Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hola all on a very looong and tiring Saturday.. well i was very, considering that this is gonna be posted on a Sunday instead :x Wat la...i fell asleep can? ><.

Anyway, morning was spent at work which was kinda redundant coz all i really did was the pet project given to me by the bosses. YES, the asdasihewf clock frame that i had to do and i still have one more gigantic clock to do coz i ran out of colored paper =.= Got my colleague to do the other one though :S And even he took at 1 1/2 hrs to do and it was a small clock! Besides, he already saw what i did le ok? Lol :x AND this time i have peektures to show :S Well only one pic coz its too lame le...even showed it to my family.. :x

LOL! Nice anot??!! My colleague said, wah a work of art.. suan me la! *pouts*

Ok, u might think that this looks easy to do..well its not! Bosses kept changing mind of she wanted it to look like =.= and basically i was nvr an artsy person. Artsy on pc maybe, but not hands on art T^T~ Still..not bad la hor :S

Like i said, was gonna be a long and busy day, so left office abt 15mins earlier..and i didnt tell them also lol..who cares =.= as if there are gonna be any phone calls, if got also from them nia la..anyway, left early, had lunch, rested awhile and family and i headed out. Yes yes, for Qing Ming. Though it looked like it was gonna rain, it was also so darn hot k? Felt nauseous on the way up to the cemetary :S i dono, why winding roads gives me this feeling now, eversince that cameron trip we did last year D: Or maybe coz, both times i was at the back really not a back seat driver.. Lol ><.

Took us about 3hrs to get the whole thing done, from prayers to the waiting till our grandparents finished 'eating', burning of lots n lots n lots of joss paper stuff, this yr got bungalow also..with swimming pool! O_O; have fun grandpa n grandma :D And it was raining and hot sun at the same time x.x

By the time we got back down, it was raining like crazy and imagine saturday nite at gurney area, which we had to pass to get back home.. dam jam like nobody's business k? ><. And one thing abt goin out with the family, they like to make alot of stops everywhere..and complain later that its jam =.= If i say anything, they will say "why? u need to go back to ur game ar?" wtf. Suak, i rather not say anything =.= As if they dont rush home to see their drama/football/whatever >_>" Ended up, took us abt 1 1/2 hrs to reach home :S *pukes*

Reached hm, took a bath, had dinner and joined exp comp..yes yes i did..guess what? I dc'ed even before the song started =.= Now doink that pls .. =\ Pek chek-ly left and played my fb games and met up with ivan later in game. Wanted to do his story but sat nite, nt many players online :( So, just lamed ard in random rooms till babe came on and logged off after awhile x.x

I remember typing one sentence here and dont remember the rest :S lmao...think i fell into a coma =.=

So thats it, my once in a blue moon busy saturday which i cant avoid and am forced to do unless i wanna get screwed by ze familia =.= Though i did say i was gonna be busy, wouldnt kill to ask me why ma right? Right bor doink head? =\ U guys rely too much on my blog le tsk tsk ><..

Ok la, i hear mum incoherently scolding my sis, better go pretend to be busy for abit until bro takes her out :S

Tatas! :D

P/s: Finger getting better le, though it itches now =.=

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