virus the entire week coz according to him, his antibodies damn strong. WTF!

So here i am, barely able to make even 5moves in audi and cursing him everytime i missed ._. I dont like being sick, i was sick my entire childhood and i ESPECIALLY dont like getting sick because of some inconsiderate ass wipe >_>" *rants rants swears swears*:sobrakana: Been popping meds the whole nite to stop it from getting worse.

He was to hand in his drawings the day b4, but loudly claimed abit nia will finish b4 lunch the next day. Then boss come ask, he say nthg yet. LOL. Egoistical ass really. Then somemore show face hahha.. in the end he left office without handing anything in.. :S I sense a war comin' ..

Entertainment much? Well it will be, if i dont end up doing his work ._.

Anddd managed to get myself out of the crap hole ive been worrying about. But its kinda like a postponed death sentence, so guess ill be seein that loop later.. blah.

Guess its back to bed ba, been napping and waking up the entire evening. Seriously not cool x.x

P.s. Im in need of some lovin' :(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pon Pon Patapon!!

Suddenly having the urge to attempt playin Patapon 2 O_O; And im still stuck in one of the levels in the 1st one... LOL! :blush:

My bro says.." You cant play de la, i cant even play" WAH MALE EGO TTM! I dont care, i wanna play also, i wan i wan i wan!! :X

Hola Tuesday~!! - thats all i managed to get out before falling into a coma :x Ohh shuush..

So its a very very drowsy Tuesday morning for me. Extremely is more like it D: Should never ever ever sleep so late ESP when there's work the next day..

Note to self: MUST sleep earlier..
Brain to note: YA RIGHT!

Oh fug it =.=* Im incorrigible as it is, so who am i kidding. I blame the fact that i fell asleep the minute i came home from work :x AND AND im kinda in deep sheet unless i find a way out of this little bind ive made for myself, im am so dead. Sheet sheet sheettt!! :lamagawa: (In case ur wondering what this has to do with me napping, it was coz i was in a rut and brain dead thinking of a way to resolve it hence the need to sleep..LOL! Omgoshwtfbbqasdffffasdwerf! )

So, other than tis little shitty situation what else have ive been up to? Erm, the usual nothing? Tagged abit after i woke up, and and i want to tag to get the new ring..LOL! Why u ask? COZ im reminded of the 8times of lp we had to do for this one. YES, i cant let it lie till i get the next one.

And guess what? The next Lp song will be Can Can! HAHAHAHAHAHA:x Fug me >_> But but im hoping its much better to perf than tis one and it is a longer song...yes? D: Aiyah, who am i kidding, im jz kinda addicted to the process of getting there. LOL!

Yes, im kinda hyper tis morning..coz coz i still havent dug my way out of my crap hole yet (omg sounds gross right? But yea...major crap hole ._. ) Sighhhhhssss..:tsk:

Alsoooo, Gratz JX and Yumpy on passing your audi wedding!! Lolol :D After waiting in the room and the groom suddenly poofing, coming back only abt 1/2hr later lmao to JX's revelation to the mode in wedding license.

Jx: Omg its couple mode!! GOD!
Obs: Huh, it wasnt b4?
Obs: She thought it was SBBoy mode.
All: LOL!!

Note: To those who said the stuff i put up there, sorry i couldnt remember who said what T_T My brain shuts down after 2am x.x

And they did pass on the 3rd rd lol...lagginess ftw! <3~

I couldnt find the ss for the wedding though D: Sucks like monkey balls coz i dont remember which audi version i used to go in and i tried looking in all the folders..NONE! Blah.

