Friday, April 2, 2010


Well, it was a pleasant Friday until in the afternoon ><. I accidently sliced my finger with a penknife :(( Lol..yea, like ahp asked, knife, board, feng shui, wat the hell is your job scope?? I just lol'ed =\

I was suddenly given the task after bosses came in frm Easter prayers in church (together with one day, one 3 days, come back work on Fri ard 11 and went out at 12 for church =.=) to go get mounting boards. Nvr did ask for what coz ive learnt asking has no point de..esp when it comes to them. So i went lo. Manatau came out shop heavy rain ==!!! And no umbrella. So stood there coz scared cards would get wet, until bth ran to car anyway. Didnt seem like it was gonna stop (it did though...after i reached office zzzzz)

Came back with cards and lai liao, dumb tasks =.= Ask me to cut those bladi thick boards to make a frame for the clocks (later found out, must do her house ones also wtf?) Now, ur gonna ask, wat frames? O_O; Same look on my face, with mouth wide open somemore. Apprently, feng shui master asked them change clocks to square ones and all theirs was round ones. SO, instead of getting new ones, they came out with this idea. And guess who gets to do it?ME! Yay!

U cant possibly imagine hw it looks like (ill take and pic and post later ba) but its like so omgwtfbbq can? Do office already enough, somemore must their house de..really too much la. Anyway, those boards dam thick de, and my penknife is those small kinds de (u knw, normal office use de? =.=) so yea, was trying to cut through the board and the knife kinda just ran sideways ba :( Sigh.. Pain as hell ><. Went to doc after mum came and well, thats that..All in a day's work. Bla.

Went home, wanted to sleep but couldnt for some reason. So audied instead lol.. At 1st was thinking if i shd even try exp compy again, since ive been dcing quite alot, bt wth la, nothing better to do, so just went. I can still press ar, if u all are wondering. Cut is on space bar hand lolz :x.. Saw the room i was in and went "oh gg, this will be fast, or maybe dc faster" Lol :D..

Yea..tell me about it..seems hopeless right? :p

LOL! Apparently not that hopeless :D Aiya, it was FS mode and a lucky chain at the end :p Tot i would dc though, felt screen freeze few times..but i didnt rofl :X

LOL! WTF! And my score not bad also ok! Considering it was 4k! Lol...i shd have chanced ><..

So that was that..something to cheer me up the last few hours of Friday :D But its gonna be a kinda long day tomoro ><. Played awhile with ray and his cpl and went to tag with babe a FEW rounds b4 he had to go :(

Then i saw it again, that name, that that...=\ Bringing back all those shit and fk up emotions to the surface for awhile and so tried to soothed it down the whole nite by watching ahp tag lol..even yorke came to join us hahaha :x Actually stood in his room till almost 3am x.x Still didnt help much and though i tried to console myself, i hoped for something else.

If i wanted you to do something to rid me of my doubts b4 my sanity and reason leaves me, would u do it for me zhu?

Lol, this was the hardest post to write, partly coz i dont have exactly 2 hands to work with, only abt 1 and a half lolol :X So u can actually imagine my praying mantis (tong long kuen) moves on the kb ><.

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