Saturday, April 10, 2010

Despite it being a Friday ytd, it was anything but happy..:sorry:

Pc finally died on me, despite my attempts to start it from the time i reached home. Even fell asleep in some hope that it will miraculously come back to life. Nothing =\ Anyone who reads this and says im addicted to my pc, i am, i admit, so what? Everyone has their own thing right? Ive had enuf of the snide remarks frm my family whn they themselves go off if their pc/tv/dvd/xbox goes crazy. Hypocrites, i do not need now.

In any case, im more frustrated than anything. After so many times sending it to be repaired, it still ends up with the same problems. The fact that i change parts every single time it goes to the shop makes it worse. I guess im just unlucky. I know i shd change a new pc, bt after changing so many stuff, i really wonder whats the difference.

So sent it to the repair guy again, dont know wat im gonna do with it if i needed to change another part. Frankly im just tired. On the way back, bought packed drinks hm with sis. I asked her if she bought for mum or not. Sis said she always dont want de, and anyway, right now she not talkin to her, so shd be dont want ba. Which is quite true, she nvr wants us to buy fr her, and she is having some kind of cold war with sis which invertantly includes me too. I dont knw why, so dont ask. Anway mum had a blow off, saying we were revenging by not buying for her. Say she wont cook dy, etc etc.

Sigh, im really fed up with all this. She is the one who went into this "i don wan to talk to u mood" and ah ya, im just sick of it. I really dont feel like goin hm at all later, maybe go camp out at cc. Pc wont be back till late tonite or tomoro morning ba, depending on if i proceed with repairs.

At times like this, i really feel i have no where to go..:anongnangyari:

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