Back to work, thats if im still alive to do it :S Laterz!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally after 4months of dreaming about dream ring~!! :)
The all sparkly and glittery purpur heart violet ring~ :inlove:

Sadly, it was a lousy song, or maybe im lousy T_T. Stupid 135bpm de "Cowboy Jive". Couldnt perf sync with babe at all ><. Maybe coz i was still pissed at him for ignoring when i said i didnt wan to lp with him =.= and keep asking me to do again. Totally couldnt get sync perfs though at times it seemed perfect-able :( Guess it was also coz of the ppl that he was lagging slightly, or maybe i couldnt play with so many ppl watching like after the 2nd ticket, totally no confidence dy and exhausted x.x Shdnt have tagged earlier, couldnt press more than 7 arrows at a time lol! :x *finding things to blame*

In the end, we did it with no one watching...hmm sounds wrong :x
Did the LP without observers la! Lol..

Kinda sad but we still got the ring ba, after like 8times of that idiotic song x.x And now my head sparkles :D Lolol :x This kinda reminds me of another time we had to do it without observers. Hmmm..

Violet rings @ 19th April 2010

Mixed feelings for the rings though. Extremely happy but also sad at the same time lolz. Didnt like wasting so many tix when we could have passed easily. Maybe i was feeling stressed out but he wasnt listening and kept asking me to go on :( Angry with u la!

And and and i didnt get my Manhattan T___T ~

Extremely tiring Sunday..woke up early coz someone decided to wish me good morning >_> Lol...but then i had Jp class, so i guess its a wake up call ba hehe :D Was sleepy in class like omgoshwthellobbq x.x Taggie too muchie :S Came home, had lunch and slept the afternoon away (later i find out u also sleeping that time! my manhattan! *pouts*)

Continued tagging awhile in the evening, bt dono wat i pressing coz was missing like siao. Tersleep again with my audi left idle just like that O_O; I was just gonna lie down :S Woke up an hr later and tried again, still cant move >_>" then diana and ahp finally asked me to join them. Still dono wat i was pressing lol ._. Eh, now i know why i did so badly in lp dy. LOL! Another thing to blame....D:

And its Monday! FUG! FUG! FUG! *dies*

Summary of the day? Bittersweet and i almost cried after Lp :S All ur fault, so im still angry with u =.=*

And its still Monday...i tot i went in time machine dy? Fuggot.

P.s. U say i always dont trust you. How can i when u nvr give me any reason to?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Work sucked! Not that i did much, Saturdays are just not my day to work =\ Unless i get paid ot to do it, then its a diff matter :D But then today's phone calls were more than usual, and it was mostly from bosses =.= tmd's..


..finally after about 10hrs of hearts tagging, im done! :) Well, not completely 10hrs ba, some split in the middle for a short nap and coz it was rainin too heavy to resist not to lol..but still extremely tiring x.x and to think i forgot to eat at all today..just made something to drink and its off to bed ba :)

I realised, taggin for 2ppl is bery tiring...or maybe it was coz of the lack of food x.x the last few rds, my fingers were like gonna die on me..and kept pressing wrong T_T~ I tot i was gonna stop when it was 100hearts left, bt i forgot to chk and just kept playing till when i saw left abt 50plus only so carried on ba :)

Yet after all that, i dont think im gonna go through the love

There's just too many things i cant and will not be able to accept. And u will not change it. Regardless of how wrong i perceive it to be, or how absurd i find it, you will still think yr right in ur choices. And since u wont let it go, then i will have to do it.

"Comprehending the incomprehensible" - and the storm in me continues.. :(

Nites and have a wonderful Sunday guys~

P.s. Im really hungry man ><.. lol..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello my fellow earthlings who are still awake on this unearthly hour ~

Im actually gonna go sleep n continue this tomoro, coz i cant type anymore, i cant i cant :x My arms and fingers feels like they've gone to a better place x.x

But but! Left ard 460 hearts to next ring! Yay! Hahahaha :x Me ish impressed with my patience and ability to tag for 2ppl :DD

Work was uber crazy ytd, busy almost throughout the entire day. Dont know whether is was a good or bad thing. Good in a way i was extremely occupied with no time to actually breathe lol but bad in a sense that most of the things could have been done earlier since bosses already met with the clients almost a week ago. Now only ask us find this n that. In short? They need time management skills and also to und that suppliers do not wait for them for business nia, regardless of how they think they are God =.= Comprendo?

