Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hola Tuesday~!! - thats all i managed to get out before falling into a coma :x Ohh shuush..

So its a very very drowsy Tuesday morning for me. Extremely is more like it D: Should never ever ever sleep so late ESP when there's work the next day..

Note to self: MUST sleep earlier..
Brain to note: YA RIGHT!

Oh fug it =.=* Im incorrigible as it is, so who am i kidding. I blame the fact that i fell asleep the minute i came home from work :x AND AND im kinda in deep sheet unless i find a way out of this little bind ive made for myself, im am so dead. Sheet sheet sheettt!! :lamagawa: (In case ur wondering what this has to do with me napping, it was coz i was in a rut and brain dead thinking of a way to resolve it hence the need to sleep..LOL! Omgoshwtfbbqasdffffasdwerf! )

So, other than tis little shitty situation what else have ive been up to? Erm, the usual nothing? Tagged abit after i woke up, and and i want to tag to get the new ring..LOL! Why u ask? COZ im reminded of the 8times of lp we had to do for this one. YES, i cant let it lie till i get the next one.

And guess what? The next Lp song will be Can Can! HAHAHAHAHAHA:x Fug me >_> But but im hoping its much better to perf than tis one and it is a longer song...yes? D: Aiyah, who am i kidding, im jz kinda addicted to the process of getting there. LOL!

Yes, im kinda hyper tis morning..coz coz i still havent dug my way out of my crap hole yet (omg sounds gross right? But yea...major crap hole ._. ) Sighhhhhssss..:tsk:

Alsoooo, Gratz JX and Yumpy on passing your audi wedding!! Lolol :D After waiting in the room and the groom suddenly poofing, coming back only abt 1/2hr later lmao to JX's revelation to the mode in wedding license.

Jx: Omg its couple mode!! GOD!
Obs: Huh, it wasnt b4?
Obs: She thought it was SBBoy mode.
All: LOL!!

Note: To those who said the stuff i put up there, sorry i couldnt remember who said what T_T My brain shuts down after 2am x.x

And they did pass on the 3rd rd lol...lagginess ftw! <3~

I couldnt find the ss for the wedding though D: Sucks like monkey balls coz i dont remember which audi version i used to go in and i tried looking in all the folders..NONE! Blah.

Back to work, thats if im still alive to do it :S Laterz!

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