Tuesday, April 27, 2010

:antok: Sleepy sleepy Tuesday.. *blames the rain*
And i have alot of things to do!!!! :ayokona:

FML ._.

Kinda in limbo today, but luckily i DID not wake up late for work again. TMD. Coz i slept at...hmm.. 3am? Lol.. No wonder im constantly tired >_>"

AND!! Something to add to my wishlist.... i really really weally weally want this ! *pouts*

Dont ask me why a polaroid camera is important in my life now, i cant explain it >< I find it cool and handy to have around. Lol.... RAWR!

I also wanna take photography classes..LOL! My wishlist just keeps getting longer n longer :x

Ok la, back to reality, more like back to work =.=*


P.s. Still wan my camera :X

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