Exhausted by the time it reached 5, but boss was busy choosing curtain n wallpaper samples hence i had a breather and decided to go audi mall see see :x Bleh~ Saw my doink in there instead ._. Actually whn i decided to use that acc, i sort of expected u to suspect, but was hoping u will be blur enuf to not :x Bah. But i guess, this time was not really like the last time, i just felt u were goin off somewhr for the weekends, so just wanted to play with u, but didnt wan to talk to u...and didnt want u to say i emo if i didnt....LOL! Bite me la! And im not emo ok? =.= Its normal....:S

Epic phailure to the max =.=*

Anyway, went home and fell asleep for almost 3hrs @_@;;

Oh well, working on a Saturday still sucks. So uncool and totally unglam ._. Blah!

I added some stuff dy :p Hahahahha :D Bleh~ Why u put so many hearts?? Hiao u.. ;mua

P.s. Manhanttan on you please~ Thank you zhu :D

Friday, April 16, 2010

Heavy rain suddenly here.. i wonder if it heard my little voice :)
I remember when i used to be extremely happy when it rained,
Running n laughing under the rain with friends, with my siblings,
Without a care in the world.

I wonder when i started to get annoyed when it rained.. i guess i just forgot how the simplest truth could make me happy :)

I want that innocence in me back, can i?

P.s. it hurts me to think about you, but it hurts me even more that u dont. the irony in life .. :)
Happy TGIF peeps ~ :)

Its finally that time again where we rejoice that the weekends are finally here. But then, time is surely moving too fast for me to handle. Can you believe its almost May dy? Time to look back at what we have gone through (in June la :D)..

Work these 2 days have been killing me. Alot of last min stuff dump on me from bosses. Flyers were done but suddenly needed to design logo with new name that the bosses suddenly decided to use O_O; When will they get that im not from a designing background? =.=

Taking time out while having a very late and pathetic lunch, Tiger biscuits with coffee ><. Really no appetite recently, with the heat and the mundane choices here. Sigh.

And really tired. Mentally, physically.. but arent i always? Lol D:

Oh wells, back to work i guess, need to really settle some price quotes in b4 the end of the day x.x and thats like 2hrs away *screams*

Ah, what u think of this really really amateur work? lol... *hides a dagger behind my back* You'd better say nice D:

P.s. i saw u online this morning and was tempted to say hi but didnt want to be a bother again and i saw what u put in our memo.. i would have been extremely happy if i saw it..last time...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Actually had a long post for this, but decided to move it to another blog of mine lest anyone should think im essay-ing again. Lol..

But Im tired of pretending to be happy when im not. I pretend in my everyday life, i will not do it here. And if any of u feel disturbed or its not fun to read sad posts, then by all means dont. I dont need judgement here too.

Im sorry, but u need to take the bad too and not just the good stuff :). Seriously, life is not a bed of roses, its just how we make it more bearable to live in.

Im not perfect, i admit that. Ive been wrong too, who hasnt? Difference is, i listen to what they think is wrong, decide if its true and try to work it out if it is. I dont shut out the bad stuff just coz its not what i wanna hear.

Even as i write this, i look at ur sms, unreplied. But then, i figure ull just send it to someone else the same thing who will seem 'genuinely' interested in what u have to say and reply you, right?

Yea, i wont start, not when its almost at the end :)

"when there are no more feelings of disappointment, then u no longer matter"

P.s. Work today is at an all time low, FML .

Ima back, and ima sleepy x.x and this post might not be out till tomoro morning hence i shd suddenly

Just came out of audi after some hearts tagging, about 800hearts left though hmm..oh well, slowly ba :) And my fps is really buggin me dy, used to be at least 70, now it fluctuates between 30 to 40 =.= Bery not cool... Gotta bug my pc dude to get my previous gfx card looked at and if really cant use, i wanna claim back liao D: Makes taggin so uncool for me, esp if im alone ><.

