Monday, April 26, 2010

Hola peeps! Its finally Moonday again... YAY! <<- This is nt really a happy exclamation, in case ur wondering =.=*

Just a make up post for the lack of posting ive been doing, and will be doing till end of the week. But then i realised, i still have posts for every single day leh, just that it comes out kinda the day after, or the day after after >_>"

Jp class was smooth sailing as usual, went home, had lunch and slept the entire afternoon. Coz it was raining!! :DD And also because i couldnt get into exp channel..AT ALL! sakdmiwaetjqeigtji!! So decided to sleep better :p

Attempted to take nicer ss for my little pet project after i woke since i STILL couldnt get in exp ._. and dl-ed Fraps, which ive been meaning to do for awhile now, jz nvr got to doing it. Its a kinda cool program for taking in game ss'es and vids :D

1st time attempting on Fraps. Albeit the ss'es are kinda amateur-ish D: but will soon get better!

Next, vids! :D

Well after this week has ended i guess :p

Time to :sleep: ~~

Lataz!!!! :3

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