Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello my fellow earthlings who are still awake on this unearthly hour ~

Im actually gonna go sleep n continue this tomoro, coz i cant type anymore, i cant i cant :x My arms and fingers feels like they've gone to a better place x.x

But but! Left ard 460 hearts to next ring! Yay! Hahahaha :x Me ish impressed with my patience and ability to tag for 2ppl :DD

Work was uber crazy ytd, busy almost throughout the entire day. Dont know whether is was a good or bad thing. Good in a way i was extremely occupied with no time to actually breathe lol but bad in a sense that most of the things could have been done earlier since bosses already met with the clients almost a week ago. Now only ask us find this n that. In short? They need time management skills and also to und that suppliers do not wait for them for business nia, regardless of how they think they are God =.= Comprendo?

Exhausted by the time it reached 5, but boss was busy choosing curtain n wallpaper samples hence i had a breather and decided to go audi mall see see :x Bleh~ Saw my doink in there instead ._. Actually whn i decided to use that acc, i sort of expected u to suspect, but was hoping u will be blur enuf to not :x Bah. But i guess, this time was not really like the last time, i just felt u were goin off somewhr for the weekends, so just wanted to play with u, but didnt wan to talk to u...and didnt want u to say i emo if i didnt....LOL! Bite me la! And im not emo ok? =.= Its normal....:S

Epic phailure to the max =.=*

Anyway, went home and fell asleep for almost 3hrs @_@;;

Oh well, working on a Saturday still sucks. So uncool and totally unglam ._. Blah!

I added some stuff dy :p Hahahahha :D Bleh~ Why u put so many hearts?? Hiao u.. ;mua

P.s. Manhanttan on you please~ Thank you zhu :D

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