Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh oh~! Happy Monday Blues~ Lol :D

Once again, that horrid day of the week has arrived, bringing us mental torture and physical torment knowing u need to wake up and drag ur dead body out of bed :3 i being overly dramatic? hmmmm..nop, coz thats how i feel every monday x.x

I accidently skipped Sunday's post coz i thought i already saved it :( Oh well, nothing interesting anyway :)

Slept the morning away, well not really la, woke up ard 10'ish and slept again, and woke and slept..u get the idea :p And dont me call me a zhu ar, i seldom sleep so much its only coz i was tired of Sat's Qing Ming thingy x.x

Anyway, like i said ytd, mum was scolding sis for dono what, and they left home shortly after that leaving me dog sitting. And couldnt find any more dvd's to watch, so ended up taking out CSI again and rewatching frm season 1 while doing story for babe :) Ive actually lost count on how many times ive watched that show lo, but i wont ever get bored watching it :D

Finally went in audi to warm up for compy and instead JF came to find me. Its been awhile since ive seen him , or any of the rs ppl lol. Apparently he came in to relax.. from Dota! =.='' i asked him 'huh, u came into game to rest frm another game?' Lamer >_>" Lolz.. Anyway played till forgot abt compy x.x but nvm, will hv other days :) Babe joined us shortly after that and played till abt 12plus ba. Took my dishes out of CW and went to bed and that was it my sunday lol...

Monday - currently, still working on the dam clock frames. Ran out of colored paper and very lazy to drive soo far out just to get a piece of paper =.= Sigh. Shdnt have come in today, work sucks. Well this one anyway =\

Dont cha love my new table and bunny chair? And and the bunny clock??! LOL!
My little moments of happiness :3

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