Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Im having a damn freaking headache and feeling feverish all coz some idiot wont take mc and rest but instead spread his virus the entire week coz according to him, his antibodies damn strong. WTF!

So here i am, barely able to make even 5moves in audi and cursing him everytime i missed ._. I dont like being sick, i was sick my entire childhood and i ESPECIALLY dont like getting sick because of some inconsiderate ass wipe >_>" *rants rants swears swears*:sobrakana: Been popping meds the whole nite to stop it from getting worse.

He was to hand in his drawings the day b4, but loudly claimed abit nia will finish b4 lunch the next day. Then boss come ask, he say nthg yet. LOL. Egoistical ass really. Then somemore show face hahha.. in the end he left office without handing anything in.. :S I sense a war comin' ..

Entertainment much? Well it will be, if i dont end up doing his work ._.

Anddd managed to get myself out of the crap hole ive been worrying about. But its kinda like a postponed death sentence, so guess ill be seein that loop later.. blah.

Guess its back to bed ba, been napping and waking up the entire evening. Seriously not cool x.x

P.s. Im in need of some lovin' :(

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