Work was uber sucky, coz boss proved their kiam siap ness again today..remember that flyers she asked me to design? Apparently they wan to use company printer and print out nia ;woot So unprofessional. Cant even spend abit more to get ppl to design and print out also. Wtf man. In the end still ask me shrink it abit so dont waste ink. Problem is, its still A5 size paper! Then ma see dao two white blank spaces on top n bottom la. Fuggot ._." I nvr did it, left office sharp today, coz of Jp class...heng too, coz other boss just came in O_O; it was already 5.45 ok =.=

Class was more on convo again today, and starting from this week, one by one we're gonna be called out front and reply qns in jp frm other students in class....orz ><...

Oh well, lataz~!

P.s. A little bit of understanding and a little bit of listening wouldnt kill, will it? :)

P.s.s Im feeling down, need to buy stuff to make me happy again. If only i had pockets that went down to the centre of the earth =.= I shd have gotten this the last time i saw it *knocks head* Regret arr D:

I shd get this too....all coz their so UBER CUTE can?? *pouts*

I wan i wan i wan i wan D:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In a perfect world, i would be having this now...

Manhattan Fish Market's Grilled Platter... I wan!!! D:

Instead im having ramen in a cup...yes instant =.=* sad isnt it? Actually they have one in QB, but eating it alone dam bo song lo...hmmmm..wonder if my sis wants to join me...:DD~

Ahhh!! Time to finish my sad looking ramen and go back to work T_T~
Holaaa Wednesday~~~ :woooh:

Currently feeling extremely hyper @__@; i think it could be because of the lack of sleep these few days...hmm, but then again, im always lacking sleep :S And oh ya, still watching CSI, now even got sis hooked lol..and we're now at season 5 dy.. so..this would make this the x26215381239 time i watched :x

So, how was Tuesday? Not much doinker than any other usual days. And oh, was given the task to design flyers to distribute. Hmmm, website then flyers and also they wanna do some slide show thingy.. why does it feel like im not doing projects anymore whn im doing more designing work? Im not creative leh! T_T Bery stressful for me D:

Still managed to get it out ba, just thinking of some lame ass slogan to put up. Asked for ideas but all buat dono wtf. Suak. Ill be the lame ass-er ._. Other than that, kinda uneventful ba, work is work as usual.

Audi had a new patch ytd, nothing much new, except for songs, mall stuff (i wan pet! Babe get for me! T_T - highlighted so u can see lol!) and some new mode thingy...wait lemme go read..some new beat rush compy thingy.. hmm.. but then i suck in br so doesnt really mean much to me lol :x

Tagged awhile till babe logged in and played the new songs with him. My fps is not very cool dy, maybe coz he changed my gfx card. Need to chk abt the previous one which he claims to be spoilt, must claim back eh, i just changed few months ago nia ><. This post was suppose to come out ytd de, but i sat there for like 1/2 hr and nothing came out :argh: blah, blame my brain for stop working so early..D:

Or i think i was in shock.. lol..

Have u ever wondered something for so long and when u finally saw it for yourself it was like..not what u expected? Well, I had that ytd. Its been on my thoughts for awhile now. What was so special about it that i was constantly being let down for it? And when i finally saw it for myself, i was like "omfg? for real?" seriously, i dont knw whether i shd feel insulted or amused. I knw i felt..speechless? Really really speechless. I mean, wtf is this it?? This was the reason?? Hmmmm...

:takot: Erm, lol..ok lo.. *shrugs n shakes head*

Hence, im blase about it, its really not worth me being sad over coz i knw im worth more than that. Still in shock though rofl :S

Dont think i will get over the shock for awhile, coz this revelation has brought upon me another revelation, which is also really wtf, though i always suspected but nvr could imagine it to be real. Im seriously sickly amused by all these discoveries.

Ok la, lets not venture into this for now, i kinda feel sick in the stomach :S

Lets see, what else...oh ya! Finally reached my 1M exp points in CafeWorld~! Yay me! Doh, nothing to be proud of, just proves how much time i spend in that game..hmm but not really la, im a work smart kinda person :p Still closed my cafe though, coz i dont like running out of food (yaya, another one of my sweet OCD's) So now i have like cpl of hundred of thousand of dishes. Hahaha :X

Anyway opened this morning le, after changing the look as a celebration of the 1m points. LOL! Its now pink O_O;

Ima cool chica, i know :p

Cant believe this took me the whole morning to write out. *knocks head* Wakey up mag mag :3 And back to work it is... DAM IT! I still need to think of a slogan! &^^#%^!#$!*

Help? :puppyeyes:

P.s. Colleague is going berserko on me =.=*

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I want this....

Audrey Kawasaki's Iphone skin *w* ... Most importantly i wan this...

Did i tell you that my bro just got one? Did i? Did i?? :ayokona:

And my sis just changed car...still a Perodua but a Kenari (which has more leg and head space) and she's paying less in installments than me ._.""

FML &*^$@*(&^%@)*()@%*_%@#!!!
Something is not right somewhere...what u think? :tsk:
Yay!! New blogskin! LOL!! :X

I just find the grumpy looking toast so adorable leh.. dont you? :D And learn to use java script this time rofl~ :p

Me ish happy happy~ :D

Oh ya, is the tagbox too low? I cant remember where was the best position since i changed so many times :X But then, u guys dont mind la hor :D


Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday! Blues! Lol.. thankfully for me it is gonna be a half blues day only :inlove:

Going to be heading to town and settle some banking stuff, plus change my bladi phone plan %$#@!!%$#& so bo tat everytime i think about it D:


Did my stuff, bladi dam hot and bad bad traffic jam in town my goodness :S Its 3plus! Why arent these ppl at work? Really wtfbbq! -.- I mean bad enuf that the horrid jam was killing my legs, the sun today extremely hot la, wat happen to the rain >_>"

Anyway, didnt manage to change phone plan coz of that, and also the fact that the centre was like full of ppl. I stood there for almost 20mins the number nvr moved also =.= and i had to wait ard 20plus numbers k? Rawr!

Almost 4plus when i came back, had lunch lol and fell asleep watching CSI lol :X Woke up almost 7 le so did my most fav activity if im alone in audi lolz... :S I dont even see the screen most of the times, jz watch tv and make 10 moves haha :x But lucky i had jx at times to lame with me, she another addict ;wild

I guess its a way for me to forget abt unhappy stuff and be happy again just by doing that :) Maybe ull find it a little weird but hey, we all got our little quirks right?

Like i said, these past weekend has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, it seems like one too many 'coincidences' for me to accept. One after another they keep coming, so how i am to believe it was all not planned?

Im sad of what happened , and but im sadder still tat i wasnt the 1st u sought out to tell how u felt. I guess the only qn in my head was ; of all people, why her? The one person always brought back the worst memories. Is this going to be repeated history?

Maybe im nt a good listener to you, but if its goin to be repeated i do not want to be ard to see it again. I dont think i can take it one more time. Ill know when you've made your choice. Difference is, this time i wont be there asking you why ur doing it :)

Bath time and back to my tig tog tag :DD~


P.s. By u repeating how unhappy i make u, ive somehow lost the ability to make ppl happy. Ive lost confidence in making ppl laugh at what i say. If i really do make u so unhappy, why u do still want me ard?

P.p.s I wan new blog skin! :D

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally after almost 10hrs, my audi is running =.= albeit its not very smooth, but i blame it on the bladi net connection who has been dying the entire day. Well give n take ba, minus the getting irritated and sleep for about 1hr and went out to cc and spammed the kb for another lolz..and also well to run away from home for abit. From the dam UAC thing not on, to the patches which i normally use not working and the auto patch screwing with me, i ended up juz dl'ing all the 12 patches which i had gone through xN times throughout the day. Yay me ~

Seriously though, i dont know why i bother trying so hard to get it running. Its not like i really feel like playin anymore =\ And repairs came up to abt 500bucks mb, new graphic card (which i just changed, need to get it checked and get back my replacement) and processor. Well, now i guess my pc is brand new. And i just realised bro just got his, and his monitor is so dam big ok? Bah.

And yea, still cold war at home. More like she refuses to talk to anyone but bro. So we sort of like divided into 2 clans, me n sis, her n bro. Lol.. i just find this whole thing absurd. But wat the hell, i shall prove to her that i dont her to help me do stuff like she claims we will die if she didnt. I mean i appreciate it and all, but dont use that against me. Sigh. I really dont know la.

Horrid weekend btw, from pc repair costs, and my car insurance due soon, thank god im like 1 or 2 more installments to go :) Extra cash haha.. :D Was suppose to get pc back on sat nite, but forgot to draw money out of atm and i just found out all atm machines close at 12..duh me x.x

Now for some very intense financial juggling.... deng deng deng~

Jp class was the only relaxation time i really had lol.. Convos in classes where sensei took our stuff and wont return to us unless we got it right. It was cool really :) Demo, watashi no kimochi ga ii desu :)

Mood swings have been erratic this weekend, for some reason, i guess with probs at home and stress of still not being able to get find a suitable job is getting to me. But then its only excuses eh? Maybe i am like a ticking time bomb like u say. It saddens me really. I know im acting out, bt i cant really control it. Something like how u cant control ur temper. Who shd i blame for all this craziness? My abusive and cheating father? Or the fact that i grew up knowing i really couldnt count on anyone or trust anyone at all?

Its my stigmata, and im trying to break free of it before it consumes me. Maybe i shd stay away frm ppl until i do? Lol..i dont know anymore. But ill try, that much i know :)

I guess everyone has their problems, and im saddens by urs too. It might not be the same, but i know how it feels to have ur family divided..

Lol, like i said, it has been a sucky weekend, and alot of heartaches and hurt which im hoping the new week will get me through it. Maybe i shd look at each day as if it were my last..

Dont mind the emo post, its just me releasing lolz, after almost 2 days of not having access to my pc and falling asleep ytd waiting for sis to get off hers =.=

Have a great week ahead peeps~! Lotsa lotsa love :D


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Despite it being a Friday ytd, it was anything but happy..:sorry:

Pc finally died on me, despite my attempts to start it from the time i reached home. Even fell asleep in some hope that it will miraculously come back to life. Nothing =\ Anyone who reads this and says im addicted to my pc, i am, i admit, so what? Everyone has their own thing right? Ive had enuf of the snide remarks frm my family whn they themselves go off if their pc/tv/dvd/xbox goes crazy. Hypocrites, i do not need now.

In any case, im more frustrated than anything. After so many times sending it to be repaired, it still ends up with the same problems. The fact that i change parts every single time it goes to the shop makes it worse. I guess im just unlucky. I know i shd change a new pc, bt after changing so many stuff, i really wonder whats the difference.

So sent it to the repair guy again, dont know wat im gonna do with it if i needed to change another part. Frankly im just tired. On the way back, bought packed drinks hm with sis. I asked her if she bought for mum or not. Sis said she always dont want de, and anyway, right now she not talkin to her, so shd be dont want ba. Which is quite true, she nvr wants us to buy fr her, and she is having some kind of cold war with sis which invertantly includes me too. I dont knw why, so dont ask. Anway mum had a blow off, saying we were revenging by not buying for her. Say she wont cook dy, etc etc.

Sigh, im really fed up with all this. She is the one who went into this "i don wan to talk to u mood" and ah ya, im just sick of it. I really dont feel like goin hm at all later, maybe go camp out at cc. Pc wont be back till late tonite or tomoro morning ba, depending on if i proceed with repairs.

At times like this, i really feel i have no where to go..:anongnangyari:

Friday, April 9, 2010

Despite having alot of stuff to do at work, i got distracted, wandered and found this on sugar's blog so decided to try it out...oh shuush, dont judge me...!:sobrakana:

Well, typed in my full name and this is what i found out about myself lol :S

You are confident, self assured, and capable. You are not easily intimidated.
You master any and all skills easily.
You don't have to work hard for what you want. - uh yea, i only make clock frames ><.
You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are deeply philosophical and thoughtful.
You tend to analyze every aspect of your life. - LOL! :S
You value your time alone. << *nods*
Often times, you are grumpy with other people. - :X
You are balanced, orderly, and organized.
You like your ducks in a row.
You are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace.
People can see you as stubborn and headstrong.
You definitely have a dominant personality.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.
You are light hearted and accepting.
You don't get worked up easily.
Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is. - Hmm..
You are friendly, charming, and warm.
You get along with almost everyone.
You work hard not to rock the boat.
Your easy going attitude brings people together.
At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible.
But for the important things, you pull it together.

You are very intuitive and wise.
You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination. << ._." You often get carried away with your thoughts. You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are full of energy.
You are spirited and boisterous.
You are bold and daring.
You are willing to do some pretty outrageous things.
Your high energy sometimes gets you in trouble.
You can have a pretty bad temper at times. - SOMETIMES LA! :x
You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel.
You're always up to something.
You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you.
You're very intense.
You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble.
But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun. - I dont get into trouble leh :S
You are truly an original person.
You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.
Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.
Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing.
You're a strong person.

LOL! Oh FML ~_~ But then again, some of it is quite true, dont u think? Me thinks so :scream:

Go try it out if ur insecure like me and need some internet survey thingy to find out what kind of person you are here "What's your names hidden meaning" Rofl :x
Holaaa world~

Its officially Friday, so happy TGIF peeps :) Just came out of audi not too long ago, actually was forced out coz pc hung and doing its crazy stunts again. After it was all well last week, i knew it was too good to be true. Came hm and spent almost half n hr, alot of cursing, slamming of pc and finally taking out the cover and fiddling with it =.= Still same problems though =\ Super big sigh la!

Ive actually resigned to fate that no i dont. Stupid pc! I already changed all the fkin parts that needs to be changed dy, why are u still screwing with me! Problem pc =.=

Anyway, was really busy in the afternoon today, was in and out of office and hopefully it will be too. At least the day passes much much faster. Morning was like killer man...i totally spaced out >_>".

Still thinkin whn i shd take my leave though, was thinking of ytd but it seems i have a few things to finish up. Hmm.. I guess ill see if i can finish it off by morning or not ba :)

Mom has been in her moods these cpl of days and it stresses me out hence the need to hideaway in audi. Lol :S Sigh, i dont know why she's pissed also, and i dont risking my life to ask her. Oh wells, she'll be back to her oldself in another day or so.

Im not sure hw i feel today..kinda in a limbo sort of thingy..sigh.

Oh! IM NOT HAPPY! COZ COZ! Bro got an iphone! OMFGWTFBBQFML!! ;eeks! Walao eh, am a very not happy chica dy =.=! VERY! I wan one too! D:

Boo boo boooo! Bleh~ D:

I wan go sleep liao! Not cool ;wild! :(

Nites! D:

P.s: Thanks for being there for me tonite too :) At least i had someone to talk to, to keep my thoughts away.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seriously seriously craving for Secret Recipe's brownies ><. Cant even remember the last time i had it, though i do remember it was intro-ed to me by babe..

*drools* :x

Forgot to mention that i just paid my 2month hp bill ytd. RM250!! Wtf man. I dont even call people leh. All sms nia.. and thats not even alot k? Dam it. Need to change my phone package le, abo can die man. Yes, it wouldnt hurt as much if i paid it monthly but the centre at Qbay is stupid la. The dam machines are always down with something. Had to actually go 2 times b4 i could pay =.= But yea, really to change my plan..and and and, i saw digi's iphone plan D: So tempted! O_O;;

*starts pulling hair out again..* x.x~

I wonder why audi doesnt wanna install on my office pc..hmmm..dont think vista shd be a problem, my lappy could play wad. Then i can tag at work..LOL! WTFBBQFML @_@;

Someone come smack me nao x.x

Updated!! : No, didnt get the brownies..guilt took over and besides having it alone not so fun...but got sushi for lunch <333~! Ima happy girl